WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBS/AP) — Christina Aguilera has been released from jail after being arrested Tuesday morning for misdemeanor drunk in public.

PR expert to the stars, Michael Levine, weighs in on KNX 1070

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials say the 30-year-old singer was a passenger in a car driven by her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, 25, when it was pulled over for erratic driving around 2:45 a.m. on Clark Street.

christina aguilera national anthem super bowl 108869103 Christina Aguilera Arrested For Public Drunkeness

Singer Christina Aguilera performs during the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLV Pregame Show at Dallas Cowboys Stadium on February 6, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. (credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Rutler was arrested and booked on suspicion of driving under the influence. He is being held on a $5,000 bail. He has since been released.

matthew rutler mugshot Christina Aguilera Arrested For Public Drunkeness

(credit: Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept.)

Law enforcement officials say Aguilera was arrested on suspicion of being drunk in public so that she could be held at the West Hollywood sheriff’s station.

“She was cooperative. She was not belligerent in any way whatsoever,” sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

“She was booked, she was fingerprinted and she was put in a cell,” he said. “And then she’s monitored, and as she gets better, she begins to fend for herself, her head clears up and when she passes the sobriety test within the jail facility … that’s why we take them into custody, to protect them as well as others.”

Whitmore said that as Aguilera got better she stated that she wanted to leave.

“When she was able to navigate and think on her own … she was released,” he said.

Officials say Aguilera was released around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Authorities say they don’t plan to seek criminal charges for Aguilera.

Comments (26)
  1. Lou says:

    Explains why her singing is horrible.

    1. Straight Outta Compton!! says:

      She just had one to many, it’s probably nothing.

  2. Ray says:

    LAPD doesn’t have a West Hollywood station, they have a West Los Angeles station. Was it Los Angeles County Sheriffs who made the arrest? Then it would be the West Hollywood station.

  3. elaine sekerman says:

    It;s the West Hollywood Sheriff Station. It’s on San Viicente. Gee I hate to think of how many times I road in a car in that neighorhood while I was intoxicated leaving one of those West Hollywood nightclubs. I probably road alongside of a driver who, lets say, had one too many. Ouch. Lucky for me I wasn’t a big celebrity and had my name splashed all over the internet.

    1. Straight Outta Compton!! says:

      Hopefully you have learnt to take the safer option when going out.
      By taking a taxi!!

    2. Martyn says:

      ELaine rode not road… sorry couldn”t resist. 🙂

      The Star Spangled Banner is one of the hardest songs to sing because of the key changes. It was originally a London Musician’s club drinking song about picking up women at the pub. If you could finish the song without going out of key you were good for another pint!. Francis Scott Key overheard it during the war of 1812 if I remember and changed the lyrics.

    3. lenny says:

      KCAL9 has, once again, demonstrated how desperate they are to get our attention. The title of this worthless story says (in bold letters) “Christina Aguilera Arrested For Public Drunkeness”. The news anchor said she was detained and specifically says she was not arrested. If I was Aguilera’s attorney, I would smell a hearty lawsuit against KCAL9.

  4. Kim says:

    Ray, they say its the sheriffs…didn’t you read?

    1. Ray says:

      @Kim, yes I did read the article. This morning at 7:00am when I read this article it read LAPD West Hollywood station. It was corrected immediately after I posted my comment. This was one of two mistakes that CBS made in today’s edition. The other was in the article announcing the death of Greg “Goosseen” (they misspelled his name in the title, however they had it correct in the body of the article. It too was corrected immediately after I posted the comment concerning that mistake.
      I emailed CBS suggesting that the overnight writers drink more caffeine. I’m waiting for their response

  5. Ugh! says:

    Sounds like Britney Spears Part 2! Aguilera divorces her husband, essentially shattering her family, and is traveling the same route that Spears did – right into the toilet!

  6. sad! says:

    How sad to think that she would allow herself to be embroiled in such controversy. She has always been classy and led a private life. I think she ought to rethink the people she is surrounding herself with of late and make the necessary changes now that is still early.

    I think that her ex-husband probably beat her and in order to avoid the scandal, she lied to the press and quietly divorced him. its just my opinion, but the facts of what happened pointed to that.

    I also think that Perez Hilton has done a lot of damage to CAs self esteem by calling her out on her likeness to GAGA and putting CA down in the press. Shame on you Perez Hilton! I have come to realize that Perez Hilton is TMZs hype man, because every thing that they comment on, he repeats almost verbatim. Loser.

    Oh and for those of you who will criticize me for my opinion– ITS JUST THAT MY OPINION!

    1. Lenny says:

      @ sad
      I’m not going to criticize but I think your over doing it a bit. She went out and had one to many! Millions have done it including celebs so I really don’t see it as that big of a deal but that’s just my opinion.

      1. TT says:

        well we may dissagree about pancakes – but in this case i think you are right on- she went out to relax and …oops ..before you know it one too many…
        “pobody’s nerfect ” you know …..

  7. c-man says:

    This makes the news? Who cares.

  8. joseph says:

    KCAL9 has, once again, demonstrated how desperate they are to get our attention. The title of this worthless story says (in bold letters) “Christina Aguilera Arrested For Public Drunkeness”. The news anchor said she was detained and specifically says she was not arrested. If I was Aguilera’s attorney, I would smell a hearty lawsuit against KCAL9.

  9. sfv41901 says:

    Who cares people…….so she had 1 too many…..we’ve all been there.

  10. KeithS says:

    Agree with c-man, who cares? However, once again, the break up of her marriage shows how pro-feminist the media is these days. Let’s get beyond the teacher-student sex stories where when a man has sex with a female student he is a sick, pervert whereas when a woman does the same thing she is simply “misguided or confused,” when Aguilera freely admitted she was the first to be unfaithful in her marriage, all the coverage was “boo-hoo” Christina’s marriage was troubled. What do you think the stories would have been like if HE was the unfaithful one? Already the press release is reminding us HE was the drunk one and she was just an innocent drunk person. Here we go again…..

  11. Tom says:

    Since when is it illegal to be a drunk passenger in a car? If that was the case, all of these “Designated Driver” vans are against the law.

  12. icecream says:

    They need to leave Christina alone. Let’s not get into the celebrity bashing frenzy. HOWEVER, I must say that I do think she should’ve called for a responsible ride.

  13. geeM says:

    Pretty lady w/ too much to drink. I still am not too happy about the National Anthem rendition.

  14. Cindy says:

    My friend, Steve, made this video about his DUI arrest. Don’t think he’ll be doing that again. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwvcqDiYYu0

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