Fence-Hopping Canine Gets New Job In Law Enforcement

RIVERSIDE (AP) —  A fence-hopping canine that was too much for his owners to handle could have a future as a law enforcement service dog.

Riverside County Animal Services said Wednesday that Koa, an energetic 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, will be heading off for training at a private corrections company in Arizona.

Koa ended up in Southern California shelters twice since December after escaping from home by leaping a six-foot fence. His owners reluctantly decided to give Koa up, afraid he could be hit by a car.

Officials say workers at an animal rescue recognized Koa’s potential as a service animal and found the new home for him.

Belgian Malinois are commonly used by law-enforcement organizations for search-and-rescue operations and other police work. The U.S. Secret Service employs the breed exclusively.

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  • So what!!

    Fence hopping canine. About time Law Enforcement have something that can catch up with illegal border hoppers.

  • jess

    The people who owned him should have done some homework on the breed, they’re a dog that needs exercise and things to think about not just sticking in the backyard!! Wish people would do their homework before they take home a “pretty” or “cool looking” dog.

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