Census Shows Latinos, Asians Leading California’s Population Growth

LOS ANGELES (AP) — New census data shows Latinos and Asians accounted for virtually all of California’s population growth over the last decade.

Data from the 2010 U.S. Census released Tuesday shows Latinos grew by 28 percent and Asians grew by 31 percent.

Non-Hispanic whites saw their numbers decrease between 2000 and 2010 by 5 percent, and the state’s African-American population dipped by 1 percent.

Demographers say Latinos are growing faster than other groups because most Latinos are of child-bearing age while the rest of the population tends to be older.

California’s population grew 10 percent over the decade to 37.3 million. But growth lagged behind other western states and California failed to pick up additional congressional seats for the first time after a census.

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    • Paul

      Hmmm, you must be white, David. It amazes me how people still base there opinions; beliefs on stereotypes and what you see on TV. I’m not going there… Just so you now, the hispanic communities have contributed to our local economy tremendously, which is noted just about everywhere you look in financial report broadcasts. I work with first generation Chinese immigrants that our brilliant medical engineers. They have developed medical procedures that have saved many lives and have created many jobs because of there inventions, but I guess, that doesn’t matter to you.

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