SAN FERNANDO (CBS) — The chief of the San Fernando Police Department was placed on administrative leave Friday amid an investigation into charges that he had a sexual relationship with a cadet who claims she was later forced out of the agency.

Former San Fernando police explorer and cadet Maria Barajas wrote a letter to the San Fernando City Council last month claiming she had a sexual relationship with then-Lt. Anthony Ruelas beginning in November 2008, the San Fernando Sun reported.

“During the course of that relationship, Ruelas and I exchanged approximately 1,500 e-mails and over 1,000 text messages,” Barajas wrote in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by the Sun.

“A significant portion of this correspondence was of a personal and sexual nature and was conducted during work hours,” Barajas added. “It was also conducted using department computers and Ruelas’ department issued cell phone.”

Barajas also contended she had a sexual encounter with Ruelas inside a department-issued vehicle, the Sun reported.

Ruelas did not return calls from the Sun seeking comment.

In her complaint, Barajas claimed that Ruelas began suggesting to her in summer 2009 that she should leave the department, saying she needed a “change of scenery.”

Barajas said she was later in a vehicle with other police explorers that was involved in an accident. Ruelas and Lt. Jeff Eley determined that she was at fault, even though she was not driving, because she was the oldest person in the vehicle, Barajas contended.

Ruelas and Eley gave her the option of resigning or being fired, she said. Barajas said she chose to resign, but then-Chief Robert Ordelheide issued a memo saying she had been fired — making it difficult for her to find employment with another police agency, the Sun reported.

She contended in her letter that her firing was prompted by Ruelas’ concerns about their sexual relationship being discovered — at a time when he was being considered as a replacement for the retiring Ordelheide.

Her letter asked that Ruelas be removed as chief, and that her status be changed from fired to resigned, the Sun reported.

Interim City Administrator Al Hernandez told the Sun that “a third-party investigator” had been brought in to review the situation.

“We will do what’s good for the residents and the city,” Hernandez told the paper.

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Comments (17)
  1. mark smith says:

    A big problem is that if the men’s wives took care of their men at home, none of these men would be cheating. Too many women are frigid. But that is a poor answer too, I must say.

    But, don’t get me wrong, now, if this guy really is at fault, he should be fired.

    You will give a bad name to all the good ones in uniform.

    You see, everyone denies Jesus today and look at the problems

    1. James says:

      Mark Smith, the guy’s name was Anthony, not Jesus. And what leads you to assume that his wife is “frigid” or that he’s even married?

    2. Disgusted says:

      Dude, how do you turn this around and blame Ruelas’ wife (if he even has one)? This is just a case of a punk using the small head instead of the big one. I wonder how many other cadets Officer Happy was banging on duty? Police CHIEF. HAH! Frag him.

    3. Wow says:

      Once a cheater always a cheater

  2. Eddie G says:

    What do you REALLY expect…”the Valley” is the Porn Capital of the Universe. The birds do it…the bees do it…even the Chief of Police of San Fernando’s doin it…that’s the story of…that’s the Glory of LOOOOOOOOOVE. 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    Why is the chick still on duty? What a double standard. Is SHE supposed to have sex on the job with a co-worker?

    That’s my next email.

    1. Ana says:

      KAREN If you read the article again it will say how she isn’t employed any longer, might want to read it carefully again!..its not a double standard!!

  4. CarmaDogma says:

    There is an old saying that you should never (vulgar word for going to the bathroom) where you eat.

  5. MLRCode7 says:

    As a police chief (Or Lt. at the time), he is in a top law enforcement leadership position which is based on integrity. He should be leading his officers by example and focusing on the community he swore to protect. Not only has he proven that he can’t be trusted to his own family (Wife and KIDS), but he’s tarnished his badge, disgraced law enforcement and also proven to his community that he cannot be trusted. He gives good cops a bad name and HE NEEDS TO GO.

  6. Trust says:

    I completely agree with you MLRCode7, well said .

  7. Jeff says:

    I wonder if the female oifficer made herself available for the affair?

  8. SunnyInSanFernando says:

    She’s just as guilty as he is. I read the article in the Sun. Seems like she’s not accepting responsibility for the traffic accident and is using the affair as her escape route.
    They BOTH lack the use of good judgement and MORALS!!!

  9. lalo says:

    Ruelas needs a change of scenery, like he suggested for her. He (Ruelas)claims San Fernando is a loser organization….So in his own words, he is the head looser. He needs to be fired….and she needs to be checked for std.

    1. J says:

      Well said lalo……I also heard of rumers that he(ruelas) slept with an underage explorer in 1997 and the case was swept under the rug by the then chief rivetti. Once a dawg always a dawg. He seems to like young girls in their teens…wasnt this recent girl 19 at the time he slept with her?

  10. Kaylie says:

    Four score and seven mnuites ago, I read a sweet article. Lol thanks

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