LOS ANGELES (AP) — The owner of a Southern California furniture manufacturing company has been sentenced to 10 months in federal prison for hiring illegal immigrants.

Prosecutors say 57-year-old Brownwood Furniture owner Rick Vartanian was told earlier that 61 of his 73 workers at the Rancho Cucamonga firm were illegal immigrants.

In November 2009, Vartanian told U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents that the illegal immigrants no longer worked for Brownwood Furniture, but investigators discovered 18 illegal immigrants were still working for him.

The Los Angeles Times says Vartanian, who was convicted of obstruction of justice and employing illegal immigrants, was sentenced Monday by a Los Angeles federal judge.

Brownwood Furniture vice president Michael Patrick Eberly pleaded guilty to employing illegal immigrants and he was placed on a years’ probation and fined $10,000.

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Comments (14)
  1. Mike says:

    Good. He should also get heavy fines and lose his licensce.

    1. Moz says:

      I was expecting a racist a comment

  2. johnny chingas says:

    Now the problem is finding a competent american citizen to fill that vacant spot, work for $8 an hour and not complain that the work load is overwhelming.

    1. Tim says:

      No the problem is getting these big owners to shell out more than $8hr. Due to the fact these illegals lowballed the whole process is why wages are so low. Illegals bring nothing good to the table!

      1. Mike says:


      2. So what!! says:

        Yea but i bet u run to a mexican place to eat!!!!!!!

  3. Antonio Villaraigosa says:

    Armenians doing something to corrupt the American way….. Oh never mind hiring Illegal aliens for low wages is truly a “White” collar crime!!!!!

  4. F Murray Hulce says:

    I bet you’re not really the Mayor. Impersonating someone online is a crime.

    I hope you left your computer on after you posted, so that the site managers traced you and turned the info over to the authorities.

  5. RealityCheck says:

    There are already people (citizens) lining up for those 61 jobs, and they do pay more than $8 per hour…

  6. jjhollywood says:

    it’s simple, no white guy wants to do ths incredibaly hard work, mex’s work so hard and send money home to the families, you people have no idea what you are talking about

    1. sonnysomething says:

      yeah no$hit they send American money back to Mexico how does that help Americans at all

      1. sonnysomething says:

        Maybe if they actually bought something here and had to pay taxes for it, they would be good workers. Food does not have tax on it and all these illegals go to swap meets to buy their stuff so they really don’t pay taxes on anything and they don’t contribute to our society at all except to collect free money from the government. Why the hell is everyone so politically correct all the time. Look at what politics has done to this country. The hippie generation took too many drugs and know their trying to lead us. Our forefathers would be ashamed.

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