UCLA Student’s Anti-Asian Rant Goes Viral On YouTube

WESTWOOD (CBS) — A UCLA co-ed is under fire after an anti-racist rant appears on YouTube.

Student and model Alexandra Wallace, who is self-identified on YouTube, posted a nearly three minute racist tirade against Asian students.

“Asians in the Library” features Wallace commenting on her fellow student’s use of cell phones in the library, saying, “I swear they’re going through their whole phone book, checking on everybody with this tsunami thing.”

The video goes on to show Wallace mocking an Asian accent and criticizes her fellow students’ lack of “American manners.”

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said he was “appalled” by the video and that the anti-Asian post “does not represent the  views of our UCLA community.”

In a letter to the campus community, Block writes, “This one act certainly does not represent the views of our UCLA community.  Our community is built on mutual respect and civility, and we are committed to fostering an environment that values and supports every member.”

Although Block did not address any possible discipline the student might face he did say,UCLA officials tell KCAL 9 that Wallace could face sanctions if they find that she violated UCLA’s University Code of Conduct.

“I believe that speech that expresses intolerance toward any group of  people on the basis of race or gender, or sexual, religious or cultural  identity is indefensible and has no place at UCLA,” said Block.

  • Cheese_Wonton

    I think what the woman said was awful. But, how does the UC have any claim on her free speech rights? I went back to college late in life and was older than some of my professors. Quite a few actually. I spoke my mind and never worried something I said would get some administrators panties in a knot, and too bad if it did.
    Criticize the woman in public, certainly ( and find out if her grades are better than those of the Asians she criticizes ), but the UC has no right to take any action against her.

    • JImmy Law

      Here is the bottom-line; schools have every right to take action to protect other students. She making racist commit in public, admitting that she attends that school. In reality she is cyber bullying the students at that school. It’s obvious that her parents are not raising her right; she shouldn’t watch FOX news for morality. If there is a problem with other students, just let the librarian or staffs know. Have some common sense, and use your brain. YOU are taking up space at UCLA from a more qualified student!!!

      • redrum4008

        Cyber bullying? You just sucked the smart right out of the room. This is about freedom of speech. Which is her opinion. If you dont like America you can go to another country, like Iran. They probably have the same ideals as you.

      • samuelberg

        redrum4008 must have just fallen off the turnip truck or crawled out of some trailer park. Nobody is denying the free speech issue. The only thing at issue is this fat pig’s right to attend a public university that requires its students to abide by a code of conduct. If she created a youtube video praising hitlier (probably your hero) redrum, she would have been given a swift boot ASAP. The reason why the UC system is 40% Asians is not because of Affirmative Action, but because most white kids nowadays are too stupid and lazy to earn a quality education. Just look at our nationwide test scores. Most American white kids are as dumb as doorknobs.

      • redrum4008

        We can tell by your grammer that you must be one of these non-white morons, right? You should read a book once in your life. Now go back to your “trailer park.” By your ditribe I don’t expect much samuelberg. But then you should just continue attacking her as a person instead of proving your point. Which, by the way, is mute.

      • Ewww

        redrum4008 wrote:

        “We can tell by your grammer that you must be one of these non-white morons, right?”

        Maybe you should learn how to spell “grammar” before you call others “non-white morons”… Cause you’re only making yourself look like a stupid average white boy…

      • justmyopinion

        Okay, seriously? People on here are talking about FREEDOM OF SPEECH? really? I mean, c’mon…if people have the right to freedom of speech then what about all those who spoked many many years even centuries ago…what about their freedom of speech? didn’t they like gotten arrested for it? Didn’t they like some how or another gotten punish for what they had said? So, before everyone going off about FREEDOM OF SPEECH, what exactly is “Freedom of Speech”?

    • Michelle

      Doesn’t work that way. No one’s going to throw her in jail for her comments. But the University has a code of conduct that, if violated, One can certianly be to get kicked out of college.

      This has nothing to do with voicing an academic opinion, which is strongly encouraged assuming you have logical reasoning to back up that opinion. This is about hate speech, and YES, the university has every right to take action.

      Seems like if you graduated you’d know that…

    • Tiffani Roshan

      Not so much as her free speech rightst that are an issue, it is her way of speaking. You live in California the most diverse state around, how can you not learn to live with other nationalities? Aside from the fact that these people she speaks of just had a major disaster in their homeland, who wouldn’t be paniced and constantly on the phone? Truly sad to see she is a UCLA student that worked hard to get into this school and to throw it all away from her stupidty of FREE SPEECH is really ashame on her and her parents!

