MURIETTA (AP) — A California father has been charged with molesting his daughter’s 12-year-old friend while the girl perused the state’s sex offender website.

Riverside County prosecutors say 45-year-old Johannes Antonio Pena fondled himself and touched the girl inappropriately during a weekend sleepover at his French Valley home.

The girl was using a laptop computer logged on to the Megan’s Law website at the time of the alleged incident.

Pena pleaded not guilty Tuesday to felony lewd acts with a child, felony distributing harmful matter to a child and misdemeanor annoying a child.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise says Pena showed the girl a sex video on his laptop.

Investigators say the girl later logged on to the sex offender website and Pena started touching himself and kissing her.

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Comments (21)
  1. Dana Redmayne says:

    Yeah, there are no white, black, asian or any other race that do these things, right? Get a grip on reality!

  2. infobearer says:

    Being Hispanis has nothing to do with this story. I happen to love hispanics, as I am proud to be one.

  3. sfv41901 says:

    I wouldnt be at all suprised if he’s done the same to his own daughter………sick ahole!!!! He’ll get his in prison

  4. Jackie says:

    And to you Jeffrey I say..Ignorance? don’t you just love that?

  5. TCB1 says:

    Wow Ed Rooney……..If the chick is hot? You mean child……you Pedophile. Look for Rooney on the sex offender list right next to this guy!

  6. johnny chingas says:

    At the risk of critizism… i’ll say no to the first half of your post because i can attest to getting half chubs as well as full chubs in some innapropriate situations, but that is largely involuntary. No pun intended. The second half is just downright creepy. Now, if you will excuse me i have a whiskey bottle calling me.

  7. Alfred Brooks says:

    well what do you know?!..on that megans law website the majority are white trash!! lookey here.. a JEfreey Todd Lane is here too!!

    1. Freeman says:

      I don’t know which city you’re looking at on meghans law website, but if you view major cities in California, you would be wrong.

  8. AJ Morgan says:

    Shut up fool, remember Dahmer? He played and ate his ‘friends’, and lets not forget about Brian David Mitchell. Both by the way, so very freaking white.l

    AJ (the white guy)

  9. JM says:

    Another example of why you should never trust anyone with your children, it is a fact that most child molesters know their victims…parents wake up no reason why a 12-year old girl should be sleeping at anyone’s home but her own

    1. BD McGee says:

      Interesting how you know so much about child molestors- care to confess anything, big guy?

  10. JebBush_BMWLover says:

    More family values?

    What would Dubya say?

  11. GrandmaX4andGrowing says:

    Who cares what race he is. He is a child molester and has probably been abusing his own daughter, too. Sick pedophiles come in all colors and all walks of life. My offender was a white man!

  12. Brian K mcclung says:

    This story is many months old.

    Why is it being resurrected.

    I know, to feed societies ever increasing need to be constantly outraged about something.

    Brian K Mcclung
    San Pedro, Ca

  13. Rosemary says:

    I live in mexico half my life. And I know for a fact that they do this all the time. To the offenders, they feel that this is normal behavior. To the victims, they get over it very quickly without saying a word. Their gene is quite messed up, so I guess that don’t matter anyway.

    1. Noah says:

      I Love your comment. Not that i am racist, but anyone who agrees with all aspects of every other culture is a liar. people are raised differently therefore have different morals, or rights and wrongs if you will. Any how this was seemingly normal in my Mexican neighborhood as a kid. i would literally have to shew off 40yr old guys while life guarding because not one person they were watching at the pool were either related to them.. or over the age 13.

  14. venicementor says:

    What is with the graphics on these bloody stories. Are the people at CBS, who monitor and create this site INSANE!!!!!! Why in the hell do you need photographs to illustrate this kind of crime!!? Are you worried that all the sickos are not going to read the story if you don’t put a photo on it?! Idiocracy at CBS – you guys are NUTS!!!

  15. Mothman says:

    The facts are: Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to abuse children than Whites.

  16. Billigflug Mallorca Frankfurt-hahn says:

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