LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Dodger fans have spoken.

Nearly 50,000 votes were cast in favor of a 1940s satin uniform as the winning throwback jersey for six mid-week day games in 2011.

dodgers throwback jerseys Dodger Fans Select Their Favorite Throwback Jersey Style

Andre Ethier, Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp model the winning throwback jersey. (credit: Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers)

The original uniform worn in the 1940s was made of a highly reflective satin fabric to make it more visible under the lights for night games. The Dodgers say the throwback jersey, which is a light blue color with “Brooklyn” across the chest, will have a similar feel.

The throwback jerseys will be available for purchase by fans at Dodger Stadium on the first day they are worn, April 21, when the Dodgers play the Atlanta Braves. The Dodgers will also wear the throwback uniforms at these games:

  • May 4, vs. Chicago Cubs
  • June 15, vs. Cincinatti Reds
  • June 22, vs. Detroit Tigers
  • Aug. 10, vs. Philadelphia Phillies
  • Aug. 31 vs. San Diego Padres

In honor of the throwback uniforms, those games will also feature half-price food and drink, including alcoholic beverages, for the first time at Dodger Stadium. A special half-price six-game ticket plan is available for fans who want to attend each of the games.

For more information about the throwback jerseys or the games where they’ll be worn, visit dodgers.com/throwback.

Comments (8)
  1. PeaceYo says:

    The only thing more annoying than this group of mediocre players are their dopey fans.

    1. TT says:

      didnt your mother ever teach you if you couldnt say something nice -dont say anything at all ….

    2. punisher says:

      Peace. Go F your mother!

      1. PeaceYo says:

        Thanks for proving my point, lame brain.

    3. joelle esther benyayer says:

      love the dodge big solid well design some of my friends in america got one joelle esther benyayer

    1. punisher says:

      PER. Stay in Orange county. Dodgers are the only real so cal team.

      1. WaLLy says:

        Dang fUGLY

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