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It’s no secret NCIS is my favorite show on TV.  It’s now becoming clear it’s ruining my life. The reason is not one shared by many normal people. Because I wander in to work when the clock still says 3-something a.m. , I go to bed pretty early; so early, that NCIS‘s  8 p.m. start time should be too late for me to stay up. But I don’t want to wait to watch new episodes, recorded, the next day, so stay up, I do. The results can be obvious, the next mornings, on CBS2 News, 4:30-7 a.m.

Sunday night at an Oscar party (Cue the big-shot music. -Ed.) ,  at the Beverly Hills Hotel (It’s getting deep in here! -Ed.), I was standing on the red carpet (Oh, for the love of  God, somebody stop him. -Ed.), when a familiar face shocked me, by saying hello. It was Rocky Carroll! He plays NCIS Director Vance. Here’s the cool part…. besides the fact that he had the vaguest idea who I am: he took the time to come on by, say hello, and act like the kind of guy you’d be proud to call your friend.

cast thumb120 rocky carroll 240x300 Why The Show NCIS Is Ruining My Life

Now, when you watch the show, you understand some of my surprise. Carroll was laughing and smiling and being a regular dude. He has a sense of humor.  This is not the same person as Director Vance. I guess that’s why he’s a professional actor. We talked shop (his and mine) a bit, and then I felt bad about taking more of his time. But it was a highlight of the night.

For those keeping score of my interactions with the cast: cast thumb120 mark harmon 2 Why The Show NCIS Is Ruining My Life cast thumb120 david mccallum 240x300 Why The Show NCIS Is Ruining My Life  Mark Harmon is the most welcoming guy in the world, when I’ve visited him on set.  I grew up idolizing David McCallum (as the Man From UNCLE); when I met him, he was as soft-spoken and thoughtful as you’d expect. The stunning  Cote de Pablo very graciously signed an autographed picture for my sister-in-law. And I have a crush on Pauley Perrette (Ummm; not really an ‘interaction’ -Ed.). And though I haven’t met them,  if Michael Weatherly (with his million-$ wardrobe) and Sean Murray are as cool as they seem — or are half as cool as my new BFF, Rocky Carroll– stick a fork in me, I’m done.

So that’s the other reason the show is ruining my life: now I have no idea who to focus on, when they’re all in scenes  together.  (NCIS, Tuesdays, 8 p.m.) (Photo source: CBS)

  1. Former AFOSI says:

    I’ve followed the show from the beginning, when it spun-off from “JAG.” I’ve read that NCIS enjoys high ratings across the age spectrum, which I believe is a sign of the quality of the show’s writing and cast. It will be a sad, sad day indeed when this outstanding series airs it’s final episode. I sure hope the network does not tire of the show and begin the ritual of preemption and schedule shuffling that is a sign that the light at the end of the tunnel is, in fact, a headlight.

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