LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant sits on the edge of the Pacific in the heart of earthquake country.  With nuclear reactors in Japan melting down,  following last week’s earthquake and tsunami, reporter Melissa Maynarich investigates whether or not it is safe.

The reactor is situated close to the water which helps to keep it cool.  Southern California Edison says the best science shows the fault line that is nearest to the plant is five miles away under the ocean.  It is believed that the largest quake it could produce would be a magnitude 6.5.  Edison says Onofre is built to withstand a 7.0.

After a walk down the beach, the wall on the ocean side of the plant becomes visible to the public.  It is built to a height of 30-feet and is said to be able to withstand a 25-foot tsunami.  The whole wall may not look like it’s 30 feet tall, but that’s because it’s partially underground. Power plant officials say, it’s width and it’s depth is
what will keep the wall stable.  If there was a release of radioactive material, steam would dissipate quickly.

Emergency officials are gearing up to meet again in April to go over procedures.

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  1. 成龙 says:


    1. JANU says:


  2. C Sanford says:

    And the moon is made out of cheese..

  3. oscar p says:

    what are nucelar reactors?

    1. Joyeux says:

      Les réacteurs nucléaires sont des poteaux avec un rayonnement

      1. JANU says:

        vous avez un pôle nucléaire dans ton cul pédé français

    2. JANU says:

      They are located by the Circle of Willis

  4. Mike says:

    safe sitting on the beach? the question is not an earthquake itself, the real danger
    comes from Tsunami as it would wipe of the plant and we would all be gone!

  5. Richard says:

    Waka Waka! We will not be happy until we completely destroy this planet

    1. Duh! says:

      So leave and find another planet to live on. You are part of the problem. You eat food grown on the planet. You use electricity generated on the planet. You produce waste that is stored on the planet.

      1. Catherine says:

        Yes, many are a part of the problem. But not because we generated it. We must take what is given to us.

  6. JANU says:

    As USUAL the News Media attempts to focus MAJOR STORY towards our greatest fears! Look at history. There have been THREE magnitude 9.0+ earthquakes in recorded modern history. Chile 9.5, China. The Western Mediterranean, and Japan (Honshu Island). Alaska has had one Major 9.2 Readers, No single or combined amount of technology can protect ANY STRUCTURE from this NATURAL FORCE OF THE EARTH. We live in a Dynamic world that moves with forces of nature. Learn by our past, to plan for the future!

  7. lu1 says:

    sardines died from toxins

    1. Duh! says:

      At least they are safe from radiation.

  8. Saber 1 says:

    I would rather be there than at home during a large shaker. San Onofre is probably the best built site in the world. Constant upgrades and safe to work at. All you arm chair nuclear scholars are making me laugh and insulting my education.

  9. daverrr says:

    Make sure you have that education on nice and tight when the s**t his the fan…i hear they are radiationproof.

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