LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Authorities have identified a teenage girl whom police say was shot and killed by a man who led officers on a half-hour chase that ended about a block from the shooting.

Christina Salazar, 17, of Los Angeles, died at a hospital after the shooting Wednesday afternoon near Maple Avenue and Adams Boulevard, coroner’s Chief Craig Harvey said.

The suspect fled in a silver-colored Ford Expedition and led officers on a chase over surface streets that ended when he stopped about a half hour later. The suspect, whose name has not been released, surrendered on 27th Street just west of Maple Avenue.

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Comments (38)
  1. Jackie Winters says:

    This is a real Coward

  2. Nameless Person says:

    @Joe – I hate to say this but for someone who has nothing nice to say about anyone, you’re probably an “illegal” yourself who’s hiding behind a “cracker” name.

    This isn’t the first time you’ve shown ignorance. Either get the facts or keep quiet.

    1. LM says:

      Kudos Nameless. There are so many ignorant people on the web.

  3. Mike says:

    Hey nameless or spineless I should say. Joe is right! I am tired of these mexicants ruining our society. I would deport you If i knew who you were, right after you cut my lawn!

    1. So what!! says:

      Yea and after im done cutting your lawn ill be sleeping with your wife while you are at work!!!!!

      1. Maria says:

        Stop stereotyping, not all Mexicans behave in that manner! Your comment shows just how racist and uneducated you are. You need to go to therapy. I bet you are impulsive and abusive towards people. Get a life!

    2. Politco24 says:

      This guy is not illegal. And…. how are you so sure he’s Mexican? From what I gathered from the article is doesn’t state a particular ethnicity? Hhhmmm, I’m going to assume that you are a racist and/or an idiot.

      1. Maria says:

        I agree with you! I hope that this type of behavior and or expression shown by Mike really comes back to bite him in the ASS! I wish he would walk around south central LA so that he can get his ASS KICKED!

  4. Rob says:

    joe – you’re a freakin’ idiot!!

  5. Jacob says:

    Nameless shoud go buy a name in Hunington Park from his brother selling fake id’s and share it with his 10 family members living in a studio aprtment!

    1. Politco24 says:

      Wow, Jacob you sure do seem to know a lot… just saying….

      1. Maria says:

        Jacob, i know that what this individual did is very wrong but, you do not need to stereotype. Just because you see this in the media or news does not reflect the whole population of Latinos. You should go to school so you can learn this hun!!! Way to go Politco24, i got your back!

  6. Don says:

    Joe is the man. He speaks what we feel and is not afraid of these stupid liberals that support these illegals and their anchor babies! Way to go Joe!

    1. LM says:

      You racist need to stop not everyone in this country is here illegaly. I feel ashamed to call myself and American. I feel that this country instead of going forward is going backward, back to the time were whites thought they were superior.

      Get a brain and understand that violence happens everywhere, can you say white lady that killed her 1 year old? white guy that kidnapped 17 year old I can go on and on those are the people that are ruining this country.

    2. punisher says:

      Joe is in fact a p.o.s. coward who hides behind a screen and should be executed along with the suspect. The rest of you narrow minded morons should follow

      1. Maria says:

        LM i am happy to hear that there are some Americans that are educated and non biased to other race and culture different from the mainstreem American. It is true we are all immigrants. This society needs to change! I am tired of all this media that keeps helping our society what is right and wrong. How to behave, how to look, what is beautiful, what is not… I could go on all day.

  7. LM says:

    Their kind? can you say racist

    1. Kelly says:

      If their kind would stop freeloading and wasting my tax dollars along with filling up our jails or ruining our parks by playing soccer all weekend long and urinating in public and playing their stupid music all loud and speak in English I might be able to tolerate them, but until then, they are all 2nd class citizens and if they were born here they are anchor babies to me.

      1. Maria says:

        You are soooo immature, non educated, and racist. You need to go to school!. I understand that you are upset that your hard working money is being taken away but, you do not need to stereotype! There is a lot of factors that make people be who they are although they might not choose that life style. Anyways without minorities doing most labor jobs whites will have to do them. Something that i bet you wouldnt be up to it. You are so IGNORANT! I wish that you get what you deserve. Be glad that i dont know you.

    2. Leroy says:

      Kelly is right. Their kind is driving the African/American community out by taking jobs at $1 hr and leaving us with nothing. I don’t mind the legal ones, but the illegal ones have got to go!

    3. So what!! says:

      Get use to it we are taking over!!!!

