Man Says He Accidentally Shot Wife Instead Of Pit Bull

ARROWHEAD (CBS) — San Bernardino County authorities are investigating a shooting as a possible accident in the death of a woman.

The Sheriff’s Department received a call around 1:15 p.m. Friday after a man said he was trying to shoot a Pit Bull, but accidentally shot his wife.

When authorities arrived at 583 Sunset View Road, the woman was not breathing.

Homicide detectives are investigating.

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  • Dana Redmayne

    The question here is where is the pittbull?

    • Fidel Chavez

      I sure hope that his wife does not look like no pit bull in any picture, but this story stinks, got to have some motive; maybe could have used the one, she got into the line of fire? NO?? Mistaken Identity? some lop ? sorry but may she RIP, such love mans best friend??

  • Daryl

    It is a common mistake, LOL

  • Pete Wilsonssdfasdf

    Must be one hell of an ugly wife to mix them up.

  • Alan Hart

    I wonder what she looked like if he mistook her for a pit bull? Reminds me of a guy who said he got a dog for his wife. His friend replied, good trade!

    • JANU

      Trade for the Gun!

  • anne

    The man should be shot. What kind of devil it is to shoot a dog.

    • Mike in Portland

      Cool! No alimony.

  • di

    she was the “pit bull”- the dog was his wife

  • Josh Butts

    Maybe the dog was attacking the woman. Maybe the dog was a stray.

  • TC

    if the pit bull was wearing lipstick…then it’s understandable

  • JANU

    The “dog” instead of the wife? Darwin awards take notice…

  • JANU

    You a Nasty Boy!

  • Ed Rooney

    This joke wrote itself in the headline.

    All you nimrods attempting to be funny are sadly off course.

  • Mike in Portland

    This story totally sucks but, some of the comments are cracking me up!! Ugly wife? Caught the wife cheating with the dog? Pitbull in lipstick? Toooo freaken funny!!

    • Ed Rooney

      You need to get out more.

      I bet you think “2 1/2 Men” is funny too huh? Loser.

  • Richard

    Man I got home from work I was so tired I Kissed the Dog and Shot the Wife!!!

  • paul

    The wife was a Bi+ch Too!!!!

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