LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A jury awarded $1.27 million to a woman who claimed she was harassed because of her age while working for a Glendale company that packaged compact discs and DVDs for the entertainment industry.

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury deliberated for less than a day before finding in favor of 62-year-old Judee Welch on Tuesday and against her former employer, which was then known as Ivy Hill Corp.

The jury also found that the company harassed Welch because of her age and breached an implied agreement to fire her only for good cause, her lawyer, Carney R. Shegerian said. The jury also found the firm acted with malice, but did not award any punitive damages, Shegerian said.

Welch worked for the company from March 1987 to March 2009 as an account executive. She claims she was forced out because she was 61 and her bosses wanted younger people to handle their accounts.

The company maintained that Welch was let go because of a workforce reduction after the firm was sold to Multi Packaging Solutions.

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Comments (12)
  1. Diane Garinger says:

    So many copanies today are guilty of the same thing when it comes to age discrimination and hope they all get fined.

  2. Good age… discrimination continues to be a problem…just not one addressed enough!

  3. Meclo-west covina, ca says:

    Retire the old folks, give us the younger generation an opportunity to earn a living!!
    Enough is enough, time for retirement, pensions, retirement packages, union packages and them umbrella packages that exec’s earn or receive, many undeserved, thats the reason our US economy is so upside down and in so much turmoil. There is no more opportunity, bottom line!
    Unions need to go………..and these elders need what time left enjoying life, not work!!

    1. Edbar says:

      So when you turn 61 you should get fired as well to give the younger gen a chance to earn a living. Makes perfect sense

    2. Robear says:

      So, according to you, retirement should come @ 60?

      We’re still recovering from putting you through college at that age, young man!

    3. Bob says:

      What a joke retire at 60 you could not do an honest day’s work with out your smart phone so that you can Text you Mommy to ask her what she made you for diinner and working would keep you away from facebook hope you old folk parent’s don’t forget to pay you cell phone bill God forbid!!!! you wouldn’t be able to call in sick at your job @ Mikey Dee’s!!!!

    4. Krissy says:

      Quit blaming the unions you idoit. My husband is a union iron worker, what is in our pension, HE PAID INTO not you as a tax payer. Educate yourself on unions my friend before you speak so harshly, for the wage YOU earn today, and the benefits YOU have today are only due to the unions fighting for workers rights. Don’t blame executive retirment on unions, I assure you their execs have the same pension plan as the lowly workers. City and State unions, yes they have issues, but don’t be so ignorant as to lump them together. I smell a Teabagger!!

  4. Sandi A says:

    Then why don’t you younger kids pay more in federal taxes so that the 60+ workers can AFFORD to retire.

  5. geeM says:

    I’m sure after texting and ripping some MP3’s, that the youngsters have all sorts of work skills and people skills which will allow adults over 40 to be disposed of in the dumpster like their old phone that didn’t have a full keyboard. Of course by the time most of these newbies have worked for awhile, there will be no benefits, no S/S, and mandaory retirements at a less than ripe age.

  6. frances says:

    Melco not everyone working at age 60 has hefty retirement benefits don’t lump us altogether. Someone older people who retire barely make it on their monthly benefits. Wouldn’t it be nice if at age 60 we could retire on a hefty monthly check with good health insurance. You must be think about thinking about the presidents and vice-presidents and higher ups of companies who do get hefty retirement packages which some do. You read about it all the time. I am about to retire and I worry if I will get by on my benefits with the economy the way it is. So please think before you speak even though we have the right to free speech.

  7. Pat Robertson says:

    Are there any naked pictures of this broad anywhere?

    1. James says:

      It’s not that kind of DVD company, Pat Robertson.

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