WASHINGTON (AP) — Ron Artest is speaking out in favor of more mental health services for schools.

The Los Angeles Lakers forward and boxer Mia St. John were in the nation’s capital on Thursday to support the proposed Mental Health in Schools Act, which was introduced in the House by Rep. Grace Napolitano, a California Democrat.

Artest referenced his colorful background as he spoke in support of the bill. He said he’s “personally experienced the benefits and transformation a person can have, just by having access to qualified mental health professionals.”

The legislation would create a grant program that allows school districts to hire mental health counselors.

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Comments (7)
  1. Santa says:

    Artest is advocating mental health? From what I’ve seen, this is something he doesn’t know much about.

  2. David Broadway says:

    good man.

  3. swhit says:

    What? He is advocating for ex Natzi’s who base their practice on what they did to concentration camp victims???
    Nothing has changed except what they do is now legal. Stupid man.

    1. ray says:

      I agree, the so-called “Mental Health” experts – psychiatry and psychology have been directly responsible for the decline of our education systems.

      Advocating more Mental Health in schools is advocating more violence and more school shootings.

      Mental Health …. great yard stick to use as these so-called experts have a sordid past… they created, pioneered and deployed the mass extermination camps in Nazi’s Germany.

      Artest doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s probably been put on to some psychiatric drug and brain washed to come out with this lunacy.

      Check out psychiatry’s and psychology’s sordid past. Its all over the net. And their partners in crime the great Pharma Drug Cartels.

      1. Needstudent says:

        Ray, you left a cliff hanger, how are they directly responsible for the decline of our education systems? Artest did not mention drugs. He mentioned mental health. That could be as simple as counseling. You are quick to be mean and name call.

    2. Needstudent says:

      He is not talking about experimenting on people. Psychiatrist do not tell you what to do. They are sounding boards that do not judge. You solve your own issue. The do not do it for you.

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