LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Funeral services will be held Friday at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels for Los Angeles city firefighter Glenn Allen, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird Talks With Union President Pat McKosker

Allen, 61, died Friday after he was gravely injured battling a house fire in the Hollywood Hills.

He became a grandfather for the first time Saturday night, when his daughter gave birth to a son, his family told CBS2.

Allen was among six firefighters injured when the ceiling of a Hollywood mansion in the 1500 block of North Viewsite Drive collapsed on them shortly after midnight Thursday, according to the city fire department.

He died at 12:15 p.m. Friday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The other injured firefighters — two of them county firefighters — are recovering.

The fire, which may have been caused by a problem with a natural gas-fired fireplace, was reported about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The owners of the house, who had been living there for only about a week, escaped the blaze unharmed. Firefighters estimated the damage at $250,000.

Allen had been with the fire department for at least 36 years and was nearing retirement.

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Comments (34)
  1. mike says:

    How many firefighters and LAPD will be getting paid while attending this funeral? How much will this cost the city’s taxpayers?

    1. Denise says:


      Go to hell. This man has given his life to save the lives of others. How dare you worry about the cost?! For your information, it’s not going to cost you damn thing. Those who attend are not paid. Their pay begins when they return to work. If you had any intelligence.. I pray his family finds the peace they need to heal from their loss.

    2. Ron says:

      This is what is wrong with our country. This guy has way to much time on his hands to be able to write such a hateful comment. Thank a firefighter or law enforcement officer for the thankless job they do.

    3. Edward says:

      Mike, you are a jerk.

    4. MightyM says:

      From your comment I can only assume that you are a bad person.

      Hope you plan on putting your own fires from here on out.

    5. Curwick Brian says:

      you are a heart-less person. Having worn a badge for several years, I know this man is a hero and you are not. I hate government waste, even the waste I saw when i worked for this dept… but a culture who does not honor its heroes, has no culture. I remember the day a 911 call brought my brothers who were part of a team of medical personnel who saved my life. So I know this issue from all side. Shut up mike (small case intentional) and let us grieve.

    6. marcl says:

      wow is that where the focus is,,,, did glen ask how much he was getting paid when he paid the ultimate sacrifice and for your info many of the people working the service will be volunteering there time

    7. michelle says:

      Wow, I am appoled at the ignorance that you have showed. First of all firefighters and police officers that showed their respect today did it out of the gracious of their heart. They were not paid nor did they even question what they were getting out of it. They were there to show respect and support to the fallen fire fighter and to his family. Its not about money its about a life, Glenn Allen lost his life after years and years of service to our country. If your asking such a stupid question you don’t know what these men and women do on a daily basis who where a badge. It’s a lot more than you could imagine. I suggest you do a little research before you make any more posts.

    8. gary miller says:

      Thanks for asking this question. Without a doubt these guys risk their lives for us and deserve our gratitude. Gratitude does not extend to allowing their union to impoverish the rest of the community. There is no reason these highly paid and highly pensioned professionals should be attending a funeral on the taxpayer dime. Their union misses no opportunity to remind us they are heroes. Fine, but there is nothing heroic about getting paid to attend a funeral, if that is what is going on.

      1. marcel says:

        On average, homeowners pay around $1.40 a day for a full-time Fire Dept including salaries & benefits. If you own a smart phone, you pay $3.40 on average a day for it. That cell phone won’t die FOR you, protect your property, save your life, perform CPR or drive you to the hospital in an emergency.encourage everyone to support your local Firefighters!!!!!

  2. Papa Jupe says:

    A whole bunch. Thanks arshole. See you there.

  3. N Johnsen says:

    This USCG mom, and former grade school classmate of LAFD Capt. Steve Ruda, humbly offers her prayers and condolences to the family and friends and fellow firefighters of LAFD Glenn Allen. Thank you for your unselfish brave courage and service, Sir. oh, and “Mike” – I second Papa Jupe’s sentiments entirely.

  4. Jim Gates says:

    mike have a little compassion a fire fighter died trying to save a home i have no problem paying for this one same when lapd dies protecting us so you need to chill out and quit being so mean and idiototic

  5. Jim Gates says:

    this is especially sad since he was just made a grandpa and getting ready to retiire my prayers are with the family and loved ones this is so tragic

  6. Julian says:


    that was a pretty heartless comment. Im a firefighter for the same department and i will be attending, but dont worry. i will be attending on an OFF DUTY basis. As will most of the firefighters attending. We’ll have enough resources still in service to run all our calls as normal and im sure your pocket book wont suffer too bad from this.

    1. gary miller says:

      Thanks for the clarification. You guys do great work, but every community is burdened by high public employee costs, so the question is legitimate.

  7. gdog07 says:

    Mike. Your an idiot.??

  8. john says:

    Mike is one of those guys that wanted to be a firefighter but could not make it… guarantee it.

    1. what a doof says:

      I bet you wanted to be a man, but couldn’t make it. Understand his frustration do ya bug guy?

  9. Stacey says:

    @Julian, don’t listen to that fu#*head Mike. My sincere condolences to the loss your department has suffered and my heartfelt THANKS to all of you for doing what you do on a daily basis to save lives and put the lives of others ahead of your own.

    RIP Glenn Allen — my thoughts are with your family.

  10. BUBBALUV says:

    My Condolences to the family of firefighter Allen. I have a few great friends that are firefighters for LAFD and other local agencies and it always hits close to home when you hear about a tragedy like this.

    And Mike – I just want to kick your teeth in and break your fingers ( so you can’t type) for that stupid ass comment. you POS !!

  11. jon says:

    The next time you need a cop or your house is on fire maybe they should just let it burn,

  12. Richard A. Tamasy, EMT says:

    From a 36 year veteran EMT I want to extend my heart felt love and prayers to his family and ask for Gods blessings to you and to his grandson I say that your Grandpa was hero and now he will be your Special Angel watching over you. All persons replying on this blog please give all the love and support to this special family

  13. Pat Robertson says:

    You’re all a bunch of dorks.

    Firefighters have a risky job, I think they know that going in. As do their families.

    Stop acting like this is such a tragedy. Stuff like this happens daily.

    Don’t be a firefighter, you’ll find some other way to die.

  14. TAS2 says:


  15. Marcel says:

    @ Patt get a life…… Firefighters realize the danger but no one plans to die Its a risk of our job and thats why this man and his family deserve to be buried with honor.

    1. Pat Robertson says:

      blah blah blah, it’s all pops and buzzes from here, slick.

  16. Ma says:

    Mike, you are an idiot!

  17. Stacey says:

    I’m shocked at the number of MORONS posting here. Scary to think these nuts are part of society.

    1. Pat Robertson says:

      Hey sweetheart, if you want to file a complaint, please call 525-6963, also known as 5BLOWME, good luck with that.

  18. Fred Mertz says:

    When is the service? I would love to attend and pay my respects, then rip a HUGE fart and see if anyone laughs. I like to lighten the mood.

  19. Jack Mioff says:

    So I guess Mrs. Allen will have to find another hose to pull on, what?

  20. kids oldman says:

    to MIKE what is YOUR life worth?? 25 CENTS, A PAIR OF SNEEKERS, A CARTON OF SMOKES, TO SOME PEOPLE THAT ALL IT TAKES TO PUT A SLUG IN YOUR SMALL MINED NON THINK HEAD..leave it alone fool..people like you make me sick these men and women put there life on the line everytime they are called to their duties…..you should be reaching out and thanking his family for your safety and other like him..

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