LOS ANGELES (AP) — A report says a Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum manager under scrutiny for simultaneously working as a consultant to the producer of a rave at the venue also hired a City Hall lobbyist.

The Los Angeles Times said Sunday that a firm owned by Coliseum administrator Todd DeStefano hired lobbyist Paul Vizcaino in September as he sought to end a rave moratorium brought on by June’s Electric Daisy Carnival, where police and medical officials said drug use was rampant and security inadequate. About 120 people were hospitalized, including a girl who overdosed and later died.

DeStefano was working for both the Coliseum and rave producer Insomniac, Inc. at the time. He did not offer comment to the Times, but has previously said his two jobs were not a conflict of interest.

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  1. Concerned in Los Angeles says:

    This is amazing I went to those rave meetings which the public spoke and I new I smelled a rat then. I even commented that adults are selling out the youth for profit.
    The whole lot of those on the commission should be investigated by the state and city before this really gets ugly reminds me of the BELL 8. These people lied and smiled and said they would listen to suggestions they seemed sincere but maybe if we the public had a suitcase of cash or prior to these meetings donated to campaigns for SOME of the commissioners we may have has a chance. All that was a public dog and pony show for the parents of SASHA RODRIGUEZ. The commission should be ashamed I am not sure how you sleep at night your worse than the drug dealers selling ecstasy outside the EDC events. At least drug dealers are what they are DEStafano is a joke and so is insomnia! At this point I get the impression Pasquale owns the Commission and the most of you just turn a blind eye this real sad. Has anybody looked into ABC guidelines during that event?

    1. one more concerned citizen says:

      “Concerned in Los Angeles”: When you mention ABC guidelines during this event, are you referring to Alcohol and Beverage Control and the fact that Insomniac and the Coliseum did not have the proper permits to sell hard liquor (vodka) at EDC? Has anyone looked into this little oversight? Seems to me like there were a lot of these “oversights” going on for this event. I think the longer we look, the more corruption and oversights we’re going to come up with. Wonder who was behind all this? DeStefano, his buddy Pasquale Rotella and Lynch?

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