LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lindsay Lohan has rejected a plea agreement offered by prosecutors that included a guaranteed return to jail.

The “Mean Girls” actress appeared briefly in a Los Angeles courtroom Thursday morning and told a judge she agreed to delaying her case until a preliminary hearing when prosecutors will present evidence against her.

The case will be set for a preliminary hearing on April 22. But Schwartz also tentatively scheduled a hearing in his court for March 25 — but he said that hearing would be held only the 24-year-old star was prepared to enter into a plea agreement, which would likely lead to jail time.

Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz had told Lohan he would send her to jail if she accepted a plea bargain offered by prosecutors.

The exact terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Lohan was on probation in January when a Venice jewelry store accused her of taking a $2,500 necklace.

Schwartz also pleaded with attorneys to maintain confidentiality in the case, complaining that there were persistent leaks to media outlets such as the websites TMZ and RadarOnline. He said if a plea agreement was reached — and filed with the court by Wednesday — it should be submitted to the court under seal.

Lohan’s legal troubles date back to a case stemming from a pair of DUI arrests in May 2007 and July 2007.

She spent 13 days in a Los Angeles County jail last summer for violating her probation in the DUI case by missing multiple classes in a court-ordered alcohol education program.

On Feb. 1, detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Division obtained a warrant to search Lohan’s Venice residence for the necklace, but the jewelry — described as “one of a kind” — was turned over to police before the search warrant was served, according to police.

Lohan also faces possible criminal charges for an alleged attack on a worker at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, where she underwent a court- ordered drug rehabilitation program from late September until early January. That case remains under review by the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office.

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Comments (24)
  1. Jim Gates says:

    the video shows lohan wearing the nectlace in the store thats not illegal she may have been trying it on people try stuff on all the time before buying it t think the prosecution has a weak case no video does not show her wearing it outside the store

    1. JNM says:

      LMAO… what do they need a video of her wearing the necklace outside the store for…. “HER FRIEND” returned it to police on “her behalf”. Physical possesion is as incriminating as and photo… if not more so

    2. Crystal says:

      I havent seen the video but wouldnt a clerk have ran after her? Was the store that busy that no one noticed? If they are that busy why are they making a buck off the whole thing? Just doesnt add up.

      1. rick says:

        crystal ive not seen it either but i read the clerk ESCORTED HER OUT AND OPEN THE DOOR so it seems likely this was a high end store where they buzz you in and out you cant just walk your self in and out unseen so the store goofed no matter how you look at it

    3. Tom says:

      Please!!!! Nobody forgets a multi-thousand dollar necklace on their neck… First of all, it would be very heavy. Secondly, she would not have made it all the way home with it without noticing it. If she were honest, she would have taken it right back as soon as she ‘noticed’ instead of waiting for the police to come to her door!!!

  2. Mary says:

    Lindsey Lohan will regret her decision to not take the plea deal… she obviously has no street smarts at all or she would know that if the juor finds her guilty, she will do prison time. If I were on the jury, and after watching the video, I would vote, not guilty… let’s see what the jury does. Good luck Lindsey.

  3. USC Beat Cal State says:

    The jewelry store people blew their case by selling evidence so we can hear more gossip. Shame on them!!! Time to move on.

    1. marianne says:

      Personally, I think that this was all a publicity stunt pulled by a jewelry store that isn’t doing very well at all and needed something to boost their business. The fact that they have sold this video,which shows nothing that I could see that one would find questionable and their have subsequently auctioned the necklace in question makes one wonder what they have to hide. Poor business ethics, or something illegal on their part. Hmm.

      1. Crystal says:

        I’m thinking the same thing. I would be tempted not to take a plea deal with the fact that they’ve sold the video and now selling the necklace even though they say they are donating the money but wont say to who. I think now a theft case is going to be hard to prove and a “set up” is more likely whats appeared to have happened in the defense argument.. Its looks fishy to me as well now.