    • Decon

      She’s a member of the school, that’s a privilege, not a right. She represents the school, in this case UCLA, which by the way has a very high asian population. This pig should be expelled and treated like the trailer trash she is. Nice roots btw.

      • Dquad

        A privilege? I bet she paid a lot of money for that privilege.

      • USA = Freedom to think what we want

        Let me get this straight…. You want UCLA to expel her, treat her like trailer trash, and have her RIGHT to further education revoked? What country do you think we live in? This girl has the RIGHT to her opinion, she has the RIGHT to attend any institution she or her parents can afford, and she has the RIGHT to say what she thinks out loud. Don’t YOU have those same rights? Just because you don’t agree with her thoughts doesn’t mean you are right.

    • unknown

      institutions should have some control over immoral behaviours. We all knw that most campuses are diversed, if her parents didnt teach her some morals, then i believe our govt should take some action! we should protect the minority cuz we all have a voice!! This country is becoming racist!

      • jbomm

        Asians are not much of a minoriy anymore. You want to involve the gov’t in this?? What else…offensive remarks against whites, blacks indians, etc, etc.

      • Dquad

        First off, learn how to spell. 2nd, get the government involved over free speech? You are some kind of idiot!! Did what she said rub you the wrong way? The truth hurts sometimes. By the way, UCLA is 40% Asian and I’m sure a good part of that 40% don’t speak in English all the time. Yes I am white also and tired of seeing this country turn into Mexico or China!!! Maybe this girl is too?!!

      • Meredith Ponedel

        And that’s exactly the kind of thinking that allowed Hitler to come to power.

        I agree with Cheese W…. she has a right to express her opinion. You have a right to not agree with t.

      • Redrum4008

        We as Americans should protect her right to speech first. Is she wrong in her accusations? Sounds like you should study a little more yourself.

      • PFC Shih

        @Dquad: This country is CREATED by immigrants. Who are YOU to deny their rights? They did everything according to this country’s laws and regulations in order to become a citizen of this country. Yes, she has her freedom of speech, but as an adult that she should be, she should know that she took it too far. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech, but when you use the freedom that we soldiers sacrifice our lives to defend to hurt the feelings of others who also has their freedom of speech, it becomes a crime. You look at it as her expressing her freedom of speech, but me as an Asian-American soldier, I look at it as a hate crime. Ever heard of that?

      • jaydee

        Becoming racist?!! Uh sorry to burst your bubble but this country has and always will be racist.

    • Lililiana Hoffman

      “I believe that speech that expresses intolerance toward any group of people on the basis of race or gender, or sexual, religious or cultural identity is indefensible and has no place at UCLA,” said Block.

      There you have it.

    • sabina

      She has a right of speech but should be be allowed it , she doesnt have the right to be ignorant , or be racist ,

      It needs to be earned , nobody respects her as her views are ignorant and stupid , she needs to earn respect as well as free speech

  • Brad_Norwood

    This is a good way to get people to notice her implants.
    Maybe a Chinese stud will giver her a break and make her night!

    • stuart

      no,it may not be an implant…. probably a push-up bra with some pencil line to heighten her clevage, anyway,,she is such a whtie trash

      • USA = Freedom to think what we want

        @ Duh!, B1G W1LLY!!, and stuart – Your comments about the girl in the video are no better than her thoughts about Asians. You just happen to be saying it about a white “chick” and that seems to be okay in this country, particularly the LA area. I just wanted you to know that if you think so badly about her that you’re all just like her.

    • Duh!

      Doesn’t look like implants to me. It looks more like she is very plump (nice way to say fat).

      • B1G W1LLY!!

        yup!! fat and ugly…

  • Tim

    This Woman/Student makes some good points!! She is not being racist. This is about rude people and cultural differences.

    • Karl

      you know why everyone is calling her racist? it’s because she is white! If it was a Black, Mexican or Indian person talking bad about Asians, then it wouldn’t be racist!

      • OOOO

        No, it still racist!

      • USA = Freedom to think what we want

        Karl, you’re absolutely right! EVERYONE knows this, but NO ONE will admit to it. She is getting negative media attention purely because she is white. This country is full of double standards and this is just one of them.

    • Richard

      Generalizing a racial group is by definition racist.
      Mainly its just stupid to do it the way she did it.
      With a bit more judgment she could have easily made her points
      without the controversy.

