HACIENDA HEIGHTS (CBS) — A woman was found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head in Hacienda Heights and authorities are investigating the death as a homicide, according to a sheriff’s deputy.

A jogger reportedly found the body in a canyon above Turnbull Canyon Road and Skyline Drive at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Deputy Guillermina Saldana of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau said.

The woman has not yet been identified, but authorities confirmed that she died from a gunshot wound to the head, said Jerry McKibben of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.

Investigators from the sheriff’s homicide division are investigating the death as a homicide, Saldana said.

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Comments (28)

    Good! One less illegal..

  2. Kevin says:

    Here we go again with illegal on illegal crime. But you guys want cheap fast food, cheap car washes, cheap flowers and can’t cut your own lawn. Id be willing to pay more for services if it would mean illegals would be gone. My quality of life would go up and so would my property values!

    1. Elena says:

      So sad to hear that you allow “illegal’s” to affect your quality of life. Your statement makes you appear to have low self esteem (probably overweight and single) and ignorant. I hope you don’t live in Hacienda Heights, because I do and I would rather have an immigrant be my neighbor than someone as irrelevant as you.

  3. mara says:

    who ever said it was an illegal person omg kevin


    America needs Flavor. Do you always want WHITE PROSTITUTES? Hard working Americans need Flavor in their lives when their stale gf or wifey won’t do certain things for yall.

    1. Kevin says:

      We have enough sexually transmitted diseases already and don’t need illegals and their viruses in this country. They ruin are quality of life by filling up our parks all weekend to play soccer and urinating in public so I cant even take my kids to the park. They stand on corners in groups of 30 looking for a $1hr job and bring down property values. They play their stupid polka music all loud with cow stickers and their used and financed vehicle from 15 years ago. They speak the gibberish known as spanish at 100 miles per hour and they drag their 7-10 kids with them everywhere and do not even watch them as they run like wild animals all over the store, they fill up neighborhoods with laundermats cause they cannot afford appliances or a house to put them in. I can go on and on but these are some reasons they must go. and oh yeah, they never heard of birth control!

      1. nb says:

        keven, did you know there are more poor white trash on welfare in the good ol’ usa than blacks, hispanics, and asians put together? just wondering if you knew

      2. San Pedro says:

        possibly overall numbers, but not when you are comparing percentage of total populations. You are twisting the facts.

  5. Amy says:


    Over-analyzation + No Facts = Ignorance


    I hear what you’re talking about. it’s true. People who disagree are idiots.

  7. Kevin says:

    illegals are like pests. Can never get rid of ’em. They’re idiots.

  8. Hmmm... says:

    @nb – well then, that makes a scary number since the number of homicides committed by Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians far outweigh those committed by ‘poor white trash.’

    The ‘poor white trash’ aren’t killing anybody..

  9. marisa lawson says:

    NB.. did you know that percentage wise it is not even close. more blacks and hispanics are on welfare… it is just because of the number of whites in the USA… just wondering if you knew .get a clue and a brain before opening your pie hole.

    1. Really says:

      You are absolutely correct. The white percentage is only higher because there are way more whites; however, per capita, the percentage of other races are disproportionate.

  10. Mary says:

    There are bad people in every race; White, Black, Mexican, etc. We all bleed red blood. The skin colors vary from race to race; however, we are all the same. The only thing that matters in a person is the condition of their heart. I am white and I have friends of all different colors and shapes and it is an honor to know them all. My heart goes out to the victim and her family… I am certain the last thing on their mind is the color of someones skin.

  11. James says:

    The mexica race are just taking back what is rightfully theirs, the Americas. Over time, America will transition back to it’s rightful owners. We may not be around to see it but it will happen.

    1. Ed Guthrie says:

      back to its rightful owners? who the native Americans?, because America was never owned by Mexico.

  12. nb says:

    marisa & hmmm, you’re both white trash & both idiots.

  13. so what!! says:

    What’s a tragedy in America right now is that babies of Back Wet’s are granted Automatic US Citizenships even though their parents are illegal wetters.

  14. RUSS says:

    Jesus came into this world, gave His life so that all that would believe in Him could have eternal life….
    God bless each of you, and I will surely lift you up in my prayers.

  15. Hmmm...again... says:

    @nb — Give it up. I think it’s clear you’re either (a) misinformed, or (b) talking out of your a**.

  16. Jean says:

    Not one comment about the dead woman or her grieving family. My condolences to the family who has lost this woman and shame on all of you for your self-righteous comments totally oblivious to the subject matter.

  17. East LA says:

    White stupid trash. Take your stupid white rant elsewhere.

  18. ME says:

    Thanke you Mary, I was wondering how the murder of a lady turn into a racial rants. There is a problem going on in this country and it needs to be solved. What are you doing?? If you are not part of the solution then you are the problem.

  19. child of god says:

    You know its sad to know that there are more people out here who is just like you kevin(ignorant)get a life and go to god ,because the road you heading down is a road to destuction and stupidity(maroon)

  20. FF says:

    The sad fact is that there was probably a murder there. Even though back in the late 50s there was a infamous case of a doctor murdering his wife in the San Jose hills of West Covina, crime since then had be very limited in the East San Gabriel Valley, which Hacienda Heights is just a few miles away. From the late 80s on through, crime has been very limited, different than L.A. and nearby cities.

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