WHITTIER (AP) — A Whittier elementary school has been locked down as police surround a nearby home where a woman was shot to death.

Lt. Carlos Solorza says a report that a woman had been shot to death sent officers to a home near Murphy Ranch Elementary School at around noon Friday.

Solorza says police believe the killer is still inside the home but they don’t know the man’s condition. A SWAT team has been sent to the home east of Los Angeles and youngsters are being held inside the school until they can be safely released.

However, Solorza says the children are not in any immediate danger.

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Comments (7)
  1. Wondering Why? says:

    Why do they “lock down” a school when there is no immediate danger? What an over reaction to a situation….did they learn nothing from the Woodland Hills fiasco. Please tell me just one occurence of children in a school that have been attacked by someone who committed a serious crime in the vicinity of a school!!

    1. Whittier Parent says:

      If your child was in a classroom at the elementary school that is located LITERALLY 100 feet from the site of this murder and the suspect is believed to still be inside that home, you would want your child protected. Please don’t make silly comments about something you know nothing about. How many times have you seen news footage of an armed gunman taking a hostage when police arrive on scene, thinking it’s going to help him escape? How would you like YOUR child being taken hostage by someone who just committed murder? Should we wait for some terrible tragedy to occur before we start locking down schools? Please think before you post, because it’s people like YOU who would be the first to complain that a school wasn’t locked down properly if your child got hurt – or worse.

      1. whittier parent says:

        shut up idiot

  2. Demetrius says:

    As a student who was locked down at a near by high school, I am actually appreciative of the precautions they take to ensure our safety.

  3. Fernando Beckham says:

    good ol whittiier ye old friendly town ,well it cant be too friiendly!!!

  4. lola says:

    Both of you whittier parents are friggin idiots get a life morons!!!!!!!!!

    1. Karma says:

      Wow, you’re a class act, Lola.

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