MURRIETA (AP) — A mother charged with murder may have had a dozen beers before a crash that killed her 10-year-old daughter.

Search warrant records filed in Riverside County Superior Court show 41-year-old Karen Faye Honeycutt’s 8-year-old son told investigators that his mother had been drinking a beer and cursing while waiting outside a high school in Temecula to pick up another sibling in January.

Chloe Honeycutt was killed and 17-year-old Charles Williams Jr. was seriously hurt when the speeding Jeep Grand Cherokee spun out of control and struck a light pole.

Court records examined by the Riverside Press-Enterprise shows Honeycutt, whose blood-alcohol reading was nearly three times the legal limit to drive, may have consumed up to 12 beers, based on empty cans found in her Temecula home.

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    Oops, I just struck a Light Pole.

  2. johnny chingas says:

    Damn drinkin and drivin mexicans, oh wait…

  3. alan hart says:

    Beer cans aren’t time stamped when you drink them. Yesterdays empty beer cans look exactly like today’s empty beer cans. It’s quite a leap to say she may have had twelve beers because there were empty beer cans in her home. Another irresponsible journalistic headline grabber.

  4. hmp says:

    Alcoholism has nothing to do with love. You are ignorant to think she got in the car that day to hurt and kill her children you are ignorant to think if she loved her children she woulnt have driven drunk…. get educated all of you with your silly un-educated judgements you are the problem. It’s people like you who live in the problem instead of the solution who are the haters. too seriously believe that she is a bad woman. She is a very sick woman who needs help. God help any and all of you if you have a drug addict or alcoholic in your family or life. She will live with this the rest of her life jail or not she will never be the same and its not because she didnt love her daughter. She needs prayers not your hate. Pray for some compassion and understanding. Thank god you are not the people I have to turn to with any problems.

    1. Joe says:

      Yea u right .
      Pray for her and her family.

  5. I need Holy water for this nutcase says:

    Damn she look like the Exorcist. Beat the Devilish look out of her.

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