MALIBU (CBS) — More bones were found Sunday in a Malibu ravine where the remains of Mitrice Richardson had been found several months earlier.

The 24-year-old woman disappeared after she was released from a Malibu sheriff’s station.

Officials say Sunday’s search, which included coroner’s investigators and a
sheriff’s homicide detective, was conducted with the hope of finding more evidence that would point to what happened to Richardson the night she went missing, said Steve Whitmore of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Richardson was arrested in September 2009 for not paying a restaurant bill and taken to the sheriff’s Malibu-Lost Hills station. Around midnight, she was released on her own recognizance from the remote facility, without a vehicle, and was never seen alive again.

Her family alleges Richardson was mentally unstable at the time and that sheriff’s deputies should not have released her from custody.

Sheriff’s officials have said Richardson did not appear to be impaired and that they followed proper procedure in releasing her.

Investigators have never determined how she got to the ravine or how she died.

A search was conducted in the same area Sunday, turning up eight more bones that appear to be from fingers, a wrist, the neck and ribs, Whitmore said.

The search team consisted of six coroners investigators, two of whom are doctors, four search and rescue team members, one sheriff’s representative and one homicide detective.

Whitmore said investigators have now found more than 90 percent of Richardson’s remains.

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Comments (37)
  1. Let It Is says:

    The only reason this is news is because she is black. Blacks always need there litttle forum because they feel they are entitled. The sherriff’s did nothing wrong. Hey, if the girl didn’t call anyone upon release, that is on her. And if the sherriff’s would have held her until the morning so she would be safe, the family would have sued for false imprisonment. And if the family receives a settlement, all they will spend it on is an Escalade that they will paint purple and put 28″ chrome spinners on it. GET OVER IT!!!!!!

    1. Robert Chandler says:

      Bold comments for someone that doesnt have to show their face! Honkies these dayz…

      1. Alexandra Christine Clark says:

        Yea for Robert, some people huh?

      2. suzie says:

        you go dude

    2. victoriaj says:

      The only reason this is news is because she is black

      Are you kidding me? This woman’s family had to carry signs on the street to beg the authorities to pay attention to this case. They had to call politicians and beg newspapers to run this story. This young woman was a college graduate who was going on to grad school. I have a feeling if her name had been Brittany and she was blond and from Malibu she would have been on Nancy Grace every night and you would have been searching for her. Nahhh, she was just a middle class black kid who may have had some breakdown, was allowed to leave a deserted area in the middle of the night without her phone or car keys… I’ll bet if she was your kid you wouldn’t be whining about them trying to find her remains. Typical racist.
      Black and Brown people are expendable to your kind. And oh yeah
      in your mind–only black people sue for wrongful death right.? Or do you just think they don’t have the right to.

      1. suzie says:

        well said, Victoria

    3. Lovergirl says:

      You will probably eventually pay for your ignorant racist ways. God don’t like ugly!!!!! I pray to God that nothing happens to someone you really love and care about.

    4. Heidi Mathis says:

      you are ignorant to say the least. I have been following this story and it breaks my heart but to read comments like this is awful. SAME ON YOU

    5. jmp says:

      Moron. What about the lily white princess the media showcase over and over. Get a life,dumba**.

  2. Kim Greene says:

    Okay your grammar stinks #1, and you are a pathetic excuse for a human being #2. This isn’t about color. This is about releasing a 24 year old woman into the night up in Lost Hills. They may have “followed procedure” but if they had released my daughter at midnight without making sure someone picked her up – I would sue them up one side and down the other. But it doesn’t go without saying that your racist commentary is nauseating, especially in this day and age. “there little forum”>?? Scary – the word is “their” and your header?? LET IT IS?? What the heck does that mean?

  3. damon says:

    So let me get this straight, ALL of the stories of white young ladies missing is because they are….white? Ok, I get it. I mean, how ignorant a person must be to presume a purple suv. Of course it would be orange. Here is the bottom line (speaking to the person who feels inferior to us black people) NO one should have been released from a remote police station in the middle of the night without transportation. GET COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!


    I personally feel the SHERIFF station and ALL EMPLOYEES of that station should be investigated, questioned and put through LIE DETECTORS. These days unfortunately especially MINORITIES are: GUILTY! Until proven otherwise. There is probably a predator at the SHERIFF’S STATION. FBI time! Also, call internal affairs to help investigate the “investigators” involved.

  5. FBI PLEASE HELP says:

    Sheriff Department SHOULD NOT INVESTIGATE THIS! Chances are somebody at the SHERIFF department DID THIS. CALL INTERNAL AFFAIRS AND FBI.


    1. To:FBI Please Help says:

      Did you mean “wander” on a cold night??? It was September…that is Summer time…it’s not cold!

  6. LeRoy Magee says:

    She was 24 years old…not 14! She called someone and they told her to find her own way home. Now the family wants to blame the police for their own mistakes…they didn’t want to get their butts out of bed at midnight to pick up their little girl. If she was so mentally unstable…what was she doing out at a restaurant by herself to begin with? If she was with friends then…where did they go? It’s probably the same people that abandoned her at the restaurant and their guilt is to not accept the responsibility…so blame the COPS!

    1. Not newsworthy says:

      Shut up Leroy brown ur just racist commenting on everything on this website like a parrot.
      You wouldn’t know your butt from a hole in the wall

  7. Erik says:

    If the cops would of kept het they would of been “Racist”…If the girl was so mentally unstable why wasnt her family monitoring her…..This is just a case of trying to get paid

    1. batteredbypd says:

      @Erik Sooooo if your loved one was murdered & last seen by the cops,, you’d just let it go?? Oh please!!!!

