New Ban On Smoking Near Eateries Set To Take Effect

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Take a deep breath, L.A.: you will soon be able to eat your meal without swallowing nearby cigarette smoke.

Starting next week, city officials will start to enforce smoke-free outdoor dining with a campaign called “Fresh Air Dining LA”.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports the campaign is the latest step at banning tobacco smoke in public spaces.

City Councilman Tom LaBonge joined local officials at L.A. Live on Thursday to promote the campaign that goes into effect next Tuesday.

The new rules bar smoking within ten feet of any outdoor dining areas — not only restaurants but also food carts, courts and trucks.

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Dr. Jonathan Fielding says the new policy may even spur smokers to kick the habit altogether.

“Fresh Air Dining LA” signs are already beginning to pop up around the city.

While technically violators could be hit with $500 fines, officials say the measure is more about changing behavior, similar to smoking bans in the workplace, parks and beaches.

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  • Bob

    If the state of California would just stop selling Cigarettes we could have Fresh air dining everywhere (Sarcasm)!!!!

  • Lennydog

    Good!! I hate Cigarette smoke..

    • Shoe

      GOOD! Then stay in LaLa land, cuz we hate non smokers in the O.C.

  • Lex626

    When can we make wearing perfume in public illegal? I have rights too and I don’t want to be smelling perfume or cologne while I eat.

    I like this new fascism that seems to be sweeping California.

  • swhitS

    Gee, more rights taken away in this Natzi state. What is next – the bedroom police?


      NAZI STATE!!!

  • Chris

    More nonsense from our city council. There should be a ban on the hot air coming from those critters. The city is going broke and we need elected officials who are working on real problems instead of this. There are plenty of places specificially for non-smokers.

  • S MacBeckley

    I think we smokers should unite and file a class action suit against whom ever it is placing bans everywhere. We ARE being discriminated against for our choice to smoke and I am sick and tired of feeling like a lepper because of that choice!!.. We DO have rights as do the nonsmokers.. There are outdoor eateries for the main purpose of giving people who choose to smoke a place where they can go and enjoy themselves. NOW they want to take that away from us as well?? Why don’t we just resurrect Hitler from the grave and let him take control. Afterall we are becoming a communist state/country with big brother wanting to control our every move . . . . get over it, people are going to smoke like it or not and NO amount of bans is ever going to change that. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander, meaning IF the non-smokers want smoke free areas, then we as smokers are ENTITLED to smoking areas of our own . . .period


      YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!

  • Josh Butts

    Well that kinda stinks for the smokers. They now need to make sure they are not around eateries before they lit up. Even food trucks! I’m a non smoker so I am for this but I can definitely see how much of a pain this will be for them.

  • Marilyn

    My how we defend our addictions! When you smoke you involve everyone around you in your addiction. I quit smoking and don’t want to breath in your smoke. Get a backbone and quit this life threatening addiction and quit whinning about your “rights” as a smoker. You don’t have the right to stink up the world.

    • Shoe

      I have just as might right to smoke as you have not to, so get a clue and shut your pie hole ya hypocrite.

    • S MacBeckley

      I have the RIGHT to do as I choose just as YOU have the right to voice your opinion. And for the record, I have plenty of backbone sweetheart, I CHOOSE to smoke. Go back under your rock, STFU and don’t come out. . . .Seems as though it is OK for everyone else, (Jews, blacks, gays, hispanics, etc.) to “whine” that their rights are being violated for whatever not, but because I choose to smoke I no longer have any rights? Hmmm, ya, ignorance sure is bliss isnt it????

  • Ript

    Amazing, Bodies found all over the city, either burning in a trash can or stuffed in a Samsonite and this is what they do with their time, disgusting!!

  • MW

    As a person who got Cancer from second-hand smoke & no I wasn’t around it cause I wanted to be I had no choice everywhere I went somebody had to light up! It’s about time somebody spoke for those who have no say especially all the children being effected by it! You might have rights but so do I if I want to eat outside & enjoy the scenery I should be able to without having smoke blown in my face….

  • Shoe

    Hard to believe you had no choice, but a word of advice….Don’t come to the O.C. and expect that to happen. Smoking is still allowed on the patios of the restaurants I frequent, and well it should be! Have a lovely day.

  • survivivor

    knock knock….MAYBE IT’S TIME TO QUIT…don’t you get an idea of just how moronic it is to smoke when you see Charlie Sheen chain smoking through his interviews?

  • MW

    Wow! Some people….

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