LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says deputies shot and killed a man who led them on a chase with his motorcycle, challenged them to a fight then pointed what they believed was a gun at them.

KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper reports that the motorcyclist had led the California Highway Patrol and sheriff’s deputies on two chases following reports that he had brandished a firearm at drivers.

The man soon abandoned the motorcycle in a street in the Willowbrook area, took off his helmet and challenged deputies to a fight.

The department says in a news release that when deputies approached him, he removed what appeared to be a handgun from his waist area, pointed it at them, and was shot.

The 24-year-old suspect was pronounced dead at the scene, and deputies recovered a replica gun.

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Comments (30)
  1. poogie says:

    they did what they had to do-to protect and serve

  2. JM says:

    what a dope! Why use a replica-either have a real one or nothing at all. Of course someone is going to shoot to defend himself. If it looks like a gun, it probably is-doesn’t matter if it squirts water or shoots bullets.
    Somebody that dumb deserves to be shot

  3. JM says:

    More to say………………………
    How many days will it take for the bereaved family members to say what a good person he was, and how the sheriff’s department over-reacted? Some plaid sports-jacket attorney will take the case and try try to paint the sheriff’s department in a bad light.
    Bet he was high on drugs and/or booze plus has a criminal record

    1. Weneverforgetyou says:

      He was not high on drugs, He was depress and desperate. Cops did what they had to do.

  4. the wolf says:

    The officers did what they had to do. Defend public safety. What this man did, running from the police, after they say stop. Is really not going to help matters any better. May this man rest in peace. who is to say, It could be suicide by cop.

  5. drozone69 says:

    Neverchallenge a police man to a fistfight.You will never win anyhow.beer muscles is sign of this.They arent messing around any more and are trained marksmen.best to pullover and co-operate.

  6. Mozlover says:

    How can you guys even justify this? Why don’t they shoot him in the leg or arm? Why does it always result in death?

    1. MLW says:

      Do you think the criminal tries to shoot and wound? I dont think so dumba$$ Mozlover, figure it out idiot. What would you do Mozlover? I bet you would shot to kill as well.

    2. JM says:


      when faced with a threat, you don’t have time to debate where you should shoot someone-you react on instinct. Military and law enforcement training is basically the same-you react to a threat-if you take time to analyze where to shoot to just injure, guarantee you are the dead one, not the assailant.
      guess they don’t teach that in left-wing liberals’ school

    3. Saber 1 says:

      Trained to shoot to kill. These idiots come back and sue the law for doing their job. Drugs involved, a wound to the leg is nothing. Wise up and smell the coffee.

  7. genco says:

    its most probably could be suicide by cop.

  8. Robert says:

    the cops did the right thing I have been in iraq and there was a time when I had to make a split decision and that decision was to shoot or be shot so I shot to kill.

    1. Mozlover says:

      You cannot compare being in Iraq with being in la? Seriously you can get blown up in Iraq u are justified! La in the otherhand common!

  9. marcena mitchell says:

    cops have family also.they would like to make it home every night. so if it comes to you or them.its going to be u.

  10. lou says:

    If using fake gun than he was comitting sucide by cop

    1. Weneverforgetyou says:

      That’s exactly what he did. = (

  11. Joey says:

    Maybe the replica was planted by the police in order to cover up a unnecessary shooting?

    It’s possible right?

  12. Jamaican josh says:

    Yes Joey, all cops carry replica guns to plant on suspects. Oh and the cops also made witnessess see the suspect flashing a gun right? Joey, you obviously are a conspiracy theorist.

  13. bighotrod says:

    @jamaican josh…why don’t you read a little more carefully before you start calling people out on theories…no one mentioned any witnesses because there were none. just like there was no gun and just like the guy didn’t jump off, remove his helmet and challenge the cops to a fight. what a stupid story, but it was obviously all they could come up with. and yeah, the cops do have replicas, and if one of them doesn’t, it’s a quick call to get one. there are prop depts all over hollywood and los angeles, duh. do you really think that 172 fatal officer involved shootings in 3 years is justified? gimme a break. don’t forget that the federal govt had to step into and take over the lapd because the cops were more crooked than the bad guys…it was called “rampart”.
    i just thought of the black guy a couple of months ago, that the police shot and killed outside of his condo in marina del rey after he’d been out drinking. he was totally naked and they shot and killed him.
    i love how the big wimps kill anyone who has anything shiny near them because their lives are in danger…but what about all of the innocent people on the streets that they cause to die when they insist on chasing someone through the city at 120 mph? they don’t give a damn about anyone’s safety then. cops become cops because there’s something wrong with their psyche, it’s cliche but so true.

    1. Mozlover says:

      Thaks I couldn’t of said it better myself. There was also the mentally challenge guy that got killed

      1. Ed Rooney says:

        Dopey, the phrase is “couldn’t HAVE said it better myself”.
        Way to discredit yourself even further.
        Shut it, idiot.

    2. Oops.... says:

      You are an idiot. If someone points a gun at you, are you going to ask questions or defend yourself? The guy was waving that replica gun at people who called the cops. The cops then went after an armed suspect, already putting their lives on the line. He knew exactly what he was doing and we all know better. He got what he had coming. He was, at the very least, criminally stupid. One less idiot. Now, how about you go point a gun at the cops?

  14. cpr says:

    its obvious that this was a case of “suicide by cop”.

  15. Jamaican josh says:

    Bighotrod, I did read and if you read, the story states that there were reports of a man brandishing a firearm at motorists. And as far as props, I’m sure police depts have them for training purposes. What you are suggesting about someone making a call to bring in a replica, why didn’t they supposedly bring in a real gun instead? And your comment about the cops killing people while chasing suspects, really? So the suspects are not the ones at fault huh? ridiculous. ever hear of taking responsibility of your own actions? Obviously not, blame it on everyone else. I’m sure there are bad cops out there but you clearly have it out for the po po. I would love to see the day you need to call the cops. everyone does at some point. anyways, good luck with your way of thinking bigrod, it only gets better.

  16. ODB says:

    Police are trained to shoot center mass period!!!!

  17. keida says:

    well this event happen right outside my window i heard the shots but did not get up to see a thang may god bless this young man’s family and friends

    1. John says:

      seems as though there is a lot of people calling each other idiots … come on people – you think the cops want an outcome like this. They did what they had to … you do realize what the psychological effects are on a police officer after having to shoot and unfortunately in this case kill another human being.

  18. john says:

    Oh – and maybe if gun laws were stricter

  19. Weneverforgetyou says:

    People, I know police did what they are train to do and I do not blame them for what they did. What many people do not understand is that this young man in a moment of depression and desperation decided to go out and commit suicide by cop. Justin was a good man, we loved him as if he was part of our family. We are left here wondering what could we have done to help him and to be honest I’m sad and angry that he had to do this because I see the pain in my family and it kills me to know that we couldn’t be there for him Saturday afternoon and that he didn’t call us if he needed someone. RIP Justin may you find peace. We love you even if we do not understand why you did this.

  20. K Russell says:

    I know this young man. He was the love of his Grandmother. This was a young man that could have used help from our sorely depleted system. He lost the love of his life and did not want to remain part of this earth. He had an education and was a part of the “working society”. I am deeply sorry for the loss of this young man. I can remember him as a smiling young boy. This is my choice no matter what ever else can be said. Allof the negative comments will only further hurt his already sorrowful family members. The choices he made were sadly, his own. I am sorry this had to impact the Officers that were brought to their most horrific task. I am sorry this young man could not find the help, comfort or solace he needed. We musr remember
    This is paraphrased from Ecclesiastes 3. 1-8
    Justin, you are loved.

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