SANTA ANA (CBS) — A 35-year-old Canadian man was sentenced to 13 years in prison Friday for getting busted with 200 pounds of cocaine in Newport Beach.

Jean Francois Gosselin plead guilty to possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. His sentenced was enhanced because Gosselin has more than 10 kilograms, or 22 pounds, according to court documents.

KNX 1070’s Pat Haslam Reports

Superior Court Judge W. Michael Hayes gave Gosselin three years for possession and another 10 for the sentencing enhancement.

Gosselin, who turns 36 Tuesday, was staying in a mobile home when he was arrested Jan. 20.

Authorities placed the dollar amount of the haul at around $19 million. Gosselin’s attorney argued that is was more like $1.3 million.

Said Mike McDonell of Gosselin, “He’s a good guy. He did a bad thing and now he’s going to pay the price for it.”

McDonnell also said Gosselin was a family guy with no priors.

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Comments (12)
  1. joe mama says:

    Somewhere,Charlie sheen is just a little bit depressed if he is reading this..

  2. Melanie says:

    m friend was sentenced to life with no parole for a conspiracy drug charge. He was not caught with any drugs, nor did they ever find any thing close to drugs. This is blatent discrimination, black people who are charged with drug charges almost always get unheard of charges. I pray that one day things change in this country. But go to your local CVS and see how many people are in line at the pharmacy, this is BULLSH&T!!!

    1. Keepin it real says:

      most black people are criminals..if we keep them off the street, the better this country will be..Im typing this in line at CVS

  3. Iron Lion Zion says:

    Melanie, you keep on supporting your local drug dealer honey. We know where you blow your dough, and it ain’t CVS.

  4. Al says:

    LMAO!! Living in a trailer, ($20k) with $20m worth of blow??? whats wrong with that pic? another candidate out of the running for public office…

  5. Timothy McGarry says:

    Like Jerry Lee Lewis said- “well, half of it was for the band, your honor.”

  6. Brian P. says:

    13 years in prison? For what? Due to lack of information in the article, I can only assume a the details.

    How does this judgment make any sense in the world we live in today? Based on our laws, possession of a controlled substance, depending on which one it is, has its own penalty, and then the penalty is met with a multiplier, which is based on the amount he had in possession. I’m not sure what this standard is based on, but it sounds a little outdated.

    Explaining further, “intent to sell” only means that he had more than enough for himself, and happened to have a 500 pack of plastic bags in his kitchen drawer. What if he was an activist against cocaine, and was planning on spreading it in the great, filthy, Pacific beaches that Los Angeles has to offer.

    This is just a thought, but isn’t it strange that he gets 13 YEARS? Men/Women who rape or murder men/women are in prison for less than 13 years. How does that make sense? How can this even be justified? People are barely slapped on the wrist for aggravated murder, or aggravated rape, but if you have a “controlled substance” you better kiss your ass goodbye.

    Controlled substances are controlled for a reason. They harm people, and people have a tendency to get addicted to them, ruin their lives, etc. How can one man get 13 years mainly based on his “intention” to corrupt the lives of citizens who are willing to corrupt their own lives?

    Murderers and rapists do a lot more damage to their victims, and their victims have absolutely no idea that their lives are about to be ended/corrupted…forever.

    The law enforcement officers involved will get grand admiration for this knockdown. But what does it mean to our society? Absolutely nothing. Illegal drugs/controlled substances will be around us until the day that this world ceases to exist. Fighting against this does no good to the population because there is always more. The pot continues to refill well past the amount that was seized. Almost instantly.

    So how does this bust really help society? It doesn’t, nor will it ever.

    It is well past the time that our law enforcement should only concentrate on issues that drastically bring danger to our existence in society. Subtly hinting that we should take a gigantic chunk out of the resources used to curtail the distribution/possession of controlled substances, and pursue the true dangers that exist for the citizens in our society.

  7. Alan Hart says:

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. The war on drugs is going as well as the war on poverty did. Today we have more poor people and more drugs. Get a clue folks, drugs only affect 1one tenth of one percent of the population.

  8. Laughing in el monte says:

    Brian, legislators can amend laws. Before ranting, submit a petition to your congressional representative. Otherwise, you forfeit any real change with all the wasted time spent on directionless diatribes.

  9. Rsm says:

    That sentence seems a little light… C’mon, 200 pounds of coke, thats alot of contraband. On a side note, is this gosselin any relation to kate?

  10. duh says:

    Teacher in another article got 8 years for 10 sex counts against one 14 and one 15 yr old girls. This guy got 5 more years, and will still owe millions to his connection when he’s released. It’s a crazy world…

  11. Beauford says:

    What’s with this trend of using generic stock photos which add nothing to the story coverage? It’s a waste of bandwidth and borderline insulting.

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