3 Charged In Burbank Paintball Attack

BURBANK (AP) — Three 18-year-old high school students have pleaded not guilty to felony charges stemming from a series of paintball attacks on people in Burbank.

The students from Bellarmine-Jefferson High School entered their pleas on Friday and were released after posting bail.

Eric M. Lopez of Tujunga is charged with 12 counts of assault with deadly weapon. Julian A. Stephens of Studio City is charged with two counts and Kevin Yuenyongsakul of Los Angeles faces five counts.

Burbank police say the three were among a group of teens arrested Feb. 2 after at least 13 separate paintball attacks over two days.

Police say a girl on a bike and several elderly pedestrians were among those hit by paintballs shot from moving cars. No injuries were reported.

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  • Jim Gates

    stupid kids

  • General George Patton

    Nice. The melting pot equivalent of the Three Stooges. Grind them up.

  • GetReal

    Deadly weapon? Felony counts?

    How many people have died from paintball hits? How many people were injured in the attacks?

    High school prank. Get over it.

    • Not newsworthy

      I think they should be punished BUT NOT 10 counts of assault with a deadly weapn stupI’d bpd

    • Ed Rooney

      Fine. Let them come vandalize your house or car then see if you feel the same.
      String the little twerps up.

    • The Grinder

      Glad to know YOU would NOT be bothered if they shot YOU in the EYE with a paintball. Got a mother, father, sisters? Remember, if these hammerheads shot THEM and caused them to lose an eye, it’s just a high school prank.

  • roy rogers

    The trade off should be 3 years of the military with an honorable discharge if they want to go around and shoot people. Becuase there are a couple of wars going on that can use a few good idiots, or men. But then again, there will be people shooting back and can they handle that!
    Give them the choice!

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