VICTORVILLE (CBS) — Many of those millions of dead fish that floated into King Harbor Monday night are destined for a compost heap, according to authorities.

A crew of 200 workers and volunteers have already taken more than 35 tons of fish — mostly sardines — from the water. Authorities believe there are another 30-something tons at the bottom of the harbor.

Amy Murphy reports from American Organics, a company in Victorville, that will turn much of the fish waste into a useful product…compost for the soil.

“The fish enhance the compost tremendously with the fish oil, the moisture in the fish and of course the protein,” says Dean Johnson, general manager of American Organics.

The company has already processed 10 tons of the fish.

Johnson told Murphy, “We just fold it in with other organic ingredients. It’s like we are chefs and we are baking a cake.”

This cake just takes a little longer to bake. The super-charged compost takes 4 and one-half months to cook.

Comments (7)
  1. alan hart says:

    Why not feed it to the homeless?

  2. Jackie Winters says:

    Great idea.

  3. Big John says:

    then you wonder why they hate you and will do fishy things to you. you keep putting them down & one day you will be on the wrong side of the anger they have. you will beg for mercy but they have none to give. you will plead for your life but they will not care, so remember the dead fish you wanted to feed them, remember how you laughed & try to think of only that as you pass on to your next life. what go around comes around & life is a B#&@h

    1. AJ Morgan says:

      Spot on Big John!!!

  4. Bill Torres says:

    The questions remains is how these millions of fish all of sudden die?
    And how do we prevent this from occuring again?

    1. Steve says:

      It’s natural. Why should we prevent it? We don’t need to be mucking around in this process.

  5. drozone69 says:

    This is a result of the constant areal spraying by the zionist goverment.This is killing all plant and animal life known to freely sustain mankind.This is done in order to controll every person. Only bioengineered seeds and oceanic food will survive the chemtrails bieng constatntly sprayed upon us.Remember the birds all dying in Eastern U.S.?.Thes are all controlled experiments by the powers that be.We are all gunei pigs to zionist ruling bankers who hold the commodities of the worlds food chain.

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