Are You Ready For A Disaster In Southern California?

CBS LOS ANGELES — Reporter Greg Mills visited a surplus store in Pomona to find out if people were getting ready for an emergency.

“I saw and they confirmed that they’ve had a never-endeding stream of customers seeking earthquake preparedness items since the big quake in Japan,” said Mills. One customer was concerned he didn’t have enough of the proper items on-hand to get his family of five safely through an extended disaster period.

The most popular items: Meals-Ready-To-Eat (MRE’s); 55 gallon barrels for water & first aid kits. Like so many other stores, they sell 3-day kits which are backpacks filled with water, non-perishable food, first aid items and a flashlight and cost about $60.

  • huh???

    dont’ care if the world explode… now a day everythings are mess up….

  • rAn

    People should be prepared for an earthquake everyday, not just in the event of one.

  • La Grande

    We are already living in a disaster zone with the politicians we have in office.

  • shaman

    I recently checked local drug stores and online for other stores in the L.A. area selling earthquake or emergency kits and nobody local had any. I would have to order online or travel a distance. Better to put one together myself. I thought our stores were supposed to carry these kits.

  • Roger

    I got my portable TV and my Wii accessories ready for any disaster.

  • vj

    check out rei. i work there and we have some pretty decent emergency kits.

  • rAn

    Look at some of you scrambling around to buy disaster kits. I bought mine quite some time ago, locally too :)

  • Yarlenny

    Hey there Dana,Excellent post. Great saummry and nice use of fusing other ideas into the stream of what was discussed. I’m a big fan of Covey as well with my fave line being “seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Another nugget worthy of use in social media.Glad you enjoyed the first twebinar this summer. Tweet you at the next.Cheers.David:

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