LOS ANGELES (AP) — Five Riverside county cities are cracking down on illegal immigrants as their unemployment rates soar.

Last month, Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Menifee and Norco began requiring businesses to check the immigration status of new workers through the federal E-Verify database. Employers that don’t can lose their business licenses.

Murrieta plumber Pablo Haro approves of the crackdown. He tells the Los Angeles Times that the construction crash has hurt the job market and it’s hard to compete with illegal immigrants who will work for tiny wages.

However, nearby cities have chosen not to adopt such ordinances and some analysts contend that the laws are inspired more by the towns’ political conservatism than their job situations.

Critics, meanwhile, say the law will just prompt employers to pay workers under the table.

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Comments (36)
  1. Jon says:

    Amen mike !!! It’s about time we enforced the laws that already are on the books !

    1. Luella Gale says:

      Maybe human but illegal that means you committed a crime DUH! So go back to Mexico be human there
      Rickyy who is a hater we DON’T WANT ILLEGALS here all we do is support them by way of public assistance thant is TAX PAYER MONEY! We can’t even get jobs nor support our own they live on the dang streets families and all be realistic ok

  2. Rick Giordani says:

    When the state of CA. has the balls to enforce these immigration laws and help local and county by standing with them in support of this urgent porblem then CA. can begin to take a positive step to economic recovery I agree they should not only have there business license revoked but there property seized until they comply.Illegal immigration has brought our standard way of life down.They also need to crack down how many familes live in one home there are to many of these people that live in over crowded conditions in one domicile.This is also a fire hazard and a health issue one that the taxpayer in the end has to pay for there mistakes

    1. RICKYY says:

      Rick, get a life.
      If you cant afford a home and your still living with your parents or apartment. Get a job and save and buy a home. Dont be a hater.

      1. Rick Giordani says:

        Coming from an ignorant fool like you who does live with mommy, daddy, uncle, aunt sister brother and another dozen or so family members under one roof.I will take your comment and use it for toilet paper in your name of course! Since I have my own home and have a decent job. now go back to work at Subway and make subs you tool!

      2. reply says:

        ill make subs for you, and spit on it behind your back.

    2. "S" says:

      Mr. Giordani, I much agree with you on your views on illegal immigrants problems we have in CA. Something seriously needs be done about this situation. As long as there are Americans that hire these illegals, they’ll continue to stay here. Don’t give them any work, maybe they’ll all go home!

  3. Rick Giordani says:

    I agree these people should band together and go back to there respective countries and rebel against there Govt. for there way of life and for there familes leaving there countries to come here illegally is nothing more than they the people running form there problems weather economic or religious reasons.They forget sometimes you have to spill blood to make things right or at least try doing it but they do not have the heart or courage to do so so they rather come here and mess things up here instaed of fixing the problem there!

    1. RootBeer says:

      I agree yet we have to face it Rick….we lost America to an ignorant Government. There are too many now to deal with…a majority of them are in head office…..WE LOST THIS WAR. They did not want to deal with their government so they came here to wipe us off the job market. Mexican and Koreans are both taking advantage over this country and not realizing what harmful effects they are causing…..Makes me SICK to think there could be so many ignorant “HUMANS” on this planet.

  4. jesee says:

    Oh, no!! I can’t believe how ignorant you are dude, they are more americans than you, just remember that they were here before all those europeans came to America.Don’t know history?, go back to school.

    1. Rick Giordani says:

      You have failed history if your saying that the Aztecs and Mayan Indians are American they are from Mexico and Central and South America not North America and what did the Americans do when British tyranny began ruling here we the American people our fore fathers rebelled fought and won our independence and it was not easy to do Maybe you should read your history books better before putting a statement that makes you look like an idiot!

    2. Hey_Mikey says:

      You must be Mexican. Their ANCESTORS may have been here first, but wars and treaties brought about new borders. This is no longer their land. They all need to go back home and maybe you should go with them.

    3. Mark says:

      Name me ONE city in this country that is cleaner, safer, more productive, less broke, or with a higher quality of life that has been taken over by Mexicans or Central Americans. ONE!

