Wild Chase Ends With Suspect Being Tased, Tackled

SAN DIMAS (CBS) — A three-hour chase ended Monday evening with the suspect, reportedly wearing a bath robe, being tased.

The high-speed chase  began on the southbound 5 Freeway in Valencia. It wended around just about every freeway before the pursuit finally came to an end in San Dimas.

The California Highway Patrol says the chase began just before 2 p.m. Monday when they attempted to stop a speeding car.

Initially, they reported the subject was a woman, driving a green Mercury.

Later the subject was revealed to be male.

At one point, he even stopped to refuel.

He refused to pull over and the chase began. The chase has taken the CHP on the 5, 170, 134, 210 and 605 freeways.

KCAL 9’s Derek Bell reported that the driver is topping speeds of 90 mph.

At another juncture, law enforcement backed off the chase saying they “knew” who the suspect was.

The man, taking several hits on a pipe, got out of the car and walked away.

KCAL9’s Greg Mills, reporting live from the scene, was able to stop and ask the suspect several questions before police confronted the driver.

Moments  later, police asked the suspect to stop. He refused to stop and was tased and then tackled. The suspect shook off one deputy during the take down. The suspect was then handcuffed and taken into custody.

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  • johnny taco

    he took a hit off of a pipe when he pulled into the hotel parking lot. How did you guys miss that????

    • msminnn

      haha i thought it was a cigarette you are prob right Johnny

      • dmunny

        @johnny taco OMG I noticed that too! how could they have missed that!!!

  • Anonymous

    Um, the article identifies the suspect as a “she.” How did you miss THAT?

  • dee

    um Anonymous if you had been following the chase you would know that they had conflicting reports re: the gender of the driver How did you miss that?

  • kreese

    i totally saw that too… hit the pipe at hotel parking lot and got back on the road…

  • raul

    i just hear at there is a accident on the 10 fwy by millkens where car should be .could it be that

  • One of the Good Guys

    Can KCAL followup on if the CHP finually caught up to this person and why the pursue was called off? I’m just curious now. It doesn’t send a good message for all the law abiding citizens out there that depend on our officiers from this stuff (I know–it’s been heard before…). If it was called off because of all the liability-court-lawsuit-lawyer dominated “criminal wins” scenario’s—than I need say no more—-drivers may just feel like they’ll need to start taking things into their own hands again with alittle Texas justice.
    Just my little thoughts.

    • Richard

      It’s back on KCAL @4:06 he’s still going.

    • Billy Charlson

      to the good guy i think you have had 1 to many, i dont understand what you talking about

  • One of the Good Guys

    Thanks for the update Richard…hope they follow this one and don’t drop it. Can’t find anything yet.

  • wondering

    maybe this pursuit suspect is related to the mayor or some higher up official since they just let him or her get away ….

  • Julie

    Should be running out of gas soon?

  • One of the Good Guys

    Just a thought running in my mind too—the more we start questioning things that don’t seem right the more we can help set things right (not that I’m assuming that’s the case here but it would be nice to verify while we’re at it).
    Time for the good folks to start voicing themselves more.

  • John

    Is the chase still going on? And what channel is it?

    • Julie

      Last update they gave about 10 minutes ago he was in San Bernardino, still on the 10 freeway and only ch. I believe that had it is 9.

  • Joe

    He/She is on surface streets. Seen a few local police pursuing. No CHP.

  • Joe

    Cranked the volume and I think the Fox pilot said he has to refuel in 30 minutes but the San Bernardino airport is close by.

  • http://www.pragmaticsanction.com smylex

    There are any number of reasons that ground units may be pulled off a chase. Liability is one reason, the safety of the general public is another. Most likely what may have happened was that the helicopter was in position and following from the air, thus alleviating putting the public at risk of this dummy crashing into some poor soul who just happened to be driving home from work or something.
    Also, relations to a government official have nothing to do with members of our department backing off of a chase, unless you count the Governor’s reduction of the CHP’s budget by $60 million this year.

  • travis

    lol he is getting gas

    • joe

      Are you watching on myfoxla?

      • travis


    • travis

      he could not find any cash, had to take off again

  • One of the Good Guys

    Thus my point…. lawsuits, safety (doesn’t count …you never know if the driver will still create a bigger accident later—it undermines public trust in laws being enforced at that).
    Gonna check out FoxLA…

  • joe

    They just stopped to get gas!!

  • joe

    Dumb mexicants! God I hate illegals!

    • Joe

      Don’t make us Joe’s look bad.

  • joe2

    Why don’t they drive to or near the airport where the chopper can’t follow em

  • One of the Good Guys

    Noting I have no doubt the CHP officiers want nothing more than to catch the guy! That alone has to be frustrating for them as well as the general public!

  • JC

    Fox just lost ’em!

  • One of the Good Guys

    Thank you KCAL…live again.

  • DarealJOE

    for all u fakers this is the real Joe. I say beat em like rodney king got beat. Not only did he deserve it I enjoyed watching the beating of than animal!

  • The original non-racist Joe

    Myfoxla lost them!!

  • KKK

    Can’t we all just get along? NO!!!!!!

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