PACOIMA (CBS) — A $50,000 reward was offered Wednesday for information leading to the hit-and-run driver whose vehicle fatally struck a Pacoima woman, injuring her child and two other children.

Maria Pena, 28, was fatally injured Feb. 11 about 2 p.m. on Mercer Street at or near Sproule Avenue, police said.

She and the children were crossing Mercer Street when they were struck by a gray, four-door pickup truck, police said. The driver was described only as an Hispanic man with spiked hair.

The reward is offered by the city. Anyone with information as to the name or whereabouts of the driver or the pickup was urged to call Valley Traffic Division Detective Bill Bustos at (818) 644-8021 or (213) 841-9060; or the tip line at (877) LAPD-24-7.

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Comments (41)
  1. Tawny says:

    You guys are too much. Where does it say she was illegal or that the driver was illegal?

    1. Thomas says:

      I concur JacobF

  2. Roll Out says:

    Just like the names states. You are a pig. Therefore, if you’re a pig, that makes your mother a pig.

    1. Ginger01 says:

      Ummm…. I thought the topic was about Hit & Runs. But it seems as if you have negative issues with you Mother. Typical TRAILER TRASH thoughts, need to have some passion in your love life. Don’t be a HATER! ENJOY & TEACH them how to be better people. We will ALL benefit from it.

      1. Roll Out says:


        Strongly agree.

        Where is the love?

        Peace my fellow mankind

      2. david says:

        Go back to your reservation and tell your alcoholic father to stop putting that war paint on his face. You lost. Took your land and your women. HAHAHAHAHA!

      3. Roll Out says:

        @David (with a lower case d)
        You may have taken our land and our women, however along with them come problems. So its not a big deal.
        Glad you have a sense of humor. You’re welcomed to visit our casino anytime. Drinks are on me

  3. Thomas says:

    another drunk illegal who ran over an illegal with anchor babies in tow. Pacoima is just as bad as mexico

  4. Garrett says:

    That is it, I have had it with california and all their illegals. This state is a sacntuary for them.

    1. Roll Out says:

      So what’s keeping you here?
      Take yourself elsewhere, because by the looks of it, this state will remain as is.

      1. Jeff says:

        I think if the government takes action we can rid ourselves of these people. First you booby trap the border so they cannot get in, and then you start shippin em out from here.

  5. Roll Out says:

    JacobF is correct, most likely it was an illegal victim. The report doesn’t indicate that there were any trailer parks within that area. As for the driver, he too is probably illegal since the report didn’t state that the driver was receiving oral from his sister as he drove.

    1. Terry says:

      Roll Out, I agree with you. Pacoima is just as bad as Santa Ana or East LA. Must those people drink and operate motor vehicles?

  6. Terry says:

    Not an illegal again!

    1. Roll Out says:

      you know it’s an illegal when the suspect DOESN’T rape and then eat the victim.

      1. Scott says:

        I agree Roll Out. Illegals are bringing this state down fast.

  7. RealAmerican says:

    I say we have a perimeter around Pacoima and check every single drive for a license and citizenship. They can include Santa Ana , East LA, Huntington Park and that would solve a lot of issues

  8. Lenny says:

    Could not agree with the majority anymore. California is a joke of a state. Illegals are multiplying like roaches but the government turns the other way. We need to do like Arizona

  9. Naomi says:

    Why are illegals always in the news?

  10. Ginger01 says:

    @ JacobF For starters you sound like a COWARD. I use to think like you, how sick is that! Regardless if your TRAILER TRASH or a HERO, It’s not okay to cut any human down like that. What if it were you or someone you loved. Count your blessing today, because you NEVER know when your next. Hit & Runs happen ANYWHERE!

    1. Naomi says:

      Who is JacobF? Is he an illegal as well?

    2. Phillip says:

      More hit and runs are done by illegal cowards who do not want to get deported so they run. Instead of helping someone you hit the leave em for dead. I have no compassion for animals like that whatsoever. If we cracked down on illegals this would not happen as often as it does. Who is to say the person hit was not illegal either? It is Pacoima you know.

