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SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — A tsunami stemming from a devastating earthquake in Japan has swept at least five people watching the waves out to sea and ripped docks out of harbors in California, with one man still missing late Friday afternoon.

Coast Guard Lieutenant Todd Warrencamp tells KNX 1070 this kind of thing happens “fairly regularly” near the rugged Northern California coast.

Coast Guard helicopters searched for him near the mouth of the Klamath River in Del Norte County, Calif., but called his chances of survival slim in the cold, rough ocean.

Authorities say the waves have cost millions of dollars of damage in harbors.

» PHOTOS: Disaster In Japan
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Comments (18)
  1. Duh! says:

    We need more stories like this of people being stupid and dying. Maybe others will learn a lesson and not go down to the beach when the authorities say stay away from the beach for whatever reason.

    At least he didn’t take out any one else with his stupidity.

    1. Mr. Hank Troll says:

      This is the type of discussion you think the trolls are messing up?!? HAHAHAHAHA

  2. Ed Rooney says:

    A sucker born every minute. Too bad this is just 1.

    1. AndyMck says:

      I live in South Africa. We just love tourists.
      On the TV news a while back some guy took amazing footage of a rhino charging. Looking through a zoom lens obviosly gave him depth-perception problems because the video ends abrubtly when the Hummer sized rhino flattens him. Rhinos are in thr Top Five for a reason?
      The Chinese tourist that decided to get out of the vehicle and aggravate a pride of lions to make them more interesting for the camera ….well, his buddies got good foto’s of the guy’s last few minutes alive.
      And this is not bull. In both cases there was plenty fotographic evidence.

  3. Rescued Sammie says:

    If you ever go to the Big Island of Hawaii, there is a memorial on the coast dedicated to some of the lives that were lost from the April 1, 1946 Tsunami.
    What made this so tragic was that most were children from a local scholol. The teachers took them dopwn to the beach to watch the incoming “tidal wave”.

    “the more things change, the more they stay the same”

  4. johnny chingas says:

    Seriously, big waves that have proven deadly in the past are expected on the west coast and people decide it would be a good day to head down to the beach? Thats just nature telling us we need to thin the herd. The government shouldnt waste any money trying to rescue you in the event of a disaster, natural or otherwise, if your iq is lower than a turnip. Seriously, just let ’em go.

  5. Frito Bandito says:

    Johnny Chingas?!? De veras?? Dude, I love your stuff!!!!!!!

  6. J.J.P. says:

    We need to all PRAY for those who have died. People need to read the BIBLE. This a wake up notice from GOD.

    1. Laughing in el monte says:

      Does the wake-up notice apply to the deceased non-believers of the quake and its aftermath? (If not, why not?) (Hint: Biblically-speaking, EVERYTHING is a wake-up call from God. However, people have made it their proud tradition of ignoring it all and killing off His messengers. It’s still in fashion, so get over it.)

    2. AndyMcK says:

      Actually JJ., it was a tectonic shift that will happen more than once this century in places like the Eastern Pacific and around nice little places like California.
      You go read your bible like a good little boy, the adults are talking now.

  7. stacey says:

    “Survival of the fittest” at work…This guy needs to receive a Darwin Award.

    1. AndyMck says:

      Stacey, you gottit. This is pretty good proof that God doesn’t exist and that Darwin was on the right track!

  8. simplysaying says:

    If God doesn’t exist that why the heck are we alive? to argue on a news site?? think about it…there is a lot more going on than that.

    1. AndyMck says:

      “Simple saying” – I have a bit of trouble following your logic. What you are saying is because you are here…that means god exists?
      That makes a whole bunch of sense I guess. Thanks for putting me right on that one.
      Now excuse me while I bust a gut laughing.
      You have any particular pref when it comes to gods? Seems like you religious folk all like diff flavours. If I decide to get all into defining my existance around a god I have a huge choice of options?

      1. simplysaying says:

        “AndyMck” obviously i don’t know you. which makes talking about topics such as our existence a little difficult over a website. Usually i stay away from these types of discussion chains but for some reason i was drawn to comment on this one. I also admit i didn’t explain myself very clearly. I’m not claiming to know what “flavor” God is. (Although from experiences I’ve had in my life, I lean towards the belief that he’s a loving one) I am “simplysaying” that from my experience, this world is too complicated – yet harmonic – at the same time for it to all be a coincidence. If you think that God – or some higher power – doesn’t exist, then I am just wondering why do you think we’re alive? I mean we’re all going to die right? I guess that is the topic that prompted this discussion in the first place. So, just for discussion sake, why do you think you’re alive? I personally believe that there is a lot more purpose behind life than just existing for a pinpoint in time and then dying. and my belief in God is my belief that there is something bigger than what i can understand behind it all…

        I hope that made a little sense. Its hard to put such big topics into words!

  9. AndyMcK says:

    Simplysaying – I have no wish to offend you, and maybe I shoulda kept my mouth shut. But as much right as you have to believe in (pretty much amything) I guess I have the right to believe in whatever?
    One thing I do believe in is logic. So I still have a problem with your approach angle – to my mind, you are not proving that god exists, all you are proving is that since you cannot understand why or howcome YOU exist…well then heck, there must be a god! I’ve owned horses that made more sense than that!
    To me life is a huge mystery that frankly I don’t think even Einstein was close to understanding? But guys like you have the answer in a handy little book.
    Anyways. I think we should agree to disagree? You will spend the rest of your life thinking you are going to heaven and I am going to hell. I’ll spend the rest of my life ducking lightning strikes.

  10. AndyMcK says:

    As an afterthought, re “we are all going to die”. I think Stacy’s original post was that – as Darwin deduced – the stupid die a lot faster than the rest of us?

    Sure we all die, but there are simple ways to postpone it. It would seem that hanging around on a treacherous N Ca shoreline taking pics of tidal waves coming in is not one of those ways.
    Your god has an interesting way of culling the stupid out of the herd.

  11. simplysaying says:

    AndyMck – of course you have the right to believe in whatever. who said you didn’t? i was just wondering what you do believe – just because i’m interested, not for any other reason. If anything I think these discussion chains are interesting because I get to hear peoples different perspectives.

    however, agreeing to disagree is fine by me. But I must clarify that I don’t think you are going to hell. I never said that nor to I believe that. I am in no place whatsoever to claim that kind of knowledge or judge you in any way. not all “religious folk” think that way either. I really do wish the best for you in life and that you have/find peace and love.

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