LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The daughter of Scott Adam, killed Tuesday by pirates off the coast of Somalia, issued a statement on behalf of her family.

“Our loved ones were tragically taken from us and our hearts are broken. While we wish to grieve in private, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the brave men and women of the Navy and other military branches who risked their lives trying to save them.

We would also like to thank the FBI and State Department for their swift and kind treatment of this matter.

Our hearts also go out to the families of Bob Riggle and Phyllis Macay. We cannot thank you all enough.

In our time of loss, we ask the media to please respect our right to privacy and not contact us at this time. We do not anticipate issuing any further statements in this matter, at this time. God bless each and every one of you.

The Sem family
Escondido, California

Comments (3)
  1. Patrick says:

    Unfortunately not all men share the belief that life is precious and sacred. Of course people like this have lost all sense of decency and civility. They are savages and live by their own code of kill or be killed. We cannot make sense of this madness and insanity. They deserve the ultimate punishment as an example to others of their kind that we will not tolerate or condone their murderous behavior. The U.S. and other countries must draw a line in the sand and aggressively pursue and prosecute these criminals of the high seas. Enough is enough!

  2. nek siwel says:

    When is the USA going to do something about these cannibals. Here’s a wonderful couple out there doing God’s work in spreading the word of our savior Jesus Christ and trying to civilize these animals and they get killed. And all we hear from our Government officials is what a tragic event this was. We can tear apart all kinds of country’s all over the world yet we can’t put a stop to this small group of pirates? And all we get is send more aid to Africa to help these savages. I’m Catholic and firmly believe in helping people in need but I will never ever donate another penny in church or other wise to help these people in Africa till their own country does something about the way their people treat those that are there trying to educate and help them.

  3. HollywoodSaint says:

    if it was captain jack sparrow it would have terned out differently

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