      Saying, I wish people would not speak on their cell phones in the library is reasonable. Saying, I can’t believe some students have their parents visit on
      the weekend to do their laundry and cooking is also reasonable.
      The mention of the tsunami was just tactless.

      Yes, she has the right to speak her mind, just like we have the right to think
      she is foolish for doing so.

      • JT

        I agree. She has the right to speak her mind. She has something to say, she had to express herself. However, what she did wrong was it was triggered towards a certain race. Also, posting her rant on youtube about this would just destroy her career life before it even started. Technology has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, technology BIT HER BACK….HARD!

    • Topher

      Yes, the rude people being intolerant Americans who cannot accept cultural differences out of ignorance. That’s exactly what it’s about. Oh, and racism.

      • James

        This is racist. I see asians, latinos, blacks and whites on the phone everyday in the library. But I’m not dumb enough to go on YOUTUBE and start talking trash on a group of people because the way they talk is annoying. I’m korean and some of the asian languages annoy me along with the EYY COMO ESTAS AMIGO! YO HOW YOU DOIN’ MA NI@@a? DUUUUUDE GNARLEY?! (Extremes of course) you get the point. don’t think the way you talk isn’t annoying either, im pretty sure when i speak my own language other races get annoyed. Trust me everyone annoys someone in a different race/group and just b/c youre a non-asian don’t think you aren’t annoying. Just deal with the annoyance, this is United States EVERYONE is an immigrant.

      • k

        It is rude to talk on your phone in the library, period. Its not a cultural difference of manners, it is just rude. Everyone with common decency and a respect for the education know that…

      • USA = Freedom to think what we want

        Uh, no it’s not racist. It’s one person forming an opinion about another person. We are ALL entitled to do that and we ALL do it on a daily basis. It’s not racism. It’s just personal opinion and this girl is entitled to it.

    • samuelberg

      How does this differ than the stereotype of the ugly American. One that doesn’t know any other language than the limited mono-syllabic utterances that barely pass an English. I’ve been on college tours in Europe with American students (white) who demand they speak English (hello, we’re in France, Germany and Spain) and not learn the host country’s language. Typical fat lazy Americans. Well, I guess there is a lot of truth to that stereotype. Just sayin…

  • C-Rad

    Implants? lol. Those are fat globules. I bet she has no issues eating Asian food, or any food for that matter. Maybe her mom should make her some home cooked meals and stop her from eating all that fast food.

  • DEAN

    Say hello to the future of America! Here she is. Let’s keep watching those reality shows! Let’s keep our focus on celebrities and not what’s happening in the world. Take a good look.

    • B1G W1LLY!!

      NICE! exactly what dean said…

  • Patricia Miller

    I am appalled at this woman’s behavior. Manners on the part of the Aisans has nothign to do with it whatsoever. 10,000 are dead. I think these folks deserve to make calls 24/7. Wouldn’t you be calling frantically if one of your relatives was in Japan now?

    • toppot

      Yes, exactly. Remember 9/11? I’m sure a lot of people here in the U.S. was on the phone.

      • justmyopinion

        Exactly! I was thinking the same thing too! I’m sure everyone was making those exact calls when 9/11 happened.

  • Doorah

    Aren’t models supposed to be skinny? Modeling for your small-town ad when you were 2 years old doesn’t quality. She looks like Miss Piggy.

    • laugh

      You have seen those photos of before and after? She’s the before and someone else is the after.

  • Nina

    “That tsunami thing”?? This girl gives blondes a bad name. I can’t believe she had the bad taste and judgement to post this on youtube for the whole world to see. She may be too young and inexperienced right now to know why, but someday, she is going to be greatly ashamed of herself.. if she ever lives this down. As for her comment about the need to ‘have American manners’ if you come to UCLA… well, UCLA is my alma mater- and one of the things that made it a great school was the international influence. I didn’t go to college to spend four years looking at myself in a mirror- I did it to learn about the rest of the world.

    • Krissy

      she is not a real blonde! lol

    • justmyopinion

      I agree, its one thing to talk smack about the “things” going on in the library but its one thing bringing up about the tsunami. It’s just horrible.

  • Ossie

    Noise in the library is rude, regardless of the source. People who create disturbances should be made to leave the library, regardless of race.

    • Anonymous

      Noise in the library is rude but specifically calling out one racial group and insulting them about it is rude too.

  • casejoker

    she’s upset because a lovely asian stole her ugly caucasian.

