TMZ: David Arquette Tweets From Hospital Following Car Crash

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Actor David Arquette was involved in a head-on crash in West Hollywood Friday, according to reports.

The crash, which happened at North Doheny Drive and Lloyd Place, with both drivers suffering minor to moderate injuries, according to and with confirmation from the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

TMZ posted photos of Arquette lying on nearby grass and reported that he was bleeding. The gossip site reports that a witness saw Arquette driving behind a car that stopped suddenly, then swerve to the left to avoid hitting the car and into oncoming traffic.

The actor just tweeted from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, “I got into a car accident but I’m fine. Luckily I have tiger’s blood running through my veins. Haha. Thank you for your concern.”

Arquette’s representative also confirmed with People magazine that the actor is “fine.”

The actor was on his way to the Burbank airport for a flight to Las Vegas, where he was to attend the grand opening of Sugar Factory at the Paris Hotel and a party hosted by Kim Kardashian, according to TMZ.

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  • mikey

    Nice reaction…swerving into oncoming traffic. Typical LA driver.

  • it was a setup

    Sounds like someone in the front knew who HE was & just slammed on their brake to milk some Cash off him..

    • Richard Castillo

      very likely!

    • Thomas J. Coleman

      Could be, or saw the $ilver Cadillac. All possibilities should be investigated. Hope he wasn’t hurt too bad but I must say his “profile” looks pretty good in the pic!

      • Lenny

        A former WCW champion would not engage in such activities.

  • Chris

    Following too close. It’s the worst of all the bad habits Southern California drivers have. If you’re so close you wouldn’t be able to stop in time, back off; if you hit the car in front of you, it’s your fault.


    If he was driving a snow plow he would have never had to swerve!!!

  • DJA

    they don’t give you the whole story. Was there drinking or drugs involved before he took to the road? Curious minds want to know.

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  • Chuck Sheen

    David Arquette, not WINNING

  • rgavlik

    I am starting a electrical business can he come to the opening and get into a accident so i can use the news coverage of where he is going, i need the free adds.

  • Margaret C

    I believe in the UK or somewhere else, a company’s been making money getting customers to buy car cams because drivers are scamming insurances and other people by having an accomplice drive erratically making the scammer slam their brakes and causing the person behind them to rear-end them. “crash for cash” symptom that led to the government putting in a Fraud Bureau to check things out.

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