Grenade Prompts Lockdown At Huntington Beach Schools

HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS) — Two schools in Huntington Beach were put on lockdown Wednesday morning after a student brought a grenade on campus.

According to police, a student brought what appears to be a World War II hand grenade to Ethel Dwyer Middle School, located at 1502 Palm Avenue. The device is supposed to be inert, however officials say it has been modified.

Police said the student was showing off the grenade to friends. The
bottom had been drilled out, but the student taped the bottom back on, making it look suspicious because it still had the pin in it, officials said.

Ethel Dwyer Junior High also shares a campus with Agnes L. Smith Elementary School . Both schools have been put on lockdown, but authorities expect to end the lockdown around noon.

Officials say the grenade has been put in an office away from students. The Orange County Sheriff Department Bomb Squad were sent to the school.

Officials at both schools have notified parents that a lockdown is place and are asking them not to pick up their children.

  • concerned parent

    I received no information regarding what was going on at the school. The district did not know a lock down was going on or they acted as if they did not know.

    When I called the police station they also would not tell me what was going on.

  • Another Concerned Parent

    I just received the phone call that the lockdown has been cleared and everyone is safe inside their classrooms. I never received an initial call letting me know there was a lock down or that my child could be in danger.

  • ...

    I was never called or informed of such a scenario. Please let me (and possibly all the parents) know of such events in the future. Thank you.

  • Andrea

    I only got a call telling me the lock down was over. I didnt know what happened until I saw the news. Bad job on the schools part. Last year at HBHS on that bomb threat I got several updates.

  • Brianna

    My dad was never notified. I had to call him myself and tell him. The school wouldn’t tell the students anything until I got my teacher to tell us what was happening. The students in the auditorium were never told about the lock down either, i had to actually call my friend and tell her what was going on. I personally am glad to be going to HBHS next year, I will have a safer feeling there.

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