      1. Roll Out says:

        I would not only hit Phillip, but I would park my car on him. Soon after, visit his wife to console her. 🙂

      2. Garcia, F says:


        Are you part of the circle jerk club founded by Jacob, Thomas & WallyG or do you enjoy hanging out in Harry’s closet?

  11. Roll Out says:

    Unfortunately it’s not just illegals. If you do your homework, and by that I mean research and not milk the cows or sleep with your sister, California is in debt mainly due to poor money management by white collared honkies (AKA: state gov’t)

    1. Vincent says:

      As a black man who went through the civil rights movement I find your comment racist and offensive. Calling people honkies is just as bad as saying the “N” word. You lash out at racist but you are lashing out at yourself as your tone shows you are racist as well. 2 wrongs dont make a right.

      1. Roll Out says:

        But a negative times a negative makes a positive!

      2. david says:

        Still upset over that taking your land thing huh? Black people are over slavery so move on.

      3. Roll Out says:

        @ David
        Blacks are definitely not over slavery. They are asking for rep. checks.

        As for dancing, I only do that for your mom and her dollar bills. I don’t need to make it rain to get her wet.

  12. Ginger01 says:

    For starters you sound like a COWARD. I use to think like you, how sick is that! Regardless if you TRAILER TRASH or a HERO, Hit & Runs happen EVERYWHERE! Sure hope your not next.

  13. JeffD says:


    1. Roll Out says:

      Sorry son, but I am neither. Just to let you know, I am Native American my child. So if you’d like to talk about anchor babies, ask your mom who works the brothel.

      1. david says:

        Can you do a dance for us and make it rain? LOL! Go back to your indian desert and tame a snake.

      2. JeffGr says:

        I thought native americans were extinct?

      3. Johnny Chingas says:

        Hey you stupid indian let us fight our own battles. Don’t use this illegal thing as your forum to lash out on white people who took your land. We don’t need your help. Just go back to your reservation and ride a buffalo or something. Us mexicans can handle these white dudes on our own.

  14. Roll Out says:

    Just like your mom! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  15. Wet News Back says:

    Another illegal making Headline news again..

  16. Garcia, F says:

    Jacob, Thomas and WallyG…

    When you’re done with your circle jerk you should wash your hands and do some research on your own races. Take a look at your own roots and I’m sure you’ll find plenty to make you think twice about being racist bigots towards others.

    Better yet, get out of your trailer park and take a drive down to your local library. Now, I know you typically go there to surf the net for porn and to post racist comments on websites like this but try and resist that temptation. Instead, try reading some history books and toss in plenty of current events too. I think you’ll like it. I’d suggest reading about the Dutch West Indies Co., New York City’s Five Points (1840-1870), Dr. Eduard Wirths, and David M. Reimers.

    The bottom line is that you should have respect for yourselves and others in any and all situations. You and I are no better than the next person regardless of their race, color, creed, gender or legal status. Of course, you’re entitled to your opinion but mine is at least thoughtful.

    Best Wishes from Sunny Pacoima!

    1. Harry says:

      You are still a 2nd class citizen! Look at your last name. Somewhere down the line someone in your family came here illegally so you are also illegal. Thank god you live is Pacoima with the other roaches and stay out of my neighborhood. Had to put you in your place so you could recognize that mexico is a dump and a 3rd world country thanks to YOUR genetics. Then again it is not your fault the Spanish raped the peasant indians and made you genetic defects. Best wishes from Sunny wherever there are no illegals!

      1. Garcia, F says:

        How old are you Harry? Your comments reek of self-hatred and ignorance with a touch of OCD. Are you possibly angry and emotionally distraught over something from your secretive past? Maybe you had a Latino lover who slighted your white rear for a Latino one? That’s it, isn’t it? How disappointed you must have been when the love of your life rolled out of bed and put on HIS cowboy boots and hat and said, “Vaya con dios!”

        I guess I can’t blame you for being so angry towards the brown man: We take your jobs, your women, (not in your case) and in the END (pun intended) your Don Juan took your only chance at being who you really are underneath your Tea Party macho shell of man… Ms. Harrietta, the Democrat!

        Come out of the closet and just live your life Harrieta.

  17. Garcia, F says:

    Chale, Johnny! These Gavas got it coming from all side ese…

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