SAN CLEMENTE (AP) — A drug-sniffing dog has found a four-pound bag of methamphetamine hidden in the jacket of a woman during a Southern California Border Patrol checkpoint stop on Interstate 5.

The 50-year-old woman, a U.S. citizen, was aboard a shuttle van stopped Monday at the highway checkpoint in San Onofre, which is just south of San Clemente in northern San Diego County. She was turned over to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

The Department of Homeland Security tells the Los Angeles Times that the $70,000 worth of methamphetamine was wrapped in cellophane and duct tape.

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Comments (12)
  1. No Que No says:

    If this was a Mexican, comments would have said to deport her. So now let’s deport all U.S. citizens…

    1. MizGiz says:

      Sounds good to me, revoke her citizenship!

      1. Joe says:

        yea why not ,

    2. rjsmitty says:

      No, “IF” she was “ILEGAL” then we would want to deport her regardless what here nationality is ..

      1. WaLLy says:

        What’s iLegal. It’s illegal
        Can’t spell?

    3. American VET says:

      Why are you getting all butt hurt Mexican ??? They said she was a U.S. citizen(probably of Mexican decent)so Chill No Que No,they’re just trying to show that you’re people are’nt the only ones bringing all that BS into my country!!!!!

  2. Jose says:

    No Que No were getting a little sensitve there sunshine. It state’s she is a U.S Citizen maybe she is of Mexican decent… regardless Miz Giz got it right remove, revoke her citizenship and let her live it up in Mexico.cause the tax payer still has to support the old Tweeker while she is Incarcerated.

    1. American VET says:

      I agree Jose you and Miz Giz got it absolutely right,for that matter let her spend a little time behind bars in Mexico. The jails and prisons there are much worse than anything we have here.

  3. No wonder the cacker on the other story was driving 100mph with his wife on the hood,he was trying to get to her before the cops did

    1. Guest says:

      Meth the white mans drug
      Methols the black mans cigarette

    2. American VET says:

      The race card did’nt need to be pulled there Sparky,i live in Long Beach and believe me i see enough black people around here getting their tweak on dude,not to mention all the crack smoking that goes on as well (one of the worst forms of tweak FYI)

  4. WaLLy says:

    Thought drugs were weighed in kilos?
    It’s menthols!!!

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