  4. jana says:

    And why didn’t the salesgirl get the necklace as she walked out?

  5. rick says:

    if she is seen wearing it and the clerk is seen escorting her out and opening the door that to me implys she (the clerk) knew lohan had the necklace. this tells me the clerk lent it to lohan and likely did not have the authority to do so and when her boss asked about the necklace she freeked and accused lohan of steeling it to cover her own butt

    1. Duh! says:

      That is the most sensible theory I have ever heard regarding this case.

    2. Karen says:

      I think that is exactly what happened too.

  6. Miguel says:

    she stole the necklace end of story. She should go to prison just like any other persons who steals point!

  7. Lenny says:

    She walks in to the store with no necklace.
    She walks out of the store with a necklace.
    She didn’t pay for the necklace.
    She didn’t have permission to borrow the necklace.
    That = stealing.
    She was probably high on drugs or as usual thinks she’s above the law.
    If Shabootyquiqui from the Hood done the same thing, not one person would be here defending her.
    She stole it so she should be punished accordingly.

  8. Karen says:

    The fact that the store sold the video footage to a tabloid totally eliminates their credibility to me. This criminal action was the store’s way of trying to get publicity.

    My very first job in Los Angeles was for a TV actress. Even Harry Winston let this TV actress borrow jewelry for hoity toity events. I find it hard to believe that is NOT what happened with Lindsay.

    Lindsay is a much bigger star than this TV actress ever was so I believe the store is in the wrong.

    1. Nameless Person says:

      She’s going to be found not guilty. She should stick to her guns and go to trial if she truly insists she didn’t steal the necklace.

      I don’t support her antics (drinking, drugs, stupid stuff, etc.) but in Hollywood the retail stores lend stuff out all the time (i.e. – Oscars; Reporter: Who are you wearing? Actress: Harry Winston.)

      I’m with you on this on Karen.

      1. TT says:

        Me too …..

    2. Lenny says:

      It’s possible but I highly doubt it.

      Personally I would have thought that an arrangement of that nature would have been pre arranged and therefore there would be some evidence of dialogue or written communications to rule this theory out.

      Put it this way if I was dealing with that waste of space I would have something arranged.

  9. rick says:

    lenny try it from this angle lohan walks into said store looks at necklace maybe the clerk was new or just didnt follow procedures and let her borrow the thing as someone else said stars borrow jewels all the time you really think all these stars actually OWN THE BLING BLING they wear to these award shows or publicity shots i totally think the store clerk messed it up realized it and covered her tail

  10. Mary says:

    Fun and interesting views everyone 🙂

  11. Bodacity says:

    OMG the sleep I lose worrying and fretting over the problems of multi-millionaires. What a great job Disney did of raising LiLo…and Brittney, and Demi (Rehab) Lovato, and Christina Aguilera (arrested for public drunk), and let’s not forget Miley! Pull out your garbage-bags full of cash, and take your kids to Disneyland today, for hands-on attention by one of their staff molesters.

  12. TT says:

    And sometimes kids with or without money are difficult, do what they want – and when something in life teaches them hard lessons they learn to live differently….With or without a fantasy life – they still have to grow up.

  13. Mark says:

    I love the fact that everybody overlooks the fact that she walked out with the necklace and had not bought the necklace that is stealing and the fact that she had her friend bring the necklace to the police leads to a bit of suspicion as well, why would she not bring it in herself especially if there was some sort of misunderstanding between her and the store. Even if the store made the mistake of letting her walk out with a necklace and did not notice it any good willed person would notice they had it on at some point and return the jewelry. For some here stating that the store set this up is just plain stupid at most, what your saying is that everyone at the store is behind this sham and willing to spend time in jail if detectives find out they lied about this plus the financial ruin that would be caused by such an indecent case would surely put them out of business and in jail. The girl needs to take a break and look deep inside of herself and once she comes to terms with her own demons she should then come back to work, slowly at first. Definitely NOT WINNING!

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