Suspected Prowler Shot, Killed During Foot Chase


HOLLYWOOD (AP) — A suspected prowler with a gun was fatally shot and a police officer suffered minor injuries during a foot chase in a bustling section of Hollywood.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz Reports

Officer Wendy Reyes says the officer had to have glass fragments removed from his eye. He was treated at a hospital and released.

Officers responded Saturday morning to reports of a prowler near homes in east Hollywood. Reyes says at least three officers chased a suspect and opened fire when he produced a handgun.

The suspect, described as a man in his 50s, was pronounced dead at the scene. His name has not been released.

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  • Frans Arca

    Just passed it this am.

  • HollywoodSaint

    the officers a good shot

    • deb

      They have to qualify every other month…They better be a great shot..Good job LAPD…Captain G……give him a promotion….

  • Charles Gonzales

    Hey, atleast our tax dollars aren’t going to another low life. Good Job LAPD.

  • Robby Logan


  • Robert Longdon

    Another thug bites the dust!!

  • cameron

    LAPD doing their job!

  • comic_guy

    That’s one less prowler to worry about. I bet the Liberals are upset about that.

    • Luis

      I’m sure the Liberals are too taken aback with your idiocy to be “upset about that”.

  • swhit

    I wonder if it was not someone who had lost his job and has a family to feed or an actual prowler. Regardless people need to learn to use and care for a gun and be able to protect themselves against such and people will not be so eager to “prowl”. I have a feeling things will only get worse.

    • Stacie

      So if I lose my job and have my family to feed I need to go an STEAL from others…..RIGHT…Good thing he is dead. My taxes from MY JOB that I still have does not have to pay for this thug…And YES, I have my guns loaded and ready if someone without a job looking for trouble comes to MY house…..BANG…hollow points all the way

  • Josh Butts

    Another bad guy dead. Yet they keep popping up everywhere. Where are all these bad people coming from?

    • Jeff


      • punisher

        Jeff’s mom’s vagina

      • Jeff

        My mom’s not Mexican, you dirty hamster

      • punisher

        well she raised you. she’s the one who should be shot. what a p.o.s. you are.

  • Greg

    It’s the white crackheads in Hollywood. They’ll do anything and suck on anything for the white nirvana.

  • Josh

    It took a Mexican (Officer Reyes) to bring him down lol

  • punisher

    Jeff’s right

  • Mark

    Go to the LAPD website and look at the Most Wanted fugitives. Notice any pattern? 99% of them are Mexican. It’s not racism if it’s the truth…we call that fact

  • Slavco

    I for one am not going to let political correctness cover up the fact that Mexican illegal invaders have ruined and bankrupted California. It’s the truth, call it racism if you want, I’m just stating the facts.

    • punisher

      The majority of welfare recipients are caucasian. plus the illegals wouldn’t have work or a reason to be here if the whites weren’t employing them. You fail at life. Go hang yourself turd.

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