‘Two And A Half Men’ Crew To Get Paid For 4 Hiatus Episodes

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The crew of “Two and a Half Men” will be paid for four episodes, and Charlie Sheen says “it’s a start” in his ongoing battle with the show’s producers.

Warner Bros. Television and CBS have canceled the remaining eight episodes of this season, citing Sheen’s erratic behavior last week. The actor followed up Monday with a series of television interviews in which he threatened legal action and extolled his hard-partying ways.

Warner Bros. spokesman Paul McGuire confirmed the crew payments, but declined comment on Sheen’s claim he’s pursuing further reimbursements.

Sheen tells The Associated Press he’s not satisfied with the crew payments, saying they should be paid for eight episodes. He says he’s not concerned about his own paycheck.

Asked about reimbursements for fellow actors Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones, Sheen says, “They’re next.”

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  • Manny

    Mr Charlie Sheen, super hero, fighting for the rights of the small guys

  • Kurt Wolff

    right on Charlie Keep up the Great Work I understood everything you said

  • tastelikechiken

    new name for the show might do well…”1 and a 1/2 men and a sniveling cheese brained fool”……….just might work lool.

  • Anon

    If he’s so worried about their paychecks he should pay them out of his $2.2mil per episode

    • AJ Morgan

      He got another 400k per episode?

      He should pay their (crew) salries, he’s the reason their loosing their paychecks.

    • marianne

      I agree with you. Also, where does he get off demanding a $16 million pay raise for himself when all he’ll do is use it to party or buy fancy pimped cars with. The audacity of some people. There are thousands of unemployed people in this state who would love to earn a fraction of what he thinks he’s worth just to get by and keep the roof over their heads and pay their expenses. SHEESH!!!

  • pia

    he only makes 1.8 mil. per episode. i think its great that he’s looking out for the
    crew. lets all leave him alone. he’ll come around and get himself straight. rather than bash him, we should hope that he gets help. he is a human being and we should pray for his recovery. he has beautiful children and they need their daddy. he will come to his senses.

  • Chantal

    Has this guy lost it?HE SHOULD BE GRATEFUL HE HAD A JOB

  • BILL

    What an IDIOT….. I would like to see him hook up with lindsay lohan.. Now thats a couple… a couple of IDIOTS>>>>….

  • tastelikechiken

    ahhhh “PIA”…….are you the real “chucky the cheese brained fool”? if so will you please stand up! roflmbao

  • Mike Smith

    You may have to watch their commercial considerations but I don’t.

  • name-withheld

    He looks so old. Yes, we should all bow down to the great charlie sheen…

  • Diane

    Enough Charlie Sheen! Who cares??!!

  • rodolfo

    Horrible reality he will wake up to. His kids willl suffer the most. I agree, he should pay the crew for any lost wages, apologize to the studios, and check into rehab for 1 year. Don’t lose everything Charlie, and mainly do NOT lose yourself man. Get help, take care of those kids and if anything, do it for your kids.Don’t throw your money on lawyers, give it to your kids! I love your show and this is very sad. God bless, We still love you.

    • TT

      I do love the show and I hope you do get help… And the kids are your priority – God Bless n I hope you get better …

  • Edgar

    Look at his eyes and listen to how he talks. The guy has maybe 5 more years til the liver gives up or wet brain leaves him like an alzheimer victim.

  • GinRNBSN50

    The crew and actors are under contract. They will get paid. They should recast or go on without him. I’m sure the story line could handle it.

  • Sally

    Have CBS sue Charlie for all their lost advertising revenue

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