SACRAMENTO (AP) — Californians have been paying more on just about everything the past two years, from TV sets to vehicle licenses to income taxes. Now Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic lawmakers are hoping voters will agree to pay those higher prices for another five years.

Temporary increases in sales, personal income and vehicle taxes approved in 2009 by the state Legislature raise about $10 billion per year. They amount to an extra $5 on a $500 washing machine, for example, or another $125 in personal income taxes for someone earning $40,000 a year.

If the Democratic governor gets his way, a measure to extend those tax hikes and reduce California’s $26.6 billion deficit will go before voters in a June special election. No Republican lawmaker has signed on to Brown’s budget plan.

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Comments (6)
  1. drozone69 says:

    They own us.each one regarless if legal,illegal.,military veteran,private worker,recent immigrant etc.We all feed the fat pig!Which is why the fat pig is cramming us up here in this state.The more the marrier is it’s motto.It particulalry likes the illegal using fraudulent social security numbers,becuase it will pocket that money,now if not the future.

  2. Kevin says:

    I love my state and am willing to do whatever it takes to get California moving again. We are the only part of the U.S. that is still competiting with the rest of the world in new technologies. California is the future and will come roaring back.

    1. crying shame says:

      you need to stop dreaming

  3. tom satery says:

    Calif. was dumb enough to re-elect Brown before—then,after he guar. that the state would be bankrupt because of his deals with the states employees unions, the idiots re-elected him again. Higher taxes/ more spending/higher taxes/——. He & his bunch don’t need to be responsible bussiness wise or even care—-they are in lala-land with the Calif. voters—they can do ANYTHING thy want & get re-elected.

  4. the wolf says:

    You are right Tom. The voters voted in a idiot/moron. All over again. California is a broke down misguided city. Why because the people of California are desperate for change. without price hikes and also tax increases. You would think, that the citizens of California would be smart enough not to vote backwards. However they did. Now what? the people of the state is stuck with someone who just don’t give a ratsAs—-s, about the people who voted him in. BROWN don’t care about you or me.. There are ways to take care of the MONEY problem in California. Brown can start with the execution of these 700 plus deathrow inmates, he can stop giving hand outs to the illegals. He can start taxing the Medically Pot issues. He can start cracking down on those Admistrators, who go on charging their hotel stays, diners, transportation to the tax payers. There are other ways to stop huge spending without Taxing the voters to death. Governor Brown you suck!

  5. MB man says:

    Why are the states that have the highest taxes also have the biggest financial problems?

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