  8. MegaCynic says:

    The perp’s “wife beater” shirt is all the statement needed.The courts will “process” this case at taxpayer expense and then the perp will go to a cushie jail with T.V and meals and a weight lifting gym better than he got at home. Once he gets used to the shower room it won’t be so bad.

  9. Leroy says:

    Let’s just deport them and save the tax money for the real americans who need it!

    1. punisher says:

      Let’s deport the crack smoking nig nogs. That don’t even like to work

      1. Maria says:

        I’ll give you that. There are some individuals that do not work but, it might (noticed that i said might) be because they are not educated or have money to go to school… Again, it is how society has shaped our thoughts and behavior ( i am not excluding culture). It is hard for minorities to find a job because of prejudice and discrimination. It needs to STOP! Our world would be a better place if we do. Why does one have to be superior than the other?

  10. Bill says:

    Now how do you people who supported illegals feel? Is this what you want? Another reason to secure our borders!

    1. Toni B. says:

      This guy is not an illegal you idiot. Every day I am newly astounded at the ignorance our “citizens” encapsulate. Well, this is what happens when we make higher education too expensive…

  11. Bill says:

    And you wonder why Mexico is a 3rd world country?

  12. Michael Caldwell says:

    To All Negative Posters: Are you serious? Really? Joe, your comment “dumb illegal aliens wastin out tax dollars! I bet the giril was illegal as well!” just takes the cake. So what if the victim may or may not have been illegal…she is the VICTIM of this a$$hole grown man who shot her. Whether it was a random or targeted act, a young girl is dead, and all you people can do is espouse your ignorance and hatred.

    And I don’t need to hide behind initials or cryptic nicknames to make my point, thank you very much.

  13. Prettywoman says:

    Well America is not that far way of the 3rd world Countries…The same “kind” of Politicians I see here, we see in a lot of those Countries. It’s just a matter of time!! Unfortunately the Country is economically sinking. So I wouldn’t boasting myself, thinking I am the best race on this world, because is not! Everybody are the same in God’s eyes!! Bad people are bad people regardless of race.

  14. swhitS says:

    The article states nothing about legal/illegal.
    I am sorry the girl got killed and the slime needs to be either put in jail/death penalty or booted back across the border if illegal.

  15. gary says:

    The girl who was killed actually shot another girl first< What goes around comes around.

    1. dont worry about it!!!!! says:

      gary your right the girl was a gang member…. christinia aka lil chucky is the girl that got killed…. she was so called “GETTHO GIRL” and she had problems with the suspects sister since middle school, lil chucky was trying to proove her self so she went and shot the suspects sister in the leg,so the suspect took the gun away from her and shot her in the back while she was running and she pass out a couple of block away from where everything went down… and the decessed girl was “HIGH” (on drugs)

    1. dont worry about it!!!! says:

      gary your right the girl was a gang member…. christinia aka lil chucky is the girl that got killed…. she was so called “GETTHO GIRL” and she had problems with the suspects sister since middle school, lil chucky was trying to proove her self so she went and shot the suspects sister in the leg,so the suspect took the gun away from her and shot her in the back while she was running and she pass out a couple of block away from where everything went down… and the decessed girl was “HIGH” (on drugs)

  16. Artie says:

    There is a 50/50 opinion from my side regarding Joe…..In one way Joe is right about the illegal aliens coming here and ruining America….On the other hand I disagree with him that these are the only folks causing trouble….The suspect/victim could be anyone(no matter what race they are)….But to be this idiotic and putting up a post like the one he did here is really disturbing…He should keep his comments or feelings to himself…And i agree with everyone else……Joe u are a coward and a moron.

  17. Kimberly says:

    First everyone is entitled to their own opinion (subjective) however make an objective statement as you have all the facts. Get it straight the fact and the history behind that day shooting was only matter of time. The girl who passed away was a gang member and the one who survive is not. What would you do if your little sister got shoot? You have made constant complaints and the department does nothing? What would you do? (sit at home, react, go crazy) Now, I’m going to state my Subjective opinion and like Gary stated “what goes around comes around”. Is not only illegal aliens who ruin this country it is also the people born here 2nd, 3 rd, etc. generations. Honestly I don’t care if you are a citizen or what generation you are you kill (exception only in self-defense), gang bang, etc. GET OUT OF THE US go to your native country I don’t care if it’s Europe, Middle East, South/Central America, Mexico, etc.

  18. gabby says:

    i hope joe would work out in the fields do the jobs that illegals do if they all leave sorry but this country would be lost …….why does this country give visa for illegals people to come work cause their people wont do it….

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