LOS ANGELES (CBS2/KNX1070) — California has taken over top spot in a race we’d rather not win.

The Golden State is now the nation’s leader when it comes to highest gas prices — surpassing Hawaii and Alaska, where gas prices are almost always the highest in the country.

KNX 1070’s Chris Sedens reports that the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is now $3.85. Experts blame the increased price of oil and the rigors of making California’s clean-burning gasoline.

The pain at the pump is pushing up prices on food and other items as well. Wholesalers tack on delivery fees coupled with high fuel costs.

The last time California’s prices were higher than Hawaii and Alaska on a regular basis was in 2008 when the price spiked at $4.61 a gallon.

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  1. Pump Your Fist says:

    It’s Bush & Cheney helping their oil buddies. Oh wait…

  2. Tw Griffin says:

    This is all a SCAM! They always use war or a disturbance somewhere in the world in order to raise the price….In the Philippines, The people stop everything and anything, head out to the nearest gas station and protest for hours…..But here….everyone just goes about their puny little lives….Grow some balls people and FIGHT this!! The extra money you people are spending should be going to feed hungry children or something other more useful then in the pockets of these fat execs in the oil industry!

  3. Tom says:

    Just another reason to get out of this lousy state!

  4. Edward says:

    California is #1: highest unemloyment, highest gas prices, highest number of the Welfare recipients…

  5. Fernando lara says:

    This prices change our lives we have to save money for gas buy less groceries Iam midle class en this situation afect our buget specilaly when I have to drive 65 miles a day

  6. drozone69 says:

    so is the foriegn population here as well.It goes hand in hand.Stuff California with a bunch of MUD people and then inflate them to hell.Shut up you foolish gentiles and pay the price or else!!

  7. socalmal says:

    If it hits $5 near you, get off your butt and make a sign to picket SOMEWHERE, anywhere will help get attention. Just spend some time everyday until more gather and the powers that be take notice. We cannot afford this, they are killing us. This is a car-culture, we drive everywhere because everything is so far apart. They don’t design neighborhoods any longer, it’s State-wide….. Drill now and open oil reserves.

  8. ginny says:

    Finally today I see a report that claims that our President is thinking about releasing some of our oil reserves to help maintain our gas prices at an acceptable level. Took him long enough. Now let’s see if anything really happens. And when is DC going to do something about all of these commodities brokers who cause these outrageous price increases on the value of oil? It’s all a game to them and it needs to be stopped!! It’s all money in their pockets.

  9. karen says:

    Leaving california is the smart thing to do. I left it 5 yrs ago due to the influx of illegals and the worsening job culture .. and most of all, the high taxes that I was paying to support the illegals.. Any working class citizen needs to leave that state asap, and then see who supports the illegals.. California is a failed state and it cannot be fixed.. there is no way to bring jobs back that have left.. too many restrictions, just like making special gas for that state alone.. Always wondered what good it did to have special gas when no other state does.. what does that accomplish? Stupid criminals are running the state.. get out while you can

    1. Moz says:

      I’m glad you left you ignorant racist

      1. Moz says:

        There is no truth to anything she said! I work in a low income community and most people work to support their family. And they have to work because walfare ( calworks) is only for 5 years.

  10. Jim Gates says:

    its jerry brown wants to balance the budget so hes raising the gas prices

  11. brian harrington says:

    stop buying gas yes there is a way to save on grocies don’t drive to the supper market you can order your food online ralphs.com albertsons.com and vons.com and if you don’t trust the delivery person have a baseball bat in hand
    also the ones are hurting are the pizza delvery drivers they spend more money in gas then they get paid to drive

    1. David Starr says:

      You can also order food from EatFree nationwide, the service is great and the prices are great (example 0.14 for can of Navy Beans – yum, my favorite). Call 352-234-3523 for 24 hour recorded information on the program.

  12. brian harrington says:

    I will protest when gas hits 5/ gallon and trust me I will sit in the middle of he pumps and won’t move if i have to get arrested I will even chain myself to the pump am gurranteed to make the news and perhaps get to appear on guest shows and will make headlines around the world and also a gurranteed to get paid as well

  13. John says:

    You do realize that once gas his 5 bucks a gallon all those alternative fuels that people complain are too expensive suddently become cheaper to produce than regular gas right? The oil industry will end up pricing itself right out of the market in short order. Heck, every bus in the state already runs on Compressed Natural Gas because it’s cheaper and it burns cleaner. Get big rigs to do that too on a national scale and out need for Mid-East Oil goes down by over 50%. Reduce demand and the price will fall for the regular consumer. It’s not that hard, people.

  14. Brown&Proud says:

    This gas crisis isn’t the illegals fault! Stupid racist people always have to pick on los ilegales.

    1. Moz says:

      As though the illigals are at fault? They are the ones picking the ” organic food” and working the fields. If anything they are the ones working the jobs no one else wants to work.

  15. michael wout says:

    i live 5 min from work i can walk to work should just used my car on my days off lol

  16. David Starr says:

    I was getting absolutely sick of paying over $3 at the pump. I decided
    to do some serious Googling in my quest for lower prices, I came
    across this unique buying club called MyGasDiscount.info, I immediately
    joined them (it doesn’t cost anything to join) and then when I fill up, I keep
    the receipt and mail it in to get a 50% rebate on the amount I spent for gas.
    However, there is an upper limit that you can do each month I think it is
    $200 or something like that — but believe me an extra couple of hundred
    bucks a month gives my family our weekly trip to the movies again… or
    you can always buy more gas.. LOL. Here’s the link

  17. I ABSOLUTELY SUPPORT HIGH GAS PRICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:



    1. english28s11 says:

      We are adding you to the stupid list!

      1. Mind Games says:


        Whatever you say honey..


    High gas prices is PURELY POLITICAL. The US government can fix the problem if they really want to. I mean, we’re buying fuel at a premium coz we have to pay the source or sometimes the middleman.

    Take BP for example, it’s a British own company and they’re pumping OIL out of our own shores & then turn it around and selling the SAME OIL BP just pumped out of the well on US soil. Pretty stupid really.

    If USA takes over the OIL business, we won’t have these types of issues. We’re paying too much to privately own OPEC, BP, & other Arab nations for OIL.

    1. whattheheck says:

      Oh, but the problem with that is that we would then be a Communist country and nobody wants that because the privately owned companies will loose out.

      Everyone hates my ideas, but I think every natural resource should be owned by the government.

  19. Mona says:

    This all set up, this is a crime committed by O and his Fed, we have to shot them down all criminals mafia, the CEO of Google told the news that they were plan with O this Meddle east crisis

  20. consuela says:

    CANTAFFORDYA,HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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