Man Pleads Not Guilty To Attempted Sexual Assault On Teen Babysitter

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — A Mira Loma man suspected of breaking into a house and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl who was babysitting pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to multiple felonies.

Jose Alberto Galvan, 18, was arraigned on charges of sexual penetration with a foreign object, forced oral copulation, kidnapping with the intent to commit rape, attempted rape and witness intimidation, with a sentence-enhancing allegation that the crimes occurred during a burglary.

Galvan appeared before Riverside County Superior Court Judge J. Thompson Hanks, who set a felony settlement conference in the case for March 29.

He’s being held in lieu of $1 million bail at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside.

According to sheriff’s investigators, the attack occurred around 10 p.m. on Feb. 11 in the 5000 block of Marlatt Street in Mira Loma.

Galvan allegedly forced his way into a residence and threatened the victim, who was taking care of an undisclosed number of children, said sheriff’s Sgt. Jim Erickson.

He said none of the youngsters was hurt during the assault on their babysitter.

Investigators were able to glean evidence from the scene that allegedly connected Galvan to the crime. He was located two days later and brought in for questioning.

“During the interview, Galvan admitted to entering the residence, sexually assaulting the victim…and stealing money and jewelry,” the sergeant said.

He said investigators later recovered some of the stolen items from Galvan’s residence.

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  • Realist58

    Thanks liberals for the anchor baby gone bad :(
    Or maybe the parents of this wonderful offspring were also just as bad too :(
    Or mommy dearest and the sperm donor that created the anchor baby really don’t care what happens in America :(
    Or maybe this is acceptable behavior south of the border and this anchor baby is just doing what comes natural to his culture :(

    Or all of the above??? :(

    BTW, I am half Mexican and I hate to see this great country destroys by illegal immigrants :( And that goes for the illegal Asian immigrants too :(

    Prison population at midyear 2008
    4,777 per 100,000 BLACK MEN
    1,760 per 100,000 HISPANIC MEN
    727 per 100,000 WHITE MEN

    Blacks were three times more likely than Hispanics and five times more likely than whites to be in jail.

    • Harry

      Stupid illegals and the anchor babies gotta go. The genetic defects have done nothing to improve mexico so they leave in and ruin to come here and do the same. Deport em all now!

      • jaided

        Whites commit the worst cimes……….and thats a fact.

    • lurker

      Just proves Blacks are dumb enuf to get caught selling drugs to the Whites, while Hispanics are dumb enuf to rape amd murder.

  • Me

    I must have missed where it listed the asian population. It’s okay I’m just gonna get in my 95,000.00 car drive to my 7.5 million dollar home and think abou twhat it might be. Have a wonderful day.

  • illegals are like pests

    illegals making Headline news

  • So what!!

    Another day another illegal in the news.

  • Me

    lurker:…. I didn’t get that ,do you mind running spell check so those of us that completed our education can read it?

    If not it’s okay but may I suggest you might not want to make a comment on an internet site and let the world know you dropped out after third grade.

  • Ed Rooney

    She wouldn’t have been babysitting if she didn’t want it.

    Isn’t he a teenager too? what’s the problem?

  • david

    Racism is a bit anachronistic, no? Grow up, silly bigots.

  • Me

    Ed Rooney: 18 is an adult……16 ia a teenager….There is your breaking news for the day…..lmao

    • Ed Rooney

      Yeah nimrod I know it was a joke. Not too quick are ya?

    • Brian

      in mexico it is legal so he thought it was ok. stupid illegals

  • Jo Savage

    Sounds like this animal needs to be beaten to death.

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