    • DonnyBrasco

      HAHAHA. That’s hilarious. She’s one bitter chubby cow.

      • B1G W1LLY!!

        hey hey hey she’s a model…lol!!

  • kay

    Sanctions for this ?….Well at least she didn’t rape anyone.

  • Monalsa Liz-ardo

    This is her effort to bring traffic to her YouTube upload. Raise a runkcus and get free pubilicity, good or bad.

  • JS

    I didn’t understand a word she said. I guess it’s because all of my attention was on those huge boobs. I’m going to have to play it back several times.

  • CL

    I’m a UCLA student who’s also studying for finals and under the same stress as this girl. Sure, anyone talking on their cellphone annoys me. But seriously, EVERYONE in the library does it, from long conversations to text messages coming in every few minutes, people are on their cellphones constantly. If she has such a problem studying in this kind of environment, she should have just found an empty classroom to study in to get away from all the noise. I have no sympathy for her, she should have found a smarter solution (and probably study for her poli sci final) instead of blowing off steam for the whole world to see.

    • Tim

      “EVERYONE in the library does it”…. is not an excuse. That’s what the library is for! Studying!

      • koji

        tim! say hi to yer gf (ms wallace) lol

  • Mr.Gates

    This girl’s life is ruined. With employers Google’ng potential employees more than ever, she’s in for a rude awakening. Google this creature’s name, and see what comes up. Companies don’t hire racists, in fear of lawsuits arising etc. It’s too much of a liability. So, Alexandra Wallace, you may as well drop out of college because you’ll never land a job with any respectable company. Good job, moron. Hope it was worth it.

    • Richard Tovar

      Well put I was thinging the same thing.

    • B1G W1LLY!!

      NICE!! i hope some how she gets to read all this good stuff…lol!!

    • justmyopinion

      I was thinking the same too. She basically just said bye bye to her life with that video.

  • Che Guevara

    She’s white, do you expect her NOT to be racist! HAHAHAHA American History X has NEVER failed me!!!!

    • Krissy

      not all white people are racist you moron!

    • Ching Chong boy

      CHE i cannot tell you how true your statement is. one can only live it. here in White America. who wants to assimilate into people this this “ugly Americana”

      • Karl

        THIS IS NOT A WHITE AMERICA YOU IDIOTS!!!!! America is a cultural and diverse country!!!!!! There are MANY ethic groups of people living in the USA!!!

  • Heathers

    she really needs to skip a meal or two, maybe three.

  • marianne

    Makes one wonder how someone this tactless and tasteless ever got into U.C.L.A. and as for rude, she should talk. I’d be willing to bet that if it was her relatives who are in Japan she would make no bones about being on her cell phone anywhere she wants to 24/7. Someone should check her G.P.A. because from what I could tell from this video it’s probably 0.0 and she’s probably someone with a rich daddy (if not sugar daddy) paying for her to be there . As for her major probably RUDENESS, what else.

  • Ben Dover

    Her comments were right on. When I attended UCLA, there were PLENTY of protests against disparaging others at UCLA. Just because she is white it is an issue. If she was a minority, she is just being proud of her race. How about the constant racist lectures at Campbell Hall? UCLA doesn’t seem to have any issues with them. By the way, since when is posting a personal opinion on Youtube a violation of school policy? This is why UCLA doesn’t get a dime from me.

    • Anonymous

      If she were a minority, it would still be considered extremely offensive, rude, and racist. It has nothing to do with her being white. Stop using the “I’m white, so I’m automatically considered a racist” card. It’s pathetic.

      Yes, she posted a personal opinion, but UCLA school policy clearly states: “We do not tolerate acts of discrimination, harassment, profiling or other harm to individuals on the basis of expression of race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religious beliefs, political preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship, or national origin among other personal characteristics. Such acts are in violation of UCLA’s Principles of Community and subject to sanctions according to campus policies governing the conduct of students, staff and faculty.”

      And great. Keep your money.

      • lab1234

        Actually ben dover has a point. i go to ucla, i had this discussion with some students from my floor (which is the chicano/latino themed community, so we dont fit any racial stereotype in terms of what we believe, our race, or who we side with) and they agreed that a lot of the outrage is simply becuase shes a white girl. In fact, some of the comments on the numerous videos are far more hateful than the videos herself, calling her WHITE trash, saying how white people always do this, talking about sexually abusing her, etc. While she clearly proved her ignorance and has some very warped views about her own and other people’s cultures, what she said shouldnt be taken the wrong way. The things she talked about DO OCCUR frequently at UCLA, and most people acknowledge that on a regular basis, but i dont think most people take these to be representative of a whole culture or type of race. And i dont think most share the arrogance about their own culture as she expressed.

