Man Dead, Woman Critical In Apparent Gang Shooting

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The gunman who fatally shot a 29-year- old man and left his 34-year-old female companion hospitalized in critical condition was at large Monday.

The shooting occurred about 11:45 p.m. Sunday at 105th and Juniper streets.

Police theorize the shootings were gang related.

The victims were seated inside a full-sized sedan parked in the 2200 block of East 105th Street — the man in the front passenger seat and the woman in the driver’s seat — when the assailant walked up and fired multiple rounds inside the car, Officer Gregory Baek said.

Arriving officers found the man dead inside the car. The survivor was hospitalized in critical condition, according to the LAPD.

Authorities withheld the man’s name pending notification of his next-of- kin, said Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the coroner’s office.

The LAPD asked anyone with information on the shooting to call Criminal Gang and Homicide Division Detectives Joe Kirby or Scott Teubert at (213) 485-4341. Tipsters can also call (877) LAPD-24-7 or (800) 222-8477. All tips can be made anonymously.

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  • Wallyfan

    Dumb illegals at it again. I wish they could round em all up and castrate em and put em on a bus back to messico

    • Jimbo

      So right Wally. We don’t need their kind in our country anyway. This stuff should stay in mexico where it belongs!

      • Ryan

        Mexico is a waste! Look at what their people do over here. Time to take our streets back, no way we let this become 3rd world like Mess-ico even though Santa Ana, Huntington Park, and East LA are 3rd world we can still deport em!

      • Tim

        Lets just nuke mexico, they dont contribute anything to humanity anyway. The spanish tried to domesticate them and after 300 years of teaching they are worse off today than when spain left em.

  • Jason

    I would gladly pay more for my services if it meant getting their kind out of this country. You don’t see us running to Mexico because it SUCKS!

    • John

      How do you know they’re from Mexico you moron?

  • Oneda

    Why so much hate? It is this countries fault we have so many illegals as we cannot control our own border and we want cheap services (car wash, yard, food, hotel) so don’t complain as we give em jobs so of course they will come if we make it that easy, we may as well bus them in. If the US was serious about this matter we could easily control our border. How hard would it be for armed troops to keep back people with no weapons or food on foot? Cmon this is the most powerful country in the world and we can’t stop illegals because we don’t want to. We enjoy their services. So either do something or take it for what it is.

    • don

      Look Oneda we have tried but the bleeding heart liberals always stop us. If I could go to the border armed I would be there in a heartbeat pickin off those roaches one by one but the government wont let me. We have tried our own militia but everyone complains. If the government does not help us and prevents us from guarding our border what can we do? You tell me since you are so smart?

  • david

    Wow, idiot soup in the comment section. I’ve never seen so much dumb in one place. Morons.

  • Pam

    Wow! What a bunch of moronic racists! Undoubtedly, these are some ugly, mean-spirited fat white guys who couldn’t get a woman without paying! What a bunch of losers. Hateful.

    • John

      couldnt agree more

  • Sarah

    I agree with David. Plus the story says NOTHING about the victims being Mexican! All the comments above show is ignorance and stupidity at it’s finest.

  • Philip

    First of all, who said they were mexican’s? How do you not know they were from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatamala or Honduras. Second of all, who said they were “Latinos”. How do you not know if they individuals were black?



    US government shouldn’t allow ’em automatic US citizenships if their babies are born on US soil. That law is so stupid.


  • the wolf

    You all are right. These illegals need to leave our country. However, California is a weak state. The politians, help these illegals, with foodstamps, housing, welfare, even visas. So how can Us, American citizens do something about this maddness? California is a sorry state. Broke down at that. Arizona, had it with the illegals. So, Arizona started with tougher immigration Laws. However, the illegals, are coming into California heavily. Huntington Park, is 95.6% hispanics (mexicans) I say about half of that is illegals. Also Mostly everyone speaks spanish. Huntington Park is a third world country, along with the city of Bell, cudahy,south gate,E.L.A. Bell gardens. These cities are Santuary cities. I see more mexican flags waving high, then the american flag. Most of the stores advertize in spanish. English is a second language in these cities. California turned out to be a broke down dirty, illegal infested, state.

  • Pat Robertson

    Police theorize the shootings were gang related.

    Wow, really? What educated police we have- slums of LA, late night shooting? Gang-related? Ya think?
    Lowest of animals are gang bangers- all of them should be shot on sight, no questions asked.
    Rid the planet of these useless pieces of garbage.

    • art

      I agree with you robert and most of you that thinks cities need to be cleand very bad from latino immigrants all they can do is go to gangs that’s all and they have,, its a shame to have them here.

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