LAGUNA NIGUEL (CBS) — A 48-year-old jogger was fatally struck Sunday as she tried to save a stray dog from the roadway.

The accident, which took place at Moulton Parkway and Crown Valley Parkway, was reported to authorities at 11:10 a.m., Orange County Sheriff’s Lt. Ted Boyne said.

According to authorities, Mara Steves was jogging with her son when she came upon a stray dog. As she knelt down to take control of the dog, two vehicles collided while trying to avoid hitting the animal. The impact of the collision caused one of the vehicles to jump the curb, striking the woman.

The 48-year-old woman died at the scene and her son was not injured.

Paramedics rushed three people from the two vehicles to Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach. They appeared to be doing well.

The dog was reportedly unharmed and ran away.

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Comments (27)
  1. mister s says:

    Wow, thats a hell of a freak accident. Kid will need therapy, but if I had been the jogger, I woulda tried to help the dog too.

  2. TheWord says:

    Very, very sad. Being an animal lover myself I would have done the same thing. Sorry this had to happen to this women and her son must be traumatized by this whole thing. A real tragedy and I pray for this women’s family. She was just trying to do what was in her heart, obviously being an animal lover.

  3. So what!! says:

    She is a hero in my book!!! God bless you….

  4. Jon V. says:

    One thing is for sure, that lady went heaven! Of all the people I have known, I’m sure very very few will go to heaven, however, I’m sure almost all the dogs who I have known will go to heaven.

  5. Chris says:

    People need to bloody SLOW down! I work in the streets and notice…when they see someone or a group of people in the street or even crossing a road…NO ONE SLOWS DOWN!

    1. Mke McDermott says:

      The police need to do a lot more to stop speeders and pay more attention to traffic violators in general (i.e. turn signals, speeding, etc.).
      One peeve I have is the jay-walking law here in Los Angeles. The thing about it is that cars are supposed to slow down and let you cross. Sorry, but sometimes visibility is bad the driver simply can not see you. The poor pedestrian will often times be killed believing that the cars are “going to slow down, stop, and then let cross.
      Jay-walking tickets are not the solution to this. The whole issue about jay-walking and pedestrians in Los Angeles needs to be re-thought.
      Again, jay-walking tickets are not the solution to this.
      Anyone want to get a petition started?

    2. Toni says:

      That’s right…if given a choice I will bet the person who killed this women would rather go back in time and slow down….so maybe us who have not yet killed any one could just slot down before we do….so easy to make this change!

  6. Carmen.Gochez says:

    sorry about it tragedy and my alll simphaty for her son and all family .I am think so it will be necesary to take her son to the theraphy sicology to make him keep away from big traumatize and please someone could give to him a big hug and a kiss in may own name .I am pray for he and the rest of family .God bless to all of them..and it is very pitifulPlease for everione try to jogginng be carefully around .and the animal lover one too.the life is wonderful but we all need to take care on our responsability ,and for the irresponsable driver please take conciens to do it with responsability ,thank you.I love everyone. Blessing.

  7. K.P. says:

    Bless her soul! She must have been a wonderful woman. My heart goes out to her family and friends. (I hope the dog is OK, too.)

  8. alan hart says:

    What happened to the dog?

  9. Slow Down says:

    People really do need to slow down. I wonder, if it’s determined that speed was a factor, will the driver(s) face any criminal charges?

  10. Jeanne B says:

    Poor woman and her son and family. This is just so typical of LA roads, people drive like maniacs, drivers deliberately speed up is someone is try to change lanes or make an exit off ramp. They even speed up and dow the alley behind m y apartment building, and don’t give a damn about anyone else. This is utterly a me me me city. Except for the likes of this kind woman who paid with her life. How sad.

  11. G says:

    for the record. laguna niguel is in south orange county NOT los angeles. geography lesson. and second. this happened right down from my house. i have to see it everyday now. i feel sorry for her and her son. im sure i have seen them jogging before and we probably went to The Club. Moulton is 50mph street people need to just be more aware of things other than themselves. ❤

    well wishes to this family and everyone around.

  12. Appalled in Laguna Niguel says:

    The primary problem is that we have lost one of our own, to a senseless accident that probably could have been avoided by proper traffic enforcement. Citizens of Laguna Niguel all know that crown valley, moulton, golden lantern, alicia and many other streets are raceways for people using our streets especially in the morning and evening when they are returning home to their cities. Which one of our neighbors will be next?

    1. duh says:

      Except this was 11 am on a Sunday. Idiocy cannot tell the date or the time. Actually, the roadway being less crowded on a weekend cause a lot of drivers to get lazy and assume there won’t be anything they need to pay attention to.

      1. Appalled in Laguna Niguel says:

        Driving is a privilege not a right. ANYTIME while driving a vehicle on a public roadway you must give it your full attention. It attitudes such as yours that cause drivers to think that a car is a place to multitask while driving. People speed on that highway every day of the week including Sundays. I see why you chose the name duh!

      2. duh says:

        It’s called ‘reading comprehension’ for a reason, Appalled. I never said what the drivers do is correct, I was just stating facts. When a roadway is busy, you’re forced to pay attention. When it’s not, they get lazy, not checking mirrors, blind spots, taking their eyes completely off of the road for long periods. No where in my post did I mention multi-tasking or that people don’t speed on that roadway. The name is ‘duh’ probably due to the fact that drivers speed on EVERY highway, not just yours. DUH, Indeed.

  13. WITNESS says:

    we all loved Mara very much but this is poor reporting. I saw the accident happen and she was not with her son and the dog was not in the street. she was walking back with the stray dog ON THE SIDEWALK when a man ran a red light and hit a car making a right turn which then hit Mara. this was a totally preventable accident and is just horrible to think about.
    R.I.P. Mara we all loved u so much

  14. Neighborhood tragedy says:

    Why is CBS reporting INCORRECT INFORMATION about this accident?? We saw your news van parked just off of Moulton Pkwy, and the information should have been verified. Drivers in this area drive recklessly, aggressively, period. They race lights, talk on the phone, ignore traffic rules. The OC is a culture of narcissism, and this death on a quiet, beautiful Sunday morning is another sad casualty. Forget riding a bike on the roadways. So sad.

    1. Appalled in Laguna Niguel says:

      Unfortunatly, they report what they are given by the Sheriff’s Department. Sounds like the press information first team was not there!

  15. running red lights says:

    if the above account is accurate, it’s another instance of people running red lights and killing innocent victims

    this goes on all over California; it’s dangerous now to attempt to turn left at an intersection even when the light has just turned red because sociopaths ignore the red and come barreling straight through;

    besides running lights, people drive way too fast; 80 mph on the freeways is not uncommon.

    every day i see people speeing along while blatantly talking on the cell phone.

    we need more police and more red light cameras

  16. Appalled in Laguna Niguel says:

    How about a bridge at the north end of Camino Capistrano that would go onto Cabot, to relieve some of the congestion at Avery and the I-5. If people could go north on Camino cap from the old farmer bridge (old two lane bridge near Allen Cadillac) this would relieve a lot of traffic getting on the I-5 freeway at Avery. They could go north then cross the bridge to Cabot and get on the freeway either north or south at Pacific Park (A.K.A. Oso Parkway)
    This would lessen the major traffic jam at Avery and the I-5. Just a suggestion that probably would help a little, It can’t get any worse, I hope!

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