        Regarding her punishment, while i see a huge pressure on Gene Block to punish her, I dont think they have the right to expel her on the basis of hate speech. I dont think its that she hates asian people in any way. I think shes just very confused. And what she did was not threatening to anyone, it wasnt hateful, she didnt use any slurs, she just proved her stupidity. and the fact is that it was her own opinion on her own media and i find it startling that they would hold something as that against her.

        I have lived with 2-3 asian students living in my house in Irvine for the past 2 years or so. Mostly japanese and korean. Believe me, I am not trying to defend her views, but I am trying to help people see that there is more at play than just a white girl bashing asian people.

  • eric angeles

    she’s a fat pig…

  • J.P.

    I know it’s an oversight but the first line of the article says it’s an “anti-racist” rant which actually means that the girl is against racism as opposed to being racist.

    • John Smith

      uhhh no. I think the person who wrote the article messed up. If you can read the TITLE of the article, it says anti-asian rant, not anti-racist rant.

  • jesse

    Well, well, well, too bad. She did not slam the Japanese who are suffering in Japan.People READ!!!! She is slammin’ the Asians at UCLA. I grew up in Los Angeles, in Westwood & believe me, you cna’t walk anywhere and not see Asians EVERYWHERE!!!! They have taken oveer. WAKE UP! I agree with her!

    • Anonymous

      No, she did not “slam the Japanese who are suffering in Japan,” but she did make light of the situation by insisting that if Asian students are so worried about their family because of the “tsunami thing,” they should take it outside because she doesn’t want them to make a fuss about it while she’s so busy studying. What an incredibly selfish, rude, and insensitive thing to say.

      As for the fact that Asians have “taken oveer,” if you have a problem with it, move. Just as she has a right to free speech, Asians have a right to live wherever they choose so long as they respect their duties as American citizens. You also have a right to leave.

    • samuelberg

      You just spelled “oveer” incorrectly. With dummies like you walking around, it’s not hard for a one-eyed pirate to perform better in school than you.

      • lab1234

        Just because someone spells something incorrectly, doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent. It means they aren’t pompous fools, sitting at their computer waiting to pick at someone and prove that they are smarter than someone else. Seriously. Its about what they say not how slow and deliberate they type.

  • alex v

    i agree with her. as a recent grad, i couldn’t stand seeing all these parents pampering their son or daughter, every weekend. you’re in college. act like an adult, fend for yourself. as for the library. i agree also. asians, are utterly helpless, if left by themselves. and very rude. i mean, have you seen them drive lately, geesh.
    she has the right to free speech. you have the right to agree or disagree.

    • Anonymous

      Excuse me? Asians are “utterly helpless”??? First, if you are such a proud and independent recent UCLA grad, learn to write like one and use proper English grammar and punctuation. Second, it is ridiculous to deem an entire population of people “utterly helpless,” let alone anything else. Furthermore, Asian culture fosters and treasures hard work, ambition, and self-improvement, so the fact that you deem Asians “helpless” of all things is not only offensive but ridiculous and even amusing in its stupidity.

      Yes, she does have the right to free speech, as do you. It’s just unfortunate that you two decide to use that right to behave like ignorant, rude, and insensitive morons.

  • jesse

    BLA BLA BLA teh UC schools are overrun with Asians & Hispanics. What do you think has happend to our educational system? Where have all teh AMERICANS GONE?????? Moved away every one!

    • ching chong boy

      so youre saying asians and hispanics are not americans?

    • justmyopinion

      First of all, I am Asian…but I am so an American. Born and raised here. So just because I am not “white” like you does not, any way or how makes me any less “American” than you. Also, just because other ethnicity skin color is different does not mean they are not “American”, if they are born here or however they became “American Citizen”….they are still consider “American”. Why else do you think the first race that was here in America are call “Native American”?

      Oh, also about your statement “Where have all teh AMERICANS GONE?????? ”
      Look around, we are all still here just in different shapes, forms, and colors but we are all still “American”.

  • paula

    Model, maybe?????? Role model, definitely NOT. She gives anyone else with the same name a bad name.

    • Frank

      Really? A Lane Bryant super-plus model maybe. White girl be FAT, too many double bacon cheeseburgers.

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