Masked Gunmen Make Off With $3M In Jewels And Merchandise

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Like something out of a Hollywood movie, two masked gunmen tunneled their way into a downtown jewelry store and made off with about $3 million in jewels and merchandise.

The burglars “broke into a building in the 600 block of South Broadway and tunneled their way into a jewelry store,” according to police. “Once inside, the suspects went through the store, methodically emptying the display cases of high-quality jewelry.”

Video images of the burglars showed they wore masks, gloves and carried backpacks. “Anyone who recognizes the suspects or their voices is asked to contact investigators,” police said. The burglary took place between 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. Feb. 19.

“It appears the suspects may have had knowledge of the building and were able to successfully tunnel in to the specific jewelry store,” according to Los Angeles police.

Anyone with information was asked to contact Central Area Burglary Detective Michael Mazzacano at (213) 972-1231, During non-business hours, the contact number is (877) LAPD-24-7. Anonymous calls may be made to Crimestoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.

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  • Brad Norwood

    Lots of DNA in that job.

    The burglars were sweating, smoking, spitting, rubbing against everything, probably even peeing in the dirt..

    Forensics team should find lots of it

  • Brad Norwood

    Did they break in, or break out?

    An inside job is not an unreasonable idea.

  • Ro Diaz

    Millions of Angelenos are smiling at the moment . . .

    • Refried Beans

      …because they entered the country illegally, so they cheer criminality. Right Diaz?

    • Not newsworthy

      Very true

    • Andy Woo

      well im smiling cuz the store owners were dumb enough to put 3 million dolalrs worth of anything in one place. seriously…?
      get 1 of each thing and put the rest in a safe deposit box or something. OR ATLEAST GET A SAFE THAT’S BURGALAR PROOF

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