  5. Tyler says:

    About dam time! Maybe LA will follow. Wait we have a mexican mayor who changed his name and sticks up for his own kind. California will always be broke because of the illegals, face the truth and wake up!

  6. You FAIL says:

    “americnas” is spelled as Americans FYI.
    American born people will never succeed in life why?
    they complain too much, ask too much. They have no educational degree, which in turn cant spell properly just like “MIKE”
    Before American are so proud that they will not take a labor job. But now since they are all getting fired and immigrants are more educated and taking all the white collar jobs. American will resort to hard labor and are complaining that illegal immigrants are taking there job. HELLO its was you in the first place that didn’t want it.

    1. Duh! says:

      You FAIL, fails worst of all.
      An American is someone that lives in either the North American or South American continent. So most everyone in the Western Hemisphere is an American. I thought you said Illegal Immigrants (also known as criminals as they are breaking the law) are educated. They would know this distinction.

      Here in the United States of AMERICA, illegal immigrants should not have the same constitutional rights as a US citizen. An illegal immigrant is still a human being. I agree with that. They should be given human rights. But they in no way should be given civil rights as they have already shown that they will not abide by our nations civil laws because they have entered the country illegally.

    2. Rick Giordani says:

      You have rock for brains look at your comment and tell me you don not honestly beliieve Americans includes South America and that give s you the right to enter this country whenever they want unchecked you are a water head dummy!

  7. VIVA LA MEXICO says:

    LA will NEVER enforce such laws as it is govern by Mexican Politicians & Mexican Administrative Staffs in City Hall & other government offices.

    LA in the future will look like MEXICO as Mexicans will drive out the BLACKS to Palmdale, Lancaster, Riverside, SB, and other states..

    7 out of 10 Black adults are incarcerated, MEXICAN Gangs are infesting even the toughest Black neighborhoods in Downtown LA & South Central LA. MEXICAN Gangs are spreading throughout LA & surrounding areas previously controlled by Black Gangs.

  8. Hillbilly Jim Chan says:

    Old white conservatives are at it again! we will invade and destroy all whites!

    1. OLD SCHOOL says:


  9. Real Proud Mexican!!!! says:

    Lets look at this closely….Murrieta plumber Pablo Haro approves of the crackdown. He tells the Los Angeles Times that the construction crash has hurt the job market and it’s hard to compete with illegal immigrants who will work for tiny wages. So why is it that illegals are being blamed for the economy when, illegals are doing the job for cheaper? Let me see some of these Americans lower there prices. We all know that will never happen because of greed. I bet the illegals can even do a better job, than the Americans. Look at the beautiful buildings and construction that is in Mexico, Unless you are to scared to be around Mexicans!!!!

    1. Rick Giordani says:

      Because the cheaper the job the more shabby the work is and as a business owner your profit margin will be less and less because these people do it for less with cheap materials and labor thus you will have to repair or rebuild again in the not far distant future to repair what these idiots did meanwhile the average American cannot afford to work at these rates because Pablo and his cousins are all living under a 2 BR home and average 7.00 TO 8.00 an hour on a job that should pay 12.00 and up thus helping bringing down the middle class citizens closer to poverty levels. And yes there are beautiful biulding in Mexico but I guarantee you that the first major natural disater hit those blds they will not stand as the ones built with standards and codes here in the U.S. something illegals do not know about or can afford to go to a proper training for fear of deportation

  10. Old School says:

    Old School : These people have lost the dignity to call themselves MEXICANS. Don’t come here for a better life. Fix YOUR country like the EGYPTIANS did. You don’t understand the wrath of AMERICANS, but you find out very soon.Count on it.

  11. gmon says:

    You can only suppress and steal for so long. White America, in this day and age you shall reep what you sow. Whites, you Will soon have no land at all.

  12. PL says:

    It’s called KARMA
    Payback for Manifest Destiny
    Genocide of the indigenous

  13. OLD SCHOOL says:

    ARAPAIO for PRESIDENT. Bring the troops home, and put them on the border. Don’t we still have some B52s? Lets use them to give MEXICO back it’s CRIMINALS, From 40,000 feet. One more thing MEXICANS, GOD is not a MEXICAN or a WHITE MAN READ THE BIBLE. If you dare!