  8. the truth is out there says:

    Since when are COPS guilty for eveything? Nice to see people put the blame on COPS until they need one. Until they figure out what happend, can’t blame anyone. Maybe she did find a ride and something went wrong………

    1. batteredbypd says:

      Who said cops are guilty for everything? But when the shoe fits, you wear it!!! Duh! People always use that as an excuse..’wait until u need 1′..Well guess what? Most have realized they don’t need em b/c as you can see, if you stay up to date on the news, cops are getting out of hand so It’s better to help yourself anyway!

      And since you are so blind to reality, they aren’t trying to find out what happened which is the #1 clue they are GUILTY…Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out!

  9. Robert Ridley says:

    The woman and her family are responsible for her. Not the police. Her family didn’t take any responsibility for her, and they knew she was mentally ill. This is just black people again trying to get free money.

    1. batteredbypd says:

      RACISTS ARE CLEARLY LURKING ALL ON THIS BOARD!! Black people aren’t the only ones that sue…Do some damn research!

  10. JeanneB says:

    I think this is dreadful, shameful behaviour on behalf of the malibu police station. these people deal with crime every day, it is unconscionable that they let a young woman go into the night alone, with no phone, no purse and without her CAR! what did they expect her to do to get home????

  11. Cleanjeans says:

    She didn’t have a car.. Her friends left her.. The purse had no money in it, otherwise she would have paid the bill. The sheriffs dept notified the family.. They didn’t come to get her.. There were reports of a woman sleeping on porches but getting kicked off property.. The cops are not a taxi service.. It’s not there job to chauffeur you around after you have been released. Getting a ride is always up to you.

    1. batteredbypd says:

      She did have a car, they impounded it, along w/ her keys, phone, & ID….The sheriff’s dept told the family they were keeping her until morning….Where are u getting your facts b/c you need to do a better job making sure you know what u r talking about!

  12. c-man says:

    If the police would have kept her until daylight, you would have had all these gorillas protesting outside the sherriff station stating she was kept all night like a caged animal. And the family wants the FBI invovlved? For what? She is just another murder statistic in Los Angeles County. Once again, black people feel like they are “entitled”.

    1. batteredbypd says:

      gorillas?? I guess it’s easy to talk like that behind the computer screen….

  13. avg_guy says:

    Blame the racist cops. It’s always the racist cops. Never mind the fact that the jailer who released Mitrice is a black woman and the Captain of Lost Hills is a black man. It had to be the racist cops…
    And just because somebody acts eccentric or strange doesn’t mean they can be held for 5150 WIC. If that were the case, the entire city of Malibu would be locked up.
    Also, Lost Hills is NOT in a remote area.

    1. batteredbypd says:

      The captain is now Black..he wasn’t at the time of her disappearance..Do some fact checking b4 you think you know what you are talking about! The original captain was transferred after the video of Mitrice popped up, after Cpt Martin lied about their not being any video for 5 months!

      And if you don’t think Lost Hills is remote in the middle of the night, you are clueless!

      1. avg_guy says:

        I stand corrected. The current Capt is black. The previous Capt was promoted to Commander.
        The Jailer who released Mitrice is a black woman who stated she had a lucid conversation w/her. I doubt it was race that motivated her release.
        There is a shopping center a block away from the station. That is NOT remote. I see no problem with releasing inmates on Agoura Rd.

    2. batteredbypd says:

      The race here is BLUE….not about black or white…..and is this shopping center open after midnite?? and where was she supposed to be going since they impounded her car w/ her cell & ID inside and took her 12 miles from the scene?? They knew she had no $$ & lived 40 miles away, so I’d think those who are there to protect us wouldn’t even want or advise a female to be wondering out at nite knowing all that lurks out there…

      I ran into a white woman who said she was walkin late at nite in Lost Hills, & the sheriff’s pulled up to her and told her it wasn’t safe to be out she needed to get home…so what’s the difference here????

  14. Burton says:

    This is why some people don’t need a computer; your expressing yourself on how racists you are; which has nothing to do w/ understanding this young lady had a right to live life; your a total a$$ hole !!!! This is a human being w/ people who cared and loved this young lady…….no one is prefect… She did her time in jail…. that was supposed to be the beginning to understand wrong from right. But for some crazy person “like yourself’, maybe you should be under investigation…………When are people going to stop thinking one race is better than the other. This young lady was Murdered!!!!!!!!!

    …I’m truly sorry for the lack of communication that took Place that night and sick of listen to a true racist……a$$ hole.

    Show some respect for the Family………….come on People…really!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Tee. says:

    It really sickens and saddens me to see just how much RACISM is alive and well in this day and age. Mr “Let it is”….with your IGNORANT ASS…..YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY will suffer the consequences of your idiotic statements and views and you and your entire family WILL GO TO HELL FOR YOUR STUPID ASS COMMENTS. The bottom line is it’s not about the color of ones skin, because we are all gods children (except for you), but I know my god is a merciful god and that will probably be YOU and YOUR family’s saving grace. Regardless of Mitrice’s skin color, she was still a human being, and no one deserves what happend to her…even you, so when this happens to your daughter, or sister, or cousin, or granddaughter, or niece, or girlfriend, or wife, or what eva…..let’s see what your cowardly ass has to say then! So until then, you take “YOUR RAGGEDY, WISH YOU HAD A PURPLE ESCALADE WITH 28 INCH SPINNINER WHEELS on it and SHOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Straight Talk says:

      Let it is …could be the killer!

  16. Maggie says:

    This is so sad. She was clearly murdered. I think the Sheriff’s Dept. was involved, because they moved her body without the coroner’s permission even thought there was plenty of time to call the coroner. They were obviously trying to cover something up. This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard. I can’t believe how they botched this case. I also can’t believe how many racist people still exist in this world. I hope all the people spouting off racist comments burn in hell for all eternity. May Mitrice rest in peace.

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