LOS ANGELES (CBS) — City Controller Wendy Greuel says some departments in Los Angeles are spending far too much on salaries.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta reports the top three offenders are the LAPD, the city attorney’s office and general services.

Greuel warns those three departments are on track to surpass their salary appropriations by a total of over $23 million by the end of the fiscal year in June.

Another fifteen departments are projected to overspend by about $8.5 million altogether.

Greuel is threatening to withhold payments that exceed budgeted allotments.

“I’m going to let [City] Council know that we think it would be appropriate not to continue forward if they aren’t addressing that budget deficit,” Greuel said.

The city faces a projected $350 million deficit in the coming fiscal year.

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Comments (27)
  1. So what!! says:

    What took so long!!!!

  2. CFO says:

    She wants to withhold paychecks from our polce officers? How is this their falt? As the city Controller, why did she ever let this happen to begin with?

    Talk about misdirected management.

  3. Alberto Ticoon says:

    They should crack down on DWP whos employees make almost 60% more than other city empoyees.

  4. swhitS says:

    Here’s hoping she has the balls to withhold.

  5. Astonished says:

    Is she going to include herself and her department and the entire City Council and their staff’s salaries in this so-called crackdown. If you think City workers get paid too much, take a gander at what the elected “officials” take in! At least City workers try to provide services to the residents.

  6. Tiredof CityEmp says:

    Not only what took so long, but they are way out of line when compared to the private sector. In the private sector your compensation is dictated, for the most part, on how well you meet your goals for the year. The City just keeps on giving to their lazy, rude, unhelpful workers each year without accountability and without proper review. I completely agree that all departments should be reviewed and slashed drastically. We’ve been paying city workers exorbitant salaries for too long! Time to bring them back to reality just like the rest of us. I only hope that she really takes action and it’s not just talk!

    1. CFO says:

      This issue is not about the merits or work ethics of the city employees. Its’ about a budget shortfall that has been grossly overlooked by the City Controller. Literally stopping someone’s paycheck because of top management’s errors is nothing but wrong and unfair. You think there’s a waste of money going on? Wait until you see the legal fees for the lawsuits that will be filed the instant paychecks are stopped.

  7. mister s says:

    78% of those polled do not work for the city.

    1. Trumangal says:

      How do you know? It didn’t ask that question!

  8. They are paid too much says:

    Hey, in regards to cops, I want you to know that in 2007 I had 3 break-ins 3 days in a row and nothing was done. The cops seemed reluctant to even come out. About 20 years ago, someone broke into my dad’s house. Even back then the cops seemed reluctant to do anything. It took them about 4 or so hours to come out and I didn’t know if the intruder was still in his house at the time!

    1. mister s says:

      Ever occur to you they need more staffing, and were too busy to make it out and take a report on stolen property? Cops aren’t paid enough to deal with people like you.

      1. Jason Robards says:

        Ok that is a very ignorant and uninformed comment . Cops arent paid enough to come to a case where the Intruder may be in the house. Any office who fails to do that should be fired no questions asked

      2. So what!! says:

        They are paid plenty! They need to stop spending there time at donut shops!!!!!!!

  9. Trumangal says:

    She can start with her own salary! During this time of fiscal crisis, all salaries should be capped at $75K..maybe even $50K! That includes ALL the politicians and the administrators! The idea that the incoming LA Superintendent of Schools will be making $50K more than the outgoing..and his salary was already $300K..is just obscene! This should be automatic, before any lower paid employees jobs or benefits are touched! This should be the policiy on the state and local level..and (wishful thinkng) the federal level, as well! Just can’t “get by” on that, folks? Well then..how do you expect the rest of us to? If such an initiative were put on the ballot, I might then be more inclined to vote for higher taxes..at least temporarily!

    1. mister s says:

      Mmmmk. And who will run the city after they quit cause they can get jobs in other cities paying more than 50k? You sound jealous. People like you are funny cause from behind that keyboard you are political experts with no real solutions, but in real life you’re an unemployed “entrepreneur”. No politician, unless independently wealthy would consider working for so little.

  10. mister s says:

    Thing with Dwp is, a few of the salaries are way too bloated and everyone in general makes 10-20% more than their counterparts in other city departments…… not 60% like some moron said. But DWP has thus far been able to govern themselves because they are a major source of revenue, and unlike other departments, they wern’t always part othe city. A long time ago they were private, and seem to still be able to act as such in many ways. I agree rude and lazy workers should be fired, but good luck getting that by the unions. The largest part of DWP hate though, comes from people who are either angry they don’t have a city job, or angry cause they have to pay taxes in the first place. Oh and the rate hike thing……. yeah, compare DWP rates to others state wide, the are on the low end.

  11. tom s. says:

    Eliminate one top sherrif’s Job and no more deficit ! And thats not even talking about his retirement pyts.

    1. CFO says:

      tom s. Sherriff’s work for the county, not the city. Different jurisdiction, but perhaps the same problem.
      Regardless, eliminating jobs (i.e. layoffs) is ENTIRELY different from stopping someone’s paycheck.

  12. LOU says:

    $179, cola. perks for the LA city council i s insane! Parks raking in $268 LAPD pension plus his $179 CC pay is as bad as the other Bernie…..madoff!

  13. jim says:

    For the person who said 75% of those who responded to survey do not work for the city, yes but 100% of us pay for your salaries.

  14. Tom Clark says:

    What’s wrong with good salaries? What’s wrong is increasing costs for individuals both in the private and public sectors relative to healthcare and other costs. People are looking at and analyzing the wrong thing by jumping on the bandwagon of income envy. In general the average salary of public employees that are on a professional pay scale is comparable to the private sector. However, public employees do enjoy better pensions and healthcare. The private sector should provide the same or comparable benefits; they don’t because it’s expensive – so the real question is why is it so expensive and why can’t anyone figure out how to fix that problem. Public sector workers pay taxes just like everyone else does, so some of those who think that non-public sector income earners pay a 100% of public employees salaries are relying on a very skewed perspective.

  15. Jason Robards says:

    Instead of withholding individuals salaries like she has implied which will just lead to lawsuits what should be done is say this. You are allocated X dollars for saliress.You may not exceed that if you do we will not cover that and you will be forced to fill it from your budget and find teh cuts your self. We shall not continue to be the parent who give you allowance advances

  16. Milk Toast says:

    I really miss the days of looking around and seeing big employers like Lockheed, Rockwell, General Dynamics employing thousands of well paid workers. The dollar still had some value. Now, what is around us. Retail, restaurants, and more retail. How to afford paying huge salaries when the average person makes minimum wage? Something has to give…and yet the gov keeps spending like a drunken billionaire. When gasoline is $20/gal and a carton of eggs is $15, there will not be enough cops and military to keep the peace. I see it getting ugly, but I hope I’m wrong.

  17. fish wrap says:

    Sounds like she under estimated revenues and is trying to cover her ass. Once again let’s cut hard working peoples pay and make no mention to with hold all benefits to illegals. What does los Angeles spend on illegals per year

  18. Saber 1 says:

    Leave the police and fire fighters alone. Start with the knuckle head that takes free tickets and left his wife. The Mayor and his staff make up over 50 % of the tab.

  19. ANA says:

    and waters his grass during hours that he himself stated should be off limits . . .

  20. Jeremko says:

    She should start with Bernard Parks. He is getting 250000.00 retirement and 180000.00 salary. There should be no double dippers. If you become a Councilman then your retirement should stop until you actually retire.

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