LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Charlie Sheen has spent the past few days on a media blitz. Now, it’s CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves’ turn to talk.

Sheen has been “on the air quite a bit these days,” Moonves said. “I wish he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an Emmy.”

Moonves made the comments at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

He also said that the show halting production for the season wouldn’t cause any short-term financial pain for the network.

“Repeats obviously get somewhat less revenue than the originals,” he said. “It is a show that repeats very well. Doing eight [fewer] originals saves us quite a bit of money.”

Moonves added that “I’m not saying long-term I want this to go on, but the repeat Monday night was the fourth-highest rated show of the night.”

He added that he didn’t know whether “Two and a Half Men” would be back in the near future.

“Going down the road…I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Moonves said. “I hope it’s back. We’ll see.”

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  1. rick says:

    if a repeat of the show was a big sale then obviously that says the gen public likes the show and sheen and does not give a rats tail about his personal affairs or more to the point his personal affairs cause people to want to see the show since it seems the part he plays is quite like his real self so PUT THE SHOW BACK IN PRODUCTION AND QUITE BEING A MORON you have a contract with wheen and im fairly sure you knew going in that he was a party animal so just quit messin with the dude over stuff that is non of your biz and frankly helps your show

    1. Gordo says:

      You are talking about a stupid T.V. show. It’s canceled, another stupid show will take its place and everyone will forget about Sheen and 2 1/2 men. Whose life will be ruined if the show is gone? The crew will even get another job.

  2. Jesse Handy says:

    Dump the show and charlie sheen. The show has over run its course.

    1. rick says:

      obviously not if the reruns are bringing in high numbers still it may be a dumb show ive only seen it a couple times but from a business stand point messing with the one star that makes it a hit is a moronic move put the show back in production and quit messin with sheen his wild life style on the show and off is what has made it a hit so quit messin with a recipe that clearly works

    2. Robby Logan says:

      All of 2HM’s ratings (#1 in all applicable categories) would seem to indicate that you are 100% wrong. Networks do not kill cash cows.

  3. Robby Logan says:

    OK Les here’s the solution:
    2HM goes forward with Charlie Harper going out on a “Charlie Waffles” tour – indefinitely. Bring in John Stamos as “Uncle Jesse”, an uptight Christian Sarah-Palin-loving nitwit. Maybe even Martin Sheen as Grandpa Sid.
    The show must go on.

  4. Randy Shoemaker says:

    Married with Children with re-run long after 2HM is dead.. Go Bundy!

    1. ODalready says:

      Damn straight Randy! Nearly 25 years on and it’s still better than most of the trash on TV these days, including TAAHM. Quite frankly, the show (Men) could have been easily done with someone other than Charlie, and it would have been far better. One actor, with an ego bigger than his suitcase of coke, doth not make a comedy – Charlie would get nowhere without the other actors.

  5. Warlord says:

    Rick is Charlie Sheen!

  6. bush says:

    i dont care about his life but there is no one person worth that kind of money for one episode. We have a president that runs country that dont make that much money. Whats this country coming too.

  7. rick says:

    bush i agree no one is worth that just like no sports person is worth what they get but we still cant cancel the show because he acts in a way we dont like hes free to be a drunk ass if he wants but to cancel the show would be dumb seein as its still a successful show
    and WARLORD i so wish i was sheen if i was id be one rich man and be on a successful sho for the last what 8 years lol

  8. Nick says:

    Duhhh I thot it wa s the funnniest show uv all time what a grate show and how funneee iw Charlie sheen makes me laff too hard so I burb abd fart a lot. Pleeeeze CBs briiing back 2 holf and a man show so I can laff some more. GRATE SHOW SO FUNNNNE.

  9. Lola says:

    The show is not funny anymore. Charlie is has become a pitiful charachter that is not enjoyable to watch. He is offensive to women, tired and old looking. Hugh Heffner move over Charlie”s taking over. The stupid kid isn’t cute anymore. This show has run it’s course. Don’t be lazy CBS write something new and dump this tired saga.

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