RIVERSIDE (CBS) — A new plan to verify immigration status for employees across five Riverside county cities has some local businesses very upset.

Temecula City Councilman Jeff Comachero tells KNX 1070’s Chris Sedens the new policy is aimed at cutting the region’s soaring unemployment rate.

Comachero says the law has forced many local entrepreneurs in the restaurant and farming industries to admit they have been hiring illegal workers.

Last month, Temecula joined Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Menifee and Norco in requiring businesses to check the immigration status of new workers through the federal E-Verify database.

Employers that don’t comply can lose their business licenses, but some are already threatening to close their doors over the new law.

Critics argue that the crackdown is more motivated by political — rather than economic — conditions.

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Comments (24)
  1. krg says:

    I don’t care whether they are political or economic..I think it’s FABULOUS that finally cities and states are taking the CRIME of ILLEGAL immigrants seriously and doing something about it. Makes no difference to me what prompts them to do it and I hope this is just the beginning.

    And boofrickinhoo for employers who now have to ADMIT THEY BROKE THE LAW TOO.

    1. Efrain says:

      It’ll be interesting to see how many unemployed Americans will fill out apps for these jop openings…

      1. Simon Edwards says:

        Who do you think did these jobs before there were an estimated 12-15 million illegal immigrants? They were filled by legal immigrants and citizens.
        We didn’t need illegals in the past and We don’t need freeloading illegals to get the job done now.

    2. Robert says:

      So you’re gonna go work the fields now. Think about it who’s gonna do the job now. I could just imagine a cracker working the fields. Too many racist people

      1. Simon Edwards says:

        LOL your calling people racist when you use the term cracker to describe them! Your obviously the racist! Since when are these jobs in the fields? Most of these jobs are jobs that have been done by citizens for decades!
        Since when is “illegal immigrant” a race? This country has welcomes LEGAL immigrants as long as it’s been around….we have no use for illegal immigrants!

      2. Andrew says:

        Robert, maybe you should look in the mirror when your talking about racism.

  2. Simon Edwards says:

    If these businesses were legitimate these kinds of articles wouldn’t seem so ridiculous. Hiring citizens is not only the right thing to do but also keeps more money in the local economy thus helping local businesses.

  3. Greg says:

    I agree #2. There was a company that was Hiring Legal Americans to work in the fields and not ONE person went to fill out an application.

  4. Gargamel says:

    Good luck finding a citizen to work the fields, sun up to sun down and only a 30 minute break all day long. Or in a restaurant where you have to hustle to earn your minimum wage check washing dishes all day long. Yeah, let me know how that goes.

    1. Ron says:

      Interesting, so what you’re saying is that “legal” immigrants don’t want these jobs either. Does that mean that the “illegal” immigrants are now holding jobs that US citizens once had?

  5. Cheese_Wonton says:

    Businesses don’t need illegal slave labor they can abuse at will and have deported if they complain to fill their jobs. Pay Americans a livable wage, let them live like a human rather that bounce from job to job living in the back of a van or under an overpass, and the jobs will be filled. Pay people what they are worth and don’t abuse them and you will have plenty of willing candidates for any job.

  6. HollywoodSaint says:

    a day without a mexican…watch that movie people. it will explain all this. even armenians want to be mexican…they are annexed

  7. Richard says:

    You want to get people to work the fields well why not get Inmates in prisons and jails to do the work paroled inmates that there condition for early release is to do these jobs have these business contribute the wages they pay Illegals towards a fund that pay’s the parolees that other wise collect general relief.

  8. jose says:

    send them all back across the border,all illegals.all .not one ,not some,but all…

  9. Buck says:

    Be prepared for prices to go up all over the place. Hope you can afford to about double your gardeners monthly pay.

    1. Leilani says:

      I don’t have a gardener. I do pay huge property taxes (another state) that fund a community college filled with Hispanic illegals.
      No, not Hawaii.

  10. Lis says:

    $10 a pound for oranges, right? That’s what’s gonna happen people. Don’t say you weren’t warned…

    1. Leilani says:

      Please read the post below yours. Something tells me you are personally hiring illegals.

  11. AgroFinancialAnalyst says:

    Only an average of 3% of the cost of fruits and vegtables is attributable to field labor. Another 2% is attributable to processing. The remaining cost is for the seed, water, chemicals, machinery maintanance, storage, packaging, shipping, Farmers margin, Processing plants margin, transportation company margin and sales margin.

    I will be willing to pay an additional 5% at the market. That would double the the amount of payroll to those in the fields. Note however, the total of that increase would be partially consumed by taxes.

  12. Nikodemus says:

    Sure, I’ll pay $10/lb for oranges. It will be cheaper than paying billions for illegals to get free medical care and to send millions of kids of illegals to school and subsidize their lunches and give them WIC and social security. They are the major reason the state of California is bankrupt. Anchor babies. Have any idea how much they cost? And the illegals get paid under the table, don’t contribute to social security and most of them send their money back to Mexico. How many illegals have fought in wars for our freedom? How many benefit from those who fought and many who lost their lives? $10/lb for oranges? That’s CHEAP compared with the billions illegals cost taxpayers now.

  13. Leilani says:

    Simple economics – price of product goes up slightly – price of TAXES goes down considerably.
    Our federal dollars are being funneled all over the place to “help” the “immigrant” community. Virginia Garcia Centers – how many federal dollars do they get?
    The real injustice is that the average American citizen does not have any way to see just how costly the illegals are because there are grants being distributed behind the scenes.

  14. Leilani says:

    INTEL has just announced it is opening a new plant in Arizona, which just shows that following both the letter and spirit of the law may bring you prosperity.

  15. Leilani says:

    We could cut down on the Social Security budget if we didn’t have to hire so many to investigate SS FRAUD.

  16. Edw. says:

    Robert, You are correct saying :there are too many racist people. You can put yourself on top of the list. You have to be a total schmuck to think this has anything to do with racisim It has to do with LEGALISM. What is it about that word you do not understand?

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