Anaheim Toddler, 2, Apparently Killed By Falling Television

ANAHEIM (CBS) —  Authorities in Anaheim believe a 2-year-old boy died Friday, apparently after being struck by a falling television set.

The child was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead, Anaheim police Sgt. Bob Dunn said.

The child appeared to have been struck by a 32-inch television inside a condominium in the 300 block of West Summerfield Circle he lived at, Dunn said.

Police do not know where parents or caretakers were when the incident occurred, Dunn said.

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  • E.K.

    Real cute you donkey. Making a lame a55 joke at the expense of the death of an innocent child. Your mother must be really proud of you.

    • Dork Weed

      Who are you responding to, dorkweed?

  • Danny McBungo

    sadly, being solemn wont bring the dead baby back. so laugh it it helps to heal the anguish over reading about the death of a poor little baby. sometimes the harshest truths are worth laughing at….

    • En

      That’s right Danny, laughter is the best medicine.

  • Ben

    There was another similar story sometime back where another todldler died from falling TV. When will parents learn to put earthquake straps around TV and other heavy furniture items, especially with toddlers around in the house???


    another reason why i don’t have kids.

  • pat91605

    We strapped our TV before our kids were born, it’s not hard to do, straps anchored the TV to the stand, stand was anchored to the wall.
    Of course, we did this after a local 4 year old was climbing on an entertainment center and it fell on him. He didn’t survive. As horrible as this story is, I hope people realize the importance of securing these items… kids or not.

  • Den

    Don’t they ever learn, much as drinking and driving don’t mix so be it that TV’s and kids don’t mix too.

  • Pat Robertson

    I forget, how do you make a dead baby float?

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