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(This would be a million times better with the visual, but I can’t show you the billboard, because it’s a copyrighted photo. And so I also will not direct you to a link.)

A Mexican restaurant chain, Hacienda, has been using the Jonestown massacre of 1978 as a punchline for its food, or drinks, or something. It’s not entirely clear. The billboard shows a salt-rimmed cocktail glass with red liquid, and the words “We’re like a cult, with better kool-aid.” And also “To die for!”

For those who weren’t around; in the 1970s, a cult leader named Jim Jones moved his Bay Area cult to Guyana, in South America. When Congressman Leo Ryan took a news crew to investigate (relatives here at home had worried their kin were being held against their will), members of Jones’ “People’s Temple” shot and killed Rep. Ryan, and four others. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jones saw the writing on the wall, and lined up everybody, and had them drink from vats of cyanide and Valium, in a mixture of a powdered drink called Flavor Aid. (It was never Kool-Aid, but the error stuck). End result, 912 died. Nearly 300 were kids. (Above. Photo source: AP)

Who was the marketing genius behind Hacienda’s campaign? If you want, forget the tasteless factor, and concentrate on this:  Not many people would make the connection and I have to guess that few among those who do, would find it an inviting reason to go to a restaurant/bar. Ah well, doesn’t matter: the billboard campaign is coming down.

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  1. truth is the truth & is protected says:

    Walter Wayne pietella, Jim Jone’s 1st. Lt., body guard, and goto guy for beating, raping, electric shocking, giving drugs to, overseeing the subliminal programming of, children, hurt and vulnerable People, etc., to cause emotional trauma, fragmented personalities, sex slaves for themselves and politicians, sleeper assassins for the cia etc. see senator Leo Ryan’s investigations. Why is ‘Wayne’ free and still using the techniques and subliminal programming technology from the cia even today? Is he still doing it for them, or just allowed to continue freely harming Women for his own ego and enjoyment due to services rendered. He lives at 667 O’Farrell st. San Francisco, between Hyde & Leavenworth, top floor on the left if facing the building. His cell # 415-990-4709. Why is this, violent criminal and mass murderer still freely engaging in the same type of behavior, and transporting illegal ‘secret’ technology between s.f. and his mother’s near willits? Why is he not in prison, harming no one else?

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