Sex Offender Accused Of Using Parrot To Lure Kids

HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS2) — Police Saturday arrested a registered sex offender for allegedly trying to lure children with a parrot.

According to authorities, 65-year-old Michael Joseph DeSilva was seen near Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach with the bird.

parrot named mango Sex Offender Accused Of Using Parrot To Lure Kids

(credit: Huntington Beach Police Department)

When officers approached DeSilva, he was not making contact with any children, authorities said. However, witnesses tell police that DeSilva was allegedly trying to get children to play with the bird named, “Mango.”

DeSilva was apprehended and booked at the Huntington Beach Police Department city jail.

Authorities are searching for any children who may have had contact with DeSilva.

Anyone with more information on this incident is asked to call the Huntington Beach Police Department at 714-960-8825.

  • Perry Yoshida

    thats how it starts you play with his parrot “Mango” then he’s having you kiss his spitting python “Stiffy”

  • Lynn

    KCAL: You forgot to investigate what happen to the innocent parrot. Is it safe?

    • John

      It’s on the menu at the local diner. Bird stew anyone?

  • Jimmy Cruz

    exterminate this piece of caca!!!!!!

  • Timothy McGarry

    Uh oh, Mango!

  • Will

    Where is the Hunting Beach jail? Not anywhere around here. Was he deported?



    • Really

      You are absolutely right, Robert. Will is just showing his ignorance on top of his racist views by commenting on something he didn’t even bother to read.

    • veronica

      Sex offenders come in all races

  • John

    Stone him to death.

  • drozone69

    How about the wierdo accomplice “Mango”? Get that filthy bird behind bars,Wait a second he already is!!! LMAO

  • Sandra Rae

    What is the matter with people? Did you all somehow miss the point that the HBPD did a great job in recognizing a known sex offender and taking him off the streets before he did more harm to our children? All these comments are about a parrot and jokes. God help this world…

  • johnnydilznik

    Actually you have zero facts that “most sex offenders are white”. In fact, hop on the sex offenders web site for California and see how many hits you get in Santa Ana, Los Angeles and La Puente.

    • Really

      That’s just in California. Look at the population; however, whites do make up the biggest percentage of sex offenders in the United States. Look up the FBI statistics, and you will find the truth there. Or, is it to difficult to handle?

      • CarmaDogma

        It would stand to reason that number would be higher given that America is primarily white. They come in all varieties… Molexicans, Caucolestors, Africapists, Pedophasians, Persiaphiles, etc.

  • Dan

    Yea sure… blame it on the white guy, just focus your pea brain on the fact that a “CHILD MOLESTER” was taken off the streets!! Think the child cares what race the offender is?

  • brian harrrington

    send him where all dirty birds go to send him to hell withouth the special suit LMAO all races of pepole are sex offenders and not just one race not all whites not all blacks not all latins are sex offenders but all of human kind are in one form of another stop sniffing glue and your brian cells will come alive this country is jackup in many ways we are very smart but highly under educated and there is no self responsiblity hell am probaly the only american that dosn’t have any debt go fig that out at age 44 when most peeps at 44 are still in debt to there eye balls

  • Jon

    The Dept. of Corrections needs to stop protecting these chesters and put them in general population so the inmates can get their hands on them and justice can served to these pieces of $%#@.

    • chefmipat

      You are absolutely right on that one. Stop protecting them and let nature take it’s course

  • Joe

    Great Job Huntington Beach Police. Probably saved a child or two from this pervert. Put this guy in a federal lockup with a bunch of guys that hate perverts. That would be true justice.


    Chris Hansen: “Mango parrot, please take a seat over there and finish that margarita.

    Parrot: “Sit on my face, BRAAAAAAAAAAK”


    • BOXINGFAN213

      ‘To catch an endangered predator’, tonight after Opioid filled obese Rush Limbaugh on Fox news.

      LMAO, i think my hangover is going away.

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  • Sue Wilder

    Turn him loose to the prison population. THEY will execute him quickly. But hack off his genitals first with NO painkiller. Or use a chainsaw.

  • Mel Gibson

    Damn. But what did he do?

  • Sabrina m

    The only difference with Latino/ Hispanic sex offenders and whites is that white people don’t think they will get caught cause they are white and Hispanic / Latino know they are already targeted for racial profiling so thy are better at hiding themselves/ not getting caught… It has nothing to do with the numbers! All kinds of peopele are trash in this world and deserve to be where god desires on judgement day… I hope some children speak up and aren’t embarrassed because the more children that do the longer this guy will be put away

  • tweek

    throw his ass in the electric chair

  • veronica

    @ robert- sex offenders come in all races you idiot

  • perry yoshida

    I’ll azz bang him

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