  14. white boy killa says:


    1. OLD SCHOOL says:

      Hit and run HERNANDEZ, Red light Running RODGRIGUEZ, DUI DOMINGEZ. All day every day. I’m glad you are killing each other now.PARASITE.

    2. Bryan Conover says:

      Actually…We can take you out one arrest at a time and the number will add up to a net gain. You parasites get arrested all the time for just breathing wrong. One finger print scan away from deportation !

      You want to start a riot?

      Personally, I would find great joy in blowing heads off hispanics regardless of citizenship status…Have 12 Gauge Double Barrel Shot Gun and will travel…first stop…Home Depot

  15. JM says:

    Finally! Now all us white folks can get our landscaping jobs back, and earn enough to pay our mortgages. Happy days are here again!

  16. FEDUP says:

    Lets talk about Taco Bell ,Mc D , and all other fast food chains that hires
    Illegal mexicans that cook our food woth no medical check ,also they take Americans jobs .How come the goverment never checks their work places .

    I know for a fact that Mc D HAVE ILLEGALS WORKING FOR THEM .

  17. MAB says:

    There is no illegal alien “problem” … we have a problem of European occupation and pretending that they are “real Amerikkkuns.” End Euro-squatting and birth right citizenship. Repatriate Europeans under the delusion they are Amerikkkuns

  18. Bryan Conover says:


  19. tyler says:


    this law will help us to improve road safety.

    More over if this law is activated then every one will experience safest driving with accident less society..

    I highly appreciate this comment buddy

  20. VIOLET says:

    Yes it is true illegal aliens are human, Americans are human also, and we are force to abide our American laws, while at the same time illegal aliens tend to just ignore our American laws, they are some how just allow to just implement all their wrongdoings in America, they tend to cry out that they are human, sure you are, you do not have status to America, you force your way here in groves, you terribly push your way in, and dare any American to do something about it! you had found ways to take fully advantage of our American birthright laws, use it as a sneaky amnesty for your million of children born here alone, just making sure your children get granted an automatic American citizenship!! to keep them here, and your selves also! you found ways to just use all your wrongdoings all your lies stealing in America to get your way, and the reason you are lasting so long is that America has the poorest politicians! They just do not know how to handle illegal immigration, other then to let them have their way, so they just block all immigration laws, instead of enforcing them to get illegal aliens out of America, or to stop them from just under minding our laws, they just allow illegal aliens to just spit and walk all over Americans as they may please! As soon as Americans ask for some kind of illegal immigration enforcements, get illegal aliens out of our jobs, force illegal aliens deportations, we are suddenly racist, we do not like Hispanics, Mexicans, Latino’s! All Americans are asking for is equal rights, in America, especially in our employments, where illegal aliens have no business being, Americans want to see some real immigration laws working in America, they want our politicians to save us from the insanity of massive illegal immigration in America, they want to see our laws, to stop allowing them to use their children to get what they want of America, this is including them to stop using our birthrights for their own sneaky amnesty for their children born in America! stop allowing illegal aliens from using all their wrongdoings in America, if our politicians really enforce our immigration laws we already have on the books, Americans would feel really happy, they would feel more protected in America! They would stop feeling like they are second class citizens in their own country!

    It is not fair that America will be over populated through passed amnesty, or perhaps another one, provide by Obama, this will not really be good for America period, To many of our politician this nonsense is alright, they will not allow them selves to see no kind of corruption in this, are what it will really do to America, that is because all they can see is big dollar signs! remember the 1986 amnesty? that was a disaster, another amnesty will also be an disaster also. America will not be the same, it will be a terrible disaster!! the one’s that will be getting hurt will be Americans, you just wait and see, that is if this illegal aliens insanity do not stop! because they will still be taking employment and other things, just leaving Americans second in line! Americans will be nothing but second class citizens in their own country!!!!

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