LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles city attorney Carmen Trutanich is coming down hard on political protesters, seeking jail time as much as up to one year behind bars for demonstrations he says costs the city big bucks.

But as KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper reports, city councilman Ed Reyes says Trutanich is attacking a practice that dates all the way back to the American Revolution.

Previous prosecutors have treated many of these cases as infractions, but Trutanich argues that the protesters he’s targeting should face consequences for not having the proper permits, disrupting traffic, and costing taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Trutanich says he’s only focusing on “professional” protesters who never seem to be punished for their actions.

Reyes says the city attorney needs to lighten up.

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Comments (18)
  1. Staffushenziheimer says:

    I think Tru has it right. The reason Reyes wants him to lighten up, is because it is reyes’ constituents that do most of the protesting.

    1. Sounds like a dictadorship says:

      Not even Arizona with their racist laws is doing this

      1. Staffushenziheimer says:

        Arizona has racist laws? Since when? Enlighten me.

      2. Al Sanchez says:

        You’re ignorant! Read between the lines for once in your life and stop sticking up for illegal alien-lovers! Chit man!

        Al Sanchez

    2. Al Sanchez says:

      Reyes needs to be fired. The people he wants to protect are Arizona haters and pro-illegals like him. I’m Latino. That doesn’t mean that I care for that piece of chit.

      Al Sanchez

    3. NYU1232 says:

      I don’t think that someone who can’t spell dictatorship can enlighten you.

  2. RM says:

    This is what fascists like to do. Citizens, do not let this dirtbag take advantage of Los Angeles in its weakest moments.

  3. ReyesSUX says:

    Reyes is a loser. He needs to worry about his own impoverished district. Deport him along with 90% of his constituents!

  4. pacpalham says:

    Mr Trutinich would prefer the people not have a voice of freedom. He wants us to be sales taxed,state taxed, and federal taxed to pay his salary, and now also speech taxed. No thanks

  5. jkeyner says:

    THis idiot doesn’t underdtand the contsitution, just another rightwing conrol freak!

  6. jkeyner says:

    Freedom of Speech is not one of his favorite rights for people.

  7. Staffushenziheimer says:

    pacpalham said: “He wants us to be taxed to pay for his salary”
    You live in the state of California, you are already being taxed to the hilt.

    jkeyner states: “The idiot doesn’t understand the constitution and he’s another right wing control freak”

    He is the city attorney, I believe he knows the constitution. And “Right wing control freak? You know he lives in L.A. right?

    1. Jet says:

      He knows it yet doesnt want to follow it… somehow he thinks the constitution of the US and freedom of sppech does not apply to him or the people oc the city of LOS ANGELES

  8. American historian says:

    Third Reichian tactics are now seen as modern alternatives to DEMOCRACY! Amazing that after FIFTY YEARS, the duds who call themselves patriots in America would turn out to be nothing better than the NAZIS we fought to keep our rights! The new guy on the block Trutanich needs to move to Berlin! What a clown!

    1. Jet says:

      Berlin would kick him out…or he would get highly offended at the nudity and freedom of expression over there

  9. Jet says:

    This Guy is a JERK…He wants to stop protestors…What is Los Angeles IRAN or Tiennamans Square the USSR Soviet Union now…what bout our rights to PROTEST…

    Geez hate to see what would happen if this guy moved to San Francisco, since they protest something every day…probabaly protest this guy being a human…

    Los Angeles doesnt really know much about protestors…Like San Francisco does…this guy is a big baby and Jerk like Steve Cooley…another Gestapo NAZI politician in LA who wants LA to be good little children and go along with their NAZI agenda by keeping people who dont agree in line…with their agenda

  10. Burkey Devitt says:

    So this predates “Occupy…” unreal.

  11. Ashley says:

    It seems Trutanich dreams of an America where people don’t “need” rights. How